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The last ideal client exercise you will ever need.

You don’t need to read 10 more articles, try the newest marketing trend, or work yourself into the ground to get more customers to your health and wellness business.

You just need to know your ideal client and connect with them in a relatable way!

The Ideal Client Blueprint will show you how to identify your target customer once and for all so you can attract them to your business and easily motivate them to buy.

1 Ideal Client Blueprint Cover

The Ideal Client Blueprint is an actionable 43-page guide for health & wellness entrepreneurs with step-by-step instructions to:

  • Identify your ideal client and effortlessly speak to their pain points & desires
  • Generate targeted and effective marketing ideas based on your ideal client’s unique profile
  • Craft irresistible content that converts followers into enthusiastic customers
  • Grow your audience faster and get better returns on your promotional efforts

What's Inside?

A simple 4-step exercise to create your ideal client persona

An ideal client template to help you maintain brand consistency

Separate instructions for B2C and B2B businesses to ensure you achieve results

Content & design ideas to attract your target customers over and over again

Ready to grow your sales and get to know your ideal client?

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