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I’m going to tell you an insider secret: It only takes a few minutes to design a logo.


A graphic designer that knows how to use Adobe Illustrator can literally create a logo in five minutes.


But in order to create a timeless, effective, and professional logo that attracts potential clients – you will need to work with a designer for longer than five minutes.


Logo design is the most important part of a company’s visual branding, but the process doesn’t start by simply opening a computer program and designing it. Your logo is an influential part of your company’s identity, and it should be well-conceived and designed thoughtfully.


If you desire a custom logo that helps grow your brand, here are the steps involved in the logo design process:


The logo design process is a collaboration that involves both the designer and client. A logo should never be solely the client’s idea, since the client typically lacks the background and skillset to design a high-quality logo. At the same time, designers must put their personal opinions to the side and create a logo design that works for the client’s industry, brand attributes, and target market.


Your designer should have a copy of your brand strategy on hand before starting to work on logos and visuals.




To begin the logo design process, the designer will gather information from the client including:

  • The name of the company
  • Slogans or taglines
  • The type of industry
  • The company’s competitors
  • Target market
  • Any relevant pieces of the brand strategy, such as brand attributes


Once the designer has this information, they will research what type of logo will stand out and work best for the company and its target audience. A logo designer should have a strong sense of the company’s competitors from a brand strategist, and part of this research will include determining what those competitors have in common with their visual designs.


Examples of visual design similarities could be a color that is used frequently, a certain typography, or just a logo style. Let’s take color, for example. If the company’s competitors all use red, a designer has to ask: Why red?


What’s the meaning behind red in this industry? Does the competition use light red, dark red, or bright red? And why? What does red connote in the business? Is it related to the company’s services or products? Further, how do customers react to red?


The logo designer will research these sorts of questions, along with the company’s competitors, the products or services the company offers, and the characteristics that make the company different from its competitors.


Consumer product - healthy drink


After the designer finishes this research, it’s time to brainstorm how to make the company stand out through a new logo design. The designer will:

  • Make sketches
  • Create drawings
  • Look for a logo inspiration
  • Find an appropriate logo shape
  • Determine suitable typography designs


Once the designer has enough sketches, they will choose a few of the best ones and convert the sketches into vectors.


Next, these logo designs are presented to the client. The rest of the logo design process depends on the client’s feedback and the designer’s communication with the client, as they may have to go back and forth on a few design elements before the client has a finalized version of their logo in hand.


There is no specific time required for designing a logo, but creating a brand strategy beforehand makes the logo design process more seamless and efficient. Your brand strategy will include elements such as brand positioning, brand voice, and a brand board which will help your designer create a logo that fits into your overarching brand.


Was your company’s logo custom-designed using this process? Do you love it? Or are you ready for a new logo that better communicates with your target market?


If you’re looking for a rebrand, our team at Aventive Studio is just one email away! Contact us here.


And don’t forget to grab your copy of our free branding checklist here – it includes our exact list of what branding elements your company needs in order to scale:

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