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There are so many ways to sell health and wellness products; from in-person markets, to Instagram, to targeted search advertising, to partnering with other brands… the list is nearly endless.


One tactic that can be highly effective for selling more products is to create a blog for your wellness business. When your business has a blog that is created and positioned in a strategic way, it can engage and educate your target audience while familiarizing them with your brand.


If you’re still figuring out the details of your brand,  I created this free mini-workbook to help you! Get your free copy of the workbook here to start finding your brand attributes and using them to attract more customers:


Below are some tips on how to create a blog that aligns with your brand goals, captivates your ideal customers, and results in higher sales.


Blogging for Business 101


Blogging is a medium-to-long term strategy that health & wellness businesses can use to drive sales and build an emotional connection with their audiences. The goal isn’t to have one blog post go massively viral and result in an avalanche of sales overnight — in fact, “viral” isn’t the metric your business should be aiming for because it casts too wide of a net.


Instead, focus on developing a targeted and sustained blogging approach and creating content that your ideal customer genuinely wants to read.


One of the most enticing things about blogging is that potential customers will keep finding your business’s blog posts long after you have written them. If you spend the time to create a high-value blog post once, it can continue to grow your business for years into the future.


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Your blog should always be hosted on your business’s website and not on a separate platform – otherwise you lose some crucial benefits of blogging. By maintaining a blog on your own website, you will sell more products because viewers are just a click away from browsing your selection. You can also retarget those visitors with advertising later.


Over time, your blog posts will also increase the search engine optimization of your website. This means when your target customers are searching for answers to their questions online, your website will come up higher in their results which makes it easier for them to discover you.



The Benefits of a Business Blog


– Drives Traffic and Awareness

A professional blog is a great way to expand brand awareness for your business and reach new ideal clients who hadn’t heard of your brand yet.


Fitbit is a successful brand that maintains an informational blog. Their blog posts address common wellness questions like “How to Create a Successful Morning Routine” which helps drive new visitors to their site – visitors who are interested in health and would likely be interested in their fitness trackers.


– Builds Trust and Rapport

By writing interesting blog posts that your target enjoys, you will help them view your brand as a knowledgeable expert in your field.


Forget Me Not Candle Company uses its blog to share tips on how to take care of candles as well as information on the benefits of soy candles. These articles provide genuine value and education to their target market, and they position the business as smart and passionate.


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– Converts Visitors into Potential Leads

Most website visitors will not make a purchase the first time they arrive on your site. So when an ideal customer visits your blog and enjoys your post, it’s important to provide them with clear ways to stay connected.


If you offer website visitors a discount code or resource in exchange for their email address, you can send them emails that build a connection, warm them up to your brand, and motivate them to make a purchase.



Content Strategy for Health & Wellness Businesses


Has your mind ever gone completely blank when you sat down to write a blog or social media post? That can be avoided if you first develop a content strategy.


A content strategy is the glue that connects your written blog posts to your ideal customers and business goals. Without a strategy, business blogs tend to veer towards topics that don’t make sense or attract readers who will never buy.


Every single blog post needs to be created with your one target customer in mind. What does your target want to see and hear from you? What questions of theirs can you answer? Each post needs to stand alone and provide them with valuable information.


When it comes to how frequently to post on your company’s blog, the important thing is to be consistent. Consistency looks different for every wellness business depending on your bandwidth and staffing – maybe you can feasibly write five posts a week, or one post a week, or one post a month. All of those frequencies can work as along as you remain consistent.


Set a realistic blogging goal based on what you can commit to, and determine the topics for your first five blog posts before you even start writing them. This level of planning will prevent the “I don’t know what to write about” blues and keep you focused.


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Health & Wellness Blog Post Topic Ideas


Even though your blog is for your business, that doesn’t mean your posts have to be boring! Your blog is a chance for the brand attributes and personality of your company to shine through.


For most wellness brands, adding behind-the-scenes stories and personalization to your business’s blog will help your customers relate to you. If the founder of your weight loss service personally dropped 30 pounds using your company’s methods, your audience would probably find his story relatable and fascinating.


At the end of the day, readers are ultimately focused on themselves and on trying to solve their own problems. The “clickability” of your blog post title is usually the make-or-break factor that determines if a new reader will click on your post, so be sure your blog posts have titles that attract readers.


Think about it – which headline would you rather click on?


“Cleaning in A Nontoxic Way” – A bit poetic, but it’s unclear what exactly your target would learn from this post.


“3 Things to Consider Before You Switching to Nontoxic Cleaning Products” – Simple, informative, and your target knows exactly what they will learn before they read it.


By mixing your brand strategy and entrepreneurial spirit with these blogging tips, your health & wellness business can create a thriving blog that consistently attracts your target customers to your website.


For personalized tips on what your next branding steps should be, you can take our quick quiz to find your brand score! Your results will include our advice on what pieces of your brand to focus on next to attract more customers:


Converting Views Into Sales


I briefly mentioned converting views into sales earlier, but I want to explore the topic in more depth since it’s so important for health & wellness brands.


Not every person who comes to your blog will make a sale or join your email list, just like you don’t make a purchase from every store you walk into. Still, there are things you can do to ensure the highest percentage of visitors turn into paying customers, and the best way to increase those conversions is to inspire readers to take the next step with your brand.


That next step looks different for every business, and it can include making a purchase, following you on social media, or joining your email list. For most wellness brands, it’s ideal to encourage readers to join your email list so you can send them product updates and exclusive content. This gives your ideal clients the opportunity to learn more about what sets your brand apart — and ultimately to make a purchase.


Do you see how we have call to actions places tastefully throughout this post? These are non-intrusive invitations for our readers to share their email addresses with us, and in return they can download free value-packed resources as well as benefit from the branding and business advice we provide in our emails. What similar win-win scenario could you offer to your blog readers?


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