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This is a guest post for the Aventive Studio blog written by Eleanor Hecks.

Every type of business needs a strong marketing strategy. Companies in the wellness industry may need to go the extra mile to stand out from the competition. Gyms, yoga studios, weight loss centers and other wellness models are often small independent firms. You likely have to do a lot of the marketing yourself.


Experts predict the global wellness market will hit $66 billion by 2022. It probably isn’t surprising so many turn to wellness businesses with an average return on investment (ROI) of one and a half to three times in a two to nine-year period.



On the flip side, video grows in popularity every year. According to Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing 2021, 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. The investment is reasonable and the return can be great.


Where do you start in creating a strong wellness branded video? Here are the top things you need to consider before uploading your video online.


1. Find Your Niche

Even though you’re in an industry with a lot of competition, you likely specialize in a few things. What is your niche as a wellness business? What makes you stand out from the competition? What is the unique selling point you offer that no one else does?


tea branding with flowering tea


2. Choose a Video Type

You can utilize different types of videos to get the word out about your business. Pure promotional videos may not be as effective as informational videos. However, each has their place. Keep in mind approximately 55% of people say they watch videos online every day. They aren’t seeking ads but topics that interest them, such as informational how-tos.


3. Narrow Your Topic

When you create a video, you want to keep the focus narrow for each one. If you find you have more to say, you can always turn it into a series of videos on the subject. Although different schools of thought dictate about how long videos should be, it’s probably best to keep them under 20 minutes or you risk people bouncing away before your message is complete.


4. Research the Medical Info

Behind each wellness topic is some medical information you should share with your viewers. Take the time to consult experts and do some research into what health issues people face that you can potentially solve.


For example, you might have information on how many people struggle to get to a healthy weight. You could share the information and then explain how your company helps.

5. Be Honest

Stackla discovered 86% of consumers look at authenticity when deciding which brands to support. If you can remain transparent and consistent, you’ll have a better chance of turning leads into customers.


The wellness industry has a bad reputation at times, because a few unscrupulous people told tall tales to make a few dollars. You have to prove to your target audience you are different. It’s unfortunate you can’t just be taken at face value, but it’s a fact of life.


How can you prove your trustworthiness in a video? Put in testimonial clips from happy customers, show percentages of your success rate and point out any guarantees you offer.


6. Take Viewers on a Tour

Do you have a brick-and-mortar storefront? Take your online viewers on a tour of your facilities. If you run a gym, you can show them the equipment, step into a class for a minute or highlight features such as tanning beds and saunas.


If you sell exclusively online, such as a wellness coaching package, you can still take them on a tour of your office, video equipment setup and show them some behind-the-scenes footage of what you do on a daily basis.


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7. Fix Lighting and Sound Issues

Many amateur videographers struggle to get the sound and lighting right, and wellness business owners are no exception. Fortunately, you can invest in some pretty inexpensive equipment that will take your videos to the next level.


Soundproof the area where you’re filming. Add acoustic panels, rugs and reduce any echo. Cover any natural light sources and bring in photography lights. You don’t want the shading changing as the sun changes throughout the day of your filming.


Invest in a good quality microphone and a camera capable of shooting clear images. You can fix some things in the editing process, but harsh shadows or tons of background noise aren’t easy fixes.


10 best fonts for health and wellness brands


8. Tweak Your Description and Metadata

Your work isn’t finished when you create the video. You still have to choose a platform to upload it to. YouTube is the most popular platform, but you might also choose Vimeo, Rumble, Facebook and any other number of video streaming platforms. You can even add your video to more than one.


Make sure your description includes keyword phrases people are most likely to search for when looking for your topic. Add metadata with those keywords and a description of the video. You can even tweak the thumbnail on some sites so it shows the image you want instead of an awkward still shot automatically captured by the platform.


Study Other Wellness Videos

One of the best ways to learn what you should and shouldn’t do with your own videos is to study the work of other brands. What do you like and what do you hate?


Take notes about technical aspects as well as the personality of the presenter. What is the energy level? Break apart each portion of other videos and learn from them. Before you know it, you’ll reach your audience and give them the insight showing you’re an expert in the field.



About the Author

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Eleanor is the editor-in-chief at Designerly Magazine. She was the director at a marketing agency prior to becoming a freelance web designer. Eleanor lives in Philly with her husband and dog, Bear.

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