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Email marketing & Brand design

Despite the rise of various popular social media platforms, email marketing remains one of the most important and direct ways to communicate with your audience.


Businesses can leverage their email marketing strategy to build their brand, gain new customers, and leave a positive impression on their target audience. Here are five strategies to help businesses build brand awareness using email marketing.



1. Master the basics.

Take a few minutes to quickly assess your company’s outgoing emails to ensure they meet industry best practices:


  • Do your company’s email addresses utilize your company’s domain name ( Consumers have greater trust for brands that sound like professional businesses, so make sure that all of your staff are utilizing email addresses that include your domain name.


  • Do your emails have an automatic signature block that includes your basic contact information and a link to your website? If not, add those things.


  • Do your emails match your basic branding? You don’t need complicated designs in your day-to-day emails, but at a minimum make sure the colors in your email signature match the brand colors of your business.


Branding and email marketing


2. Apply a consistent brand voice.

To develop brand awareness and consumer trust, it’s important that your email marketing reflects your brand voice. A brand voice encompasses how a business “sounds” to customers and how a company expresses its brand attributes.


Think about Disneyland for a moment. Disneyland has brand attributes that reflect themes of magic, possibility, family, happiness, and dreams coming true.


Disneyland strongly emphasizes these themes in its marketing campaigns. If you ever received an email from Disneyland that sounded stern, serious, and high-pressure, you would probably raise your eyebrows in suspicion because you so closely associate the Disneyland brand with positive and whimsical attributes.


The same concept applies to your company’s email marketing. If you want your brand to sound fun and personal, feel free to sprinkle some pop culture references into your emails. But if you’re an investment firm that needs to sound structured and serious, you should opt instead for including hyperlinks to graphs and research studies.


Make a decision on what your business’s brand attributes are, and make sure your emails reflect those attributes to develop brand awareness in the long term.



3. Give value.

Your potential customers are busy, and their attention is often split into many directions. If your e-mail strategy is simply to ask them to buy from you over and over again, you will not maintain their attention, and eventually they will direct your emails to their spam folder.


The trick to email marketing, and branding as a whole, is that it’s not about you or your company. Your brand is all about your audience, what they want, and how you can help solve their problems.


Give value to your email list so they feel compelled to open your emails and pay attention. Consider sending coupons, discount codes, free guides, or value-packed videos and blog posts to your email subscribers. You can also consider sharing behind-the-scenes content and case studies to pique their curiosity and provide social proof.


Give Value


4. Listen.

With the rise of the internet and social media, customers are accustomed to interacting with brands. Sometimes that looks like tagging a company on social media, entering a giveaway, or typing an angry tweet.


Take advantage of this impulse by encouraging email subscribers to interact with and respond to your emails. You can do this by simply adding a note at the end of your email encouraging them to hit reply and share their experiences or opinions on a subject.


While this strategy may not be feasible for giant brands (can you imagine every Starbucks customer responding to their marketing emails?), it’s worth testing with your audience. Most of your email list will never respond, and the ones that do may lead to valuable conversations where you can learn more about their desires and pain points.



5. Get creative.

Visual branding is the first thing that customers subconsciously notice about your business, and email marketing is a great medium for sharing visual elements of your brand. This article from Canva showcases dozens of examples of visual email branding to inspire you.


Even though these visual branding ideas are all fun, innovative, and attention-grabbing, it’s most important that you send valuable emails to your list on a consistent basis.


So if you have a small team and are overwhelmed at the idea of designing a new graphic for every email, just focus on creating one template that includes your brand colors and logo for now. You can use that template for all of your email marketing efforts and focus on creating engaging content within the template. As your business grows, you can experiment with adding in more visual branding elements.



Our team of experts at Aventive Studio works with businesses who are ready to create a strategic, memorable, and effective brand. Our services cover the strategic and visual design elements of business branding, and we would love to help your company reach new heights through the power of branding.


Contact us to learn how we can help you create a brand that scales your business and reaches your ideal customers.

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