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How to Make Your Bath and Body Products Stand Out

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You have poured so much money, energy, and time into creating a body product business. Your soaps are amazing. Customers rave about your body and lip balms. But as an entrepreneur, you’re wearing so many hats that it’s hard to know what actions will lead to your next level of growth.

When your business has one consistent visual brand that resonates with your audience and expresses your brand personality, you set yourself up to attract more clients, more sales, and more opportunities.

If you have already made some sales and are looking to grow, this moment is the perfect opportunity to create a brand for your body care business.

Do you want to sell more bath & body products? Aventive Studio can help your business stand out from the crowd with a memorable brand strategy, packaging design, website, and more. View our signature bath & body product branding services here.

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Find Your Perfect Customer

When I ask entrepreneurs in the body care industry about their ideal customer, their initial answers are usually too broad. If you try to create a brand for “people who like to relax in the bath” or “women who care about their skin” or “men,” you water down the magic that makes your business so special.

Instead, create an ideal client persona that describes your one perfect customer:

Jessica likes trying new bath & body products and sharing them with her friends. She especially likes finding soaps & lotions that look colorful and unique for Instagram. If something is organic, she considers that a plus. When she isn’t experimenting with various balms and body scrubs, she is a 4th grade teacher and plays volleyball on weekends.

When your ideal customer is narrowed down to one hypothetical person, everything becomes a lot simpler. Doesn’t it already feel easier to appeal to Jessica and get your products in front of her?

When you focus on one ideal client, at first it may feel like you’re limiting your pool of potential customers. But in reality, other customers besides Jessica will still buy from you! They will just not be the primary focus of your branding, design, and marketing efforts.

Contact us to set up a call with our Creative Director so we can help you identify your ideal client & make more product sales through your brand strategy & packaging design.

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Brand Positioning

Whether you sell body balm, bubble baths, soap, or sugar scrubs… there is something unique and special about your business. Your customers could choose any other products, but there is some reason why they keep choosing yours. What is that reason?

The most effective way to grow your audience and revenue is to identify the elements that make your brand remarkable and share them as often as you can. This process of standing out from your competitors is called brand positioning, and at Aventive Studio, we help our clients achieve their most profitable brand positioning.

Think about what attracted your existing customers to your business. Maybe it’s the story of why you started. Maybe it’s the gap your products fill in the market. Maybe it’s your location, your ingredients, your customer service, or your mission to change the world.

Some of your brand positioning will be expressed through visual designs, but the content marketing for your business is the primary way to show customers why they should choose you over the competition.

You can explore our case studies of skincare, cosmetics, bath, wellness, and self-care branding projects here. Our team of professionals will help you build a memorable & strategic brand for your wellness business.

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Your brand colors are the very first thing your potential customers will notice.  So if you’ve developed a brand strategy that takes color psychology into consideration, that’s a good thing!

But if you have even the slightest suspicion that your colors could be improved to attract more customers, it’s important to fix your colors as soon as possible.

Love Beauty and Planet does a great job of using soft, feminine, and recognizable brand colors to create a feeling of trust and consistency. In color psychology, pink is associated with love and nurturing which reflect the attributes of their brand.

If your products are holistic or natural, it will help to include some white space to create that split-second impression that you are a clean brand. If your products are tailored towards men, look to examples like method men that use darker muted tones and minimal text to stand out from their competition.

A brand strategist can help you determine the exact brand colors that will stand out from your competitors while also expressing the personality of your brand.

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Product Packaging

Soap and body care brands have so many creative opportunities when it comes to packaging and presenting your products – more than most other industries.

Not only can you experiment with containers and label designs, but you can design your products themselves in a way that attracts attention. LUSH’s famous bath bombs are a prime example of eye-catching product design.

When thinking about how to improve your packaging, think about the one perfect customer you identified above. What do they want to see the most? Do they want sample sizes so they can test out your brand? Do they want packaging that looks fun? Do they want to see recycled packaging materials?

Some brands have started selling lotion and shampoo bars in an attempt to reduce waste, while others have made a commitment to using recyclable or compostable materials for their packaging. Those may or may not be the right solutions for you – it all depends on your ideal customer and what they are looking for.

When it comes to labels, a common mistake to avoid is trying to squeeze in too much information. The goal of packaging is to attract attention, communicate your brand attributes quickly, and give customers enough information to stop and learn more – not to explain every detail.


Logos are extremely important for body product brands. Your packaging and colors will be the factors that catch the immediate attention of your target; however, when they think of your brand 3 weeks later, your logo will be the visual that comes to mind.

Since your logo is the face of your business, your logo design should be treated with a high level of care, strategy, and attention.  Body product logos should have the following characteristics:


Simple logos are easier for clients to recognize. The more your target sees and recognizes your visual brand (which includes your logo), the more likely they are to trust and buy from you.


Your logo needs to retain its style and clarity when shrunk down to fit on a smaller product or blown up on a billboard. Make sure to receive a few variations of your logo (horizontal, vertical, icon, etc) to fit your various use needs.


If you want to build brand awareness, your logo needs to last a long time. Ignore the design trends that come and go, and instead work with a professional who can create a logo that will help you grow your business for years to come.

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Branding is different from marketing, and I wrote an article that explains the differences here. Since marketing is still an important piece of making sales as an entrepreneur, I wanted to share some ideas that have been successful.

The key to body product marketing is to put your products in places where your ideal customers already are spending time.

Is your ideal client going to local yoga studios? If so, reach out to the studios and ask if you could offer your products for sale or sponsor an upcoming workshop. Is your ideal client a sports fan? Use targeted social media advertising to get photos of your products in front of them.

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Remember that you are not trying to market yourself against the giant industry brands. You simply can’t compete one-on-one against corporations who have huge marketing budgets, and it’s a waste of time to try.

Instead, focus on what you can do. You can compete against similar-sized brands. You can develop colors, a logo design, and packaging that attract more attention.

You can use content marketing and in-person events to remind your audience of what sets you apart. You can build a loyal community of customers by making your existing customers so happy they can’t stop sharing your brand with their friends.

If you focus on doing these things and maintaining brand consistency along the way, there is no limit to what your body product business can achieve.

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If you’re interested in working with a professional to create the brand strategy and visual designs for your body care business, Aventive Studio helps wellness businesses create unforgettable brand identities. Contact us here to schedule a call with our creative team and learn how we can help your business stand out.

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