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Instagram can be a powerful digital tool for health and wellness brands, with over a billion monthly users and numerous advertising capabilities. Many health & wellness businesses have leveraged Instagram to grow their audiences, build brand awareness, and make more sales. 


Before your business goes all-in on Instagram, take a moment to think about your target and how they interact with Instagram. Do your ideal customers scroll through Instagram frequently? Or are they more likely to be active on other platforms? When your ideal customers use Instagram, are they looking for entertainment, inspiration, education, or something else?  


Once you know the answers to those questions, you can develop a plan for your brand that will resonate with your target audience. Here are five strategies to help you build your wellness brand on Instagram and catch the eye of potential customers: 


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1. Optimize your brand’s bio and photo. 


First impressions matter. The moment a new potential user clicks on your profile, your business only has a few seconds to attract their attention, summarize your offerings, and give them a reason to follow your updates. 


The best way to accomplish these goals is to make sure your profile photo, bio, and highlight cover photos all align with your brand attributes.  


Not sure what your brand attributes are? We made this free workbook to help health & wellness businesses define their brand attributes and clarify their brands through a simple step-by-step exercise.  


Get your free copy of the workbook here: 



Once you have established your brand attributes, review the following elements of your Instagram account: 


  • What hyperlink are you using, and where does it go? Instagram only permits brands to utilize one link, but you can also use a service like Linktree to send your followers to more than one link.


  • Does your profile photo reflect your brand attributes and brand colors? Does your business look legitimate and trustworthy at first glance? 


  • Do the words in your bio clearly and concisely convey who you are and what you offer? 


Jack & Friends Jerky is a health brand that does an incredible job of clearly expressing its branding on Instagram. By using coordinated visuals and straight-to-the-point messaging, viewers can immediately see their business as cheerful and wellness-oriented: 



2. Be Strategic About Your Feed and Stories 


Since Instagram is a highly visual platform, your business’s imagery matters. There are two primary places you can post images: your Instagram feed and your Instagram Stories. 


The images that you upload to your main feed will be visible to anyone who visits your profile. A good rule of thumb is to keep your feed posts consistent, uncluttered, and reflective of your visual branding. The brand colors, fonts, and imagery associated with your business should be consistent and clear at first glance.


Instagram Stories, on the other hand, disappear after 24 hours (although there are ways to save them). Brands often use Instagram Stories in a more personal and spur-of-the-moment way, as well as to reshare posts from their fans. The benefit of using Stories is your customers can feel engaged and like a valued part of your community.


You can use Stories to share behind-the-scenes content, and you can freely share the posts of your customers without worrying about whether those posts match the visual brand identity of your Instagram feed. 


We always recommend that health & wellness business owners develop a content strategy to guide their social media activities. Once your content strategy is in place, you will no longer have to sit down and wonder “What should I post today?” — you will have a solid content plan, and all you need to do is follow it. 


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3. Maintain Brand Consistency


On Instagram, you will want to maintain brand consistency both in your brand voice and in your visuals.  


If a few of your posts feel relaxing and contain a soft and luxurious pink color, but the next few posts include cluttered photos that seem unrelated, you risk confusing your audience and giving the impression that your business is unorganized. 


brand board is the best tool to ensure that your fonts, colors, and imagery remain consistent both on your Instagram feed as well as on your website and marketing materials. 


When deciding what to post for your health & wellness business, it helps to think about your content in categories: stock photos, branded quote templates you create, product photography, customer testimonials, sales pushes, and so on. You can sprinkle these different categories of posts throughout your feed to keep your audience engaged.  


A fun way to determine what brand voice, brand colors, and tone to use is to discover your brand personality – which is why we made this brand personality quiz! 


Learn which archetype describes your health & wellness brand and how you can convey that personality through your content and visual designs here: 

4. Interact With Other Accounts


Social media isn’t meant to be a megaphone where brands communicate at their audiences – it’s designed to be social. By actively engaging with other brands and individuals, you can grow brand awareness for your health & wellness business and connect with a higher number of potential customers. 


The Instagram algorithm changes regularly, so you don’t need to become overly attentive to every small algorithm change – after all, you have a business to grow! But it helps to have a basic understanding of what types of posts perform the best, and Instagram generally focuses on rewarding engagement.  


Experiment with taking 10-15 minutes per day to leave likes and thoughtful comments on the posts of other accounts. You can engage with your followers to keep them involved, and you can also consider going to the Instagram accounts of your competitors and engaging with their followers.  


If you and a competitor share the same target, that means their fans are likely to be interested in your product or service too – so why not comment on the posts of their followers to make them aware that your brand exists? Not every engagement will result in a customer, but every action will add up over time to build name recognition for your business. 


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5. Get creative with collaborations and campaigns 


In addition to commenting and engaging on posts, several wellness brands have come up with creative ways to team up and grow their audiences on Instagram. 


Joint giveaways and partnerships can be a great way to collaborate with brands in your industry and introduce your business to their followers. One example of this kind of partnership is the ATX Kit, a food box that includes products from a variety of healthy food and snack brands from Austin, Texas.


By joining forces and including their products in one offering, each of the individual featured brands in the ATX Kit has an opportunity to reach new customers – both on Instagram and in-person. 


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Another option is to run your own hashtag campaign that aligns with your brand attributes. The beauty and skincare brand Dove famously focuses on inclusiveness, body positivity, and beauty at all ages. To that end, Dove has launched various Instagram hashtag campaigns that encourage their audience members to share, participate, and get involved.  


Examples include the #DoveSelfEsteemProject which aims to build self-esteem and body confidence in women. Users are encouraged to share their own self-care photos using that hashtag. Is there a fun hashtag campaign that your business could launch or participate in to develop an engaged and loyal community? 


It takes time to build a social media audience, but by keeping these tips in mind you can set up your health & wellness Instagram for success.  Here is an infographic to help you refer back to these main points:


Infographic of 5 ways to brand your health and wellness business on Instagram


At Aventive Studio, we help health & wellness businesses create unforgettable brands that capture the attention of their target market and turns them into loyal customers. From brand strategy workshops to visual branding services, our branding agency can bring the essence of your brand to life to grow your business. 


Contact us here to schedule a call with our creative team and learn how Aventive Studio can help your business stand out from the competition. 


Are you more interested in DIY or educational options? We created the Brand Clarity online course to show health & wellness entrepreneurs how to grow a brand step-by-step. Learn more about Brand Clarity here. 

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