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Educational Articles for Your Health & Wellness Product-Based Business

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How to Create A Powerful Brand Message

By Kady Sandel | January 2, 2020

Do you ever scroll through social media and feel like every post sounds the same? Or have you watched a commercial on TV and immediately forgot what it was promoting because it blended in with all the other commercials?   Capturing the attention of your potential customers isn’t easy, especially when the average consumer is…

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How to Design Cosmetic Packaging That Will Sell

By Kady Sandel | December 30, 2019
branding for cosmetics

We’ve all had the experience where we walk into a grocery store for that “one thing,” and end up walking out with five additional items we weren’t originally planning on buying. At least one of those extra items was something that attracted us – we liked it and spontaneously decided that we needed it in…

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The Best Sports Drink Labels, Packaging, and Branding

By Kady Sandel | December 16, 2019
beverage packaging

When you walk down the beverage aisle of the grocery store, dozens of colorful brands and sports drinks clamor for your attention on the shelf. Sports drinks are intended to increase athletic performance, and they typically include ingredients like water, electrolytes, vitamins, and sometimes added colors and flavorings. While a few sports drink brands like…

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3 Wellness Branding and Marketing Ideas for the Holiday Season

By Kady Sandel | December 11, 2019
Holiday branding

Thermostats are dropping, and the shelves that recently displayed pumpkin-flavored everything are transitioning into visions of eggnog, hot cocoa, and reindeer. Cities are stringing up lights, and families are scrambling to finalize their travel plans for the end of the year. The time has come: it’s the holiday season.   Is your business ready for…

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Why is everyone’s business going through rebranding, including mine?

By Kady Sandel | November 28, 2019

Is rebranding worth it? Isn’t it expensive to rebrand? Why do businesses do it? How long does it take? Is changing your logo and website enough?   Are you going to get new clients after you change your branding? And will your current clients recognize you if you have a new logo, color palette, and…

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What Branding & Design Elements YOUR Business Needs

By Kady Sandel | November 18, 2019
What Branding & Design Elements YOUR Business Needs?

Entrepreneurs are usually confused and overwhelmed by all the information that is out there. We never know exactly what we need for our businesses and whether that one thing we think we need will attract more clients and help us grow, or if we will waste our time by creating something that won’t bring us…

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The Logo Design Process: Step by Step

By Kady Sandel | November 14, 2019

I’m going to tell you an insider secret: It only takes a few minutes to design a logo.   A graphic designer that knows how to use Adobe Illustrator can literally create a logo in five minutes.   But in order to create a timeless, effective, and professional logo that attracts potential clients – you…

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What designs does your business need?

By Kady Sandel | November 6, 2019

Without a basic understanding of graphic design for business, it can be challenging to wade through the noise and ever-growing onslaught of marketing and branding ideas to answer the simple question:   At the end of the day, what designs does our business really need? If our company’s goal is to grow, then what are…

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How to Build a Brand for Your Business

By Kady Sandel | November 1, 2019

Is your brand consistent? Is your company’s branding helping to bring in new target customers, or does it seem like something is missing?   Building a successful brand isn’t always fun, especially if you don’t have a road map on how to do it, and it can feel overwhelming to develop that feeling of cohesiveness…

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