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Educational Articles for Your Health & Wellness Product-Based Business

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Branding Products vs Branding Services

By Kady Sandel | March 30, 2019

Branding for products is very similar to branding for services, and in some cases the strategies are the same. In both cases, you will want to use storytelling, share testimonials and positive reviews, address customer problems and pain points, and focus on the precise solution that your product or service provides.   The main difference…

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4 Important Things to Consider When Developing a Website

By Kady Sandel | March 27, 2019
Business coder

Think of your company’s website as the 24/7 portal to your brand. A website that aligns with your company’s branding, content strategy, and voice can expand the quality of your reach and increase your revenue through brand trust and awareness (which pays off in the long-term!).   Here are a few important things to consider when…

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What is Content Strategy and Why Does Your Business Need It?

By Kady Sandel | March 25, 2019
Content Strategy

Content strategy is a strategy that includes planning, developing and managing all the content your business has or should have. Content can be in writing, photos, videos and other media. Getting the right content in front of the right people at the right time is what will make your business successful.   Through strategic planning…

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What’s Included in Brand Strategy?

By Kady Sandel | March 20, 2019
Business strategy and brand

  Brand strategy is comprised of the following six components: Brand Discovery Brand strategy always starts with a brand discovery. During brand discovery, a business owner writes down everything they know about their business.   During this phase, they pinpoint when and how their business started (or when and how an individual will start one),…

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Elements of a Strong Visual Brand

By Kady Sandel | March 19, 2019

Poor visual branding will hurt your business. People perceive and create thoughts around your brand based on what they see, think, and feel about it.   If your branding makes your company look like a luxury brand, but the products you’re selling should be affordable – potential customers will think your brand is too expensive,…

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Brand Strategy vs Business Strategy

By Kady Sandel | March 14, 2019
Brand strategy vs business strategy

What is the difference between brand strategy and business strategy? Brand strategy and business strategy are similar concepts, but it’s important to think about them separately to understand how they’re different and why each is important — especially when it comes to your wellness, skincare, or cosmetics business! Brand strategy is focused on how to…

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How to Develop a Content Strategy

By Kady Sandel | January 29, 2019
Content for your business

If you haven’t read my previous post about content strategy go and do that first. There you can learn what it is, here you can learn how to do it yourself.   You need to ask yourself what is the purpose of creating a content for your business. Just to have more content out there,…

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