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Brand Attributes: What They Are and How to Identify Yours

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A brand represents the essence of a company, which is built upon the characteristics that a business already has.

The simple definition of “attributes” is: a quality or feature regarded as a characteristic or inherent part of someone or something. So brand attributes are characteristics that the audience sees as an inherent part of a brand.

For wellness, skincare, and cosmetics businesses, brand attributes are developed in the process of creating a brand strategy. Even if a business hasn’t yet mapped out its brand strategy and pinpointed its brand attributes yet, those attributes already exist under the surface — it will just take a few steps to identify them.

It’s crucial to define the brand attributes for your wellness brand before the branding and design process begins, and especially before the visuals are created (such as logo design, website design, and stationery).

Your brand attributes will be reflected the most in the colors, shapes, and overall feel of your brand, so if you don’t know your brand attributes before you hire someone to create your product packaging and designs, you risk creating a visual identity that falls flat and fails to attract customers to your business.

At Aventive Studio, we identify your brand attributes as part of our signature branding services. We help wellness, skincare, tea, cosmetics & self-care companies boost their product sales with an unforgettable visual brand.

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What are examples of brand attributes?

Since brand attributes are the same attributes that a person can have, we can use a person as an example. If a person, let’s say Nick, is our friend and he is friendly, smart, welcoming, successful, professional — those words would be his attributes.

Now let’s apply these types of words to brands instead of people. Adidas is successful, smart, and professional (just like Nick!). When consumers think of Tesla, they think of innovation. Starbucks evokes feelings of consistency and quality.

Brand attributes also include the deeper values of a business — not just the first impression that customers have, but the values and characteristics that customers don’t yet know about a company at first glance.

Brand attributes are made from the culture of a brand, its potential customers, the emotions those customers have, and its brand voice.

If your company is looking to invest in a branding or rebranding project, you can explore the case studies of our past wellness branding clients here.

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How to define brand attributes for your business

When you work with a branding agency, they will have a methodical approach to finding the right brand attributes that will make your customers trust you. These are the 4 steps we follow to find the brand attributes for our brand strategy & packaging design clients:

1. Identify your brand culture. Brand culture includes where your brand is coming from and all the characteristics your culture has. Examples could be smart, reliable, and knowledgeable.

2. Describe the attributes of your potential customers. Potential customers are the people who are attracted (or could be attracted) to your product or services — so what are the attributes of those people? What traits do they share? Examples could be organized, local, and simple (look for positive attributes, of course!).

3. Pinpoint the desired emotions of your target. When discussing emotions related to brand attributes, focus on the emotions that your customers will have AFTER using their product or service. Examples include helped, happy, and understood.

4. Define your brand voice. Brand voice is how a business sounds to others, and a brand voice can sound creative, friendly, or exciting.

After going through these four questions and brainstorming words on your own, you will likely have too many words to choose from. At that point, choose one key word from each of the steps above — so for our example, you would emerge with a wellness brand that is knowledgeable, local, happy and creative.

These characteristics are important for designing a logo, business cards, brand board, and website. Once these brand attributes are defined, make sure all your colors, placements, typography, and design elements align with those attributes so that your visual brand has consistency in how it sounds, looks, and feels to others.

Fonts are one of the most overlooked areas of design. If you use fonts that capture and express your brand attributes, you can attract more customers and build trust with them quickly.

If you would like an experienced branding agency to assess your business, define your brand attributes, and create a wellness brand strategy that helps you make more sales, contact our Creative Director today to set up a call.

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In the wellness industry, brand attributes are especially crucial to your business’s success because your customers need to have a high level of trust in you before they invest in your products.

By creating a unique and memorable personality for your brand, your content, offers, and products can connect with those potential consumers and attract the right people who will become ambassadors, fans, and loyal shoppers.

If you want to learn more about how to turn brand attributes into visual designs, visit our page of wellness branding & packaging design services.

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