Is it Important to Know Your Ideal Client?

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You’ve probably heard that every business needs to have an ideal client. But what does that actually mean? And can having an ideal client really help grow your business?

The short answer is: Yes, it is incredibly important to identify an ideal client or “target” for your brand.  But why?

Business owners sometimes create brands that they like, but they don’t think about who their brand is for – who their target is. They may know who their customers are on a basic level, but they don’t put enough effort into finding their exact target. Finding that one person who would be a perfect customer for their brand. Why only one?

Knowing your target

Knowing your target

Imagine that you know that your target customer is Brandon — a 37-year-old web developer. Brandon works downtown for a big company, and he goes for happy hours around 5pm to a bar called Aquarium. Wouldn’t you go to Aquarium and leave flyers so he can see them? Not just that, but wouldn’t you make sure the content on the flyer aligns with what he wants to see — such as images he can connect with and text that resonates with his personality?

Then you could go online and create content on your website, Twitter, and Facebook that appeals to Brandon’s interests and lifestyle so you can remind him of your brand. Whether or not he saw your flyers, when he finds your content he will connect with it because the language is so tailored to his desires and pain points.

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This doesn’t mean you’re targeting literally one single person, but you are targeting your ideal client. When you keep Brandon in mind while building your brand, all the other “Brandons” that are out there will resonate with your content, they will feel connected to your brand, and they will either purchase your services/products or at least remember and recommend you.

Directing all of your branding to a single hypothetical client provides a sense of clarity and direction in your branding. Not everyone is interested in what you have to offer, so why waste your time and money on trying to do things that won’t bring you success? Targeting specific people is much more effective, efficient, and affordable than being all over the place.

Your business’s entire focus should be on your target. Your brand is for them, and your business exists because of them (it’s not for you). Your message, your voice, your visuals such as your logo and website, your social media posts– everything should be created for them, in colors and styles that are attractive to them, and around topics that interest them. Your target customers are the ones that need to know, like, and trust you in order to make a purchase and help you grow your business.


Is it time to figure out who your “Brandon” is so you can scale your business? Aventive Studio works with companies to identify their target and create a strategic brand that reaches their ideal clients. Contact us to speak with our creative director and learn more about how we can help build your brand.

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