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4 Powerful Tips for Branding Your Wellness Business

By Kady Sandel | September 17, 2021
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This is a guest post for the Aventive Studio blog written by Grant Polachek. Despite the fact that startup mortality is increasing, large health and wellness brands like Lululemon Athletica, L’Oreal, Coty, and Fitbit continue to grow stronger and larger every year.   According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 20% of startups fail…

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3 Brand Messaging Strategies for a Skincare Business

By Kady Sandel | September 15, 2021
Skincare Products

Skincare products are rising in popularity — and you need to seize this opportunity to make your skin care brand stand out. Though consumers were already prioritizing skincare over cosmetics more than a year before the pandemic, L’Oréal’s Marc Toulemonde states that the global event further accelerated the process. In fact, cosmetics sales declined by 12% at…

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Social Media Strategies for Your Wellness Products

By Guest Post | September 2, 2021
Business woman using laptop

Power of Social Media Nowadays, no respectable brand out there goes about promoting its products without a killer social media strategy. And neither should you! Let’s face it, social media has become a quintessential component in marketing, and you only need one brief look at the world today to figure out why, and how. And…

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8 Fundamental Social Media Marketing Strategies for Your Wellness Website

By Kady Sandel | August 24, 2021
woman applying skincare product

This is a guest post for the Aventive Studio blog written by Aziz Nicleson. Social media is a great tool for promoting an online presence and a platform for engaging with current and prospective customers. Some social media users find professionals online to inquire about health matters because they get more rewards with minimal investment.…

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How to Use Big Data for Your Wellness Business

By Guest Post | August 2, 2021
woman holding a skincare product

This is a guest post for the Aventive Studio blog written by Addisson Shaw. Just a few decades ago, wellness businesses operated in the dark when it came to the specific needs and desires of their target markets. Nowadays, however, businesses of all sizes have the power of big data to drive more accurate, data-based…

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How Wellness Brands Can Connect With Your Digital Audience

By Guest Post | July 28, 2021
woman holding lip balm

This is a guest post for the Aventive Studio blog written by Erna Clayton. The most fascinating thing about today’s audiences is that they are more informed than any other group in history. Thanks to modern-day communication channels and hyperactive social media, consumers are now empowered at many levels.   This ability to calculate what’s…

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Why Is Market Segmentation Important for Wellness Brands?

By Guest Post | July 20, 2021
branding for tea business

This is a guest post for the Aventive Studio blog written by Ellie Lott. The wellness industry is competitive. With thousands of wellness brands to compete with, how does your brand stand out? Some bigger brands like Headspace are able to target a general market, while other smaller brands focus on niche markets.   But…

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How to Create Engaging Wellness Content for Business Growth

By Amelia John | July 16, 2021
branding for herbs and plants

What is Engaging Content? Engaging content represents the material that possesses the power to attract an audience; it interests them and clutches their attention. Consequently, they want to know more about your brand after looking at your content.   The key to building a target market is to grab their attention with engaging content they’re…

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Making Your Wellness Brand Stand Out through Custom Packaging

By Guest Post | July 14, 2021

This is a guest post for the Aventive Studio blog written by Kayla Bennet. The market for wellness products has been growing exponentially. With so many people becoming more health-conscious, the healthcare market will grow even more in the coming years.   So what does this mean? It means that the demand for new ideas…

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