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Photos Matter: Why Wellness Brands Should Pay More Attention to Product Portfolios

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This is a guest post for the Aventive Studio blog written by Jill Goodwin.


When it comes to branding products, many people are at a complete loss. They’re completely  unsure what constitutes an effective, exciting marketing strategy and product portfolio. If you don’t know which key areas to focus on, it’s easy to neglect certain facets of your brand. This ultimately undermines the overall perception and success of the product.


One of the essential components that’s often misunderstood or undervalued is the photographs used to promote wellness brands. People will often try to take a shortcut with cheap stock images, or perhaps a DIY at-home photoshoot.


Unfortunately, although these methods may save you money now, they significantly decrease your profit margin in the long run. Your product will be much less likely to sell if it’s not marketed in an appealing way.


What Exactly is a Product Portfolio?

Before taking a deep dive into the importance of photography within the greater context of product portfolios, we should clearly establish what’s meant by the term “product portfolio.”


In short, it entails the compilation of products or services offered by a company to a specific target market. This includes anything produced by the company since its inception, and it may comprise of various lines or ranges.


A product portfolio is a vital element of a business’ overall marketing strategy as it assists in financial projections, as well as in the development of long-term overarching business objectives. Not only does a product portfolio ensure a brand is streamlined and effective, but it also serves to bolster product innovation as it nudges you to be more forward-thinking in your approach.


A key feature of a product portfolio are the photographs. As it functions as a sort of catalogue, it’s vital that the products or services presented get shown in a way that’s visually pleasing, professional, and communicative.


Your photographs should speak to the quality of the product, the story behind it, and the values of your brand. You can use photography to efficiently and effectively communicate information in your product portfolio. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words—make sure they are the right ones.


wellness product photography


Visual Identity

What makes photography—good photography—such an important facet of a wellness brand’s product portfolio is the fact that it’s a naturally captivating form of media. Photography remains the cornerstone of marketing in the modern day. You don’t need to look far to realize that it’s the primary tool deployed by most successful wellness-oriented businesses.


An individual is much more likely to engage with a photograph than a text or illustration. And, by increasing this likelihood of engagement, you increase the likelihood that your product is going to sell.


That said, it’s vital that the photographs you choose demonstrate a high degree of professionalism. You can achieve this by hiring an expert photographer, which will ensure that your images are both skillfully composed and high-resolution.


Even though decent cameras are fairly affordable, most successful brands will hire professional photographers to help create a product portfolio. There are certain photographic styles that are forever-effective. Make sure you employ someone who knows what these are.


With recent technological and software developments, you can manipulate any photograph to fit the color palette and general aesthetic of your brand in a way that looks expertly curated. You might even feel inclined to use drone footage. Since this technology is still relatively new and exclusive, it can set you apart from your competitors.


You can build an entire story based on a series of photographs. When competently staged and assembled, this process can do wonders for selling your wellness product or service to potential customers. What is important to note here is that your photographic elements should work within the greater framework of the aesthetic of your product portfolio.


Storytelling lies at the heart of a good marketing strategy because of its ability to evoke an emotional response from potential customers. People will always react to photographs of other people. People are more likely to purchase a wellness product or service if they resonate with the story and core values of a brand.


When you position your product as something that’s guaranteed to make you look as fit, healthy, and happy as the person on your advertisement, your target market will connect to this image of well-being. The image evokes feelings of joy and fulfillment, and consumers are more inclined to purchase your product.


fit women working out


Photography and the Wellness Industry

If ever there was an industry in which photography played a key role, this would be it. Society’s understanding of what health entails primarily hinges on what health looks like. Albeit health is a broad concept that extends far beyond its visual manifestations, as a brand, you need to capitalize on the potency of photography to communicate a feeling or idea.


If you think about the health brands that you gravitate towards, mostly they capture your initial attention with a striking image. When this image evokes a positive emotion, you want to continue experiencing that feeling and the best way to do so would be to purchase the product.


A quality photograph of your product or service, when placed in the right environment and lighting, next to the right model, instantly boosts its credibility as something that is likely to enhance the target market’s wellbeing.


ideal client blueprint


We all want to feel and look good. If the photographs in your product portfolio fall short, so does the entire ideal behind your brand.


To secure the success of your wellness brand, we would highly recommend investing in quality photographic content that lets you curate a first-class product portfolio. After all, you can have an amazing product, but if no one sees it in a positive, appealing light, it won’t make it off the shelves.


To do your brand justice and show the world just how wonderful your products are, focus on photography. Create that picture that speaks volumes—or at the very least, says the magic words ‘buy me’.


About the Author

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