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Grateful Life Skincare Logo Design

About the Brand:

Grateful Life Skincare is an Austin, TX based skincare company that offers high-quality face oils, lotions, body butters, and hand balms made with natural ingredients like Prickly Pear Seed Oil and Jojoba Oil. Each of their products has been thoughtfully crafted to soften dullness, fine lines, wrinkles and skin discolorations that come with time and experience.

The Challenge:

Grateful Life Skincare was looking to rebrand, with the goal of increasing sales and growing their business. In the past, they could not attract the right clients and they needed a brand plan. They engaged Aventive to provide designs that would take their business to the next level.


We developed a full brand strategy and a long-term plan for scaling, including an ideal client persona profile, brand attributes definition and messaging. The brand strategy was translated into a visual identity (logo design, colors, typography) and packaging (labels & boxes). Our team also designed and developed a new website, providing full website copy.

Scope of the Project:

Brand Strategy
Mission, Vision, Core Values
Customer Journey
Brand Messaging
Visual Identity
Logo Design
Label Design
Packaging Design
Website Design
Website Copy
Social Media Banners


Strategist and Creative Director - Kady Sandel
Brand and Packaging Designer – Emir Kudic
Content Developer – Kelsey Horton
Website Designer – Biljana Vukovic
Website Developer – Tarundeep Singh

Skincare Facial Oil Branding

The Story:

Grateful Life Skincare (GLSK) contacted Aventive Studio looking to rebrand. Our CEO and brand strategist, Kady, met with the founder of GLSK for a brand strategy session, at Aventive’s office in Austin, Texas. During the brand strategy phase, we helped GLSK define their mission, vision and core values.

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to bring our customers skin care products that have been crafted from natural ingredients and enhanced using nourishing plant materials. Through our name, culture, and shared information we strive to bring a sense of gratitude to our customers, enhance the quality of their lives, and bring them peace and serenity.

Vision Statement:
Grateful Life Skin Care helps women incorporate the products into their lives and mindsets.

Core Values:
Integrity, Ingredients, Sustainability, Optimism

Skincare product rebranding - before and after facial oil

Brand Discovery:

Aventive Studio focused on discovering GLSK’s ideal skincare target customer and defining the customer journey. The customer journey is an extremely important process for any brand, as this is where we identify where the ideal customers hang out, what attracts them and how we can steer them towards purchasing the wellness products. Once the ideal customer and their journey were established, we turned to GLSK’s brand attributes, particularly as they translate into visuals (logo design, color selecting, font styles, etc.), as well as wrap-around messaging, content and website design.

Brand Attributes for Grateful Life Skincare
Used font for a skincare company
Used colors for a skincare company


Content strategy was our last step during the brand development phase. We uncovered what GLSK’s ideal customers care about and what they pay attention to. We developed three primary brand stories that can be expanded, depending on the type of content GLSK needs to create in the future. Whether they produce an Instagram post, website copy or a blog article, they have consistent messaging as their starting point.

Business cards for a skin care business


The brand strategy was then translated into a visual identity – logo design, colors, fonts and images. The goal was to create something memorable, timeless and attractive to the target audience. We analyzed the target demographic and its psychological color matches to find the ideal color palette. As GLSK’s goal was to grow the business and increase their sales revenue, we went through a complete rebranding and did not retain any of their pre-existing visuals.

Before and after skincare rebrand
Skincare product rebranding - before and after facial oil

Packaging Design:

Labels and packaging for a product are critical for attracting customers and securing the purchase of the wellness product. We helped GLSK decide what bottles and product containers to use, the best manufacturer for their type and which labels and packaging would work best for their skincare products when targeting the ideal customer. We considered label and box materials, as well as textures and options for GLSK’s gift cards, thank you cards and insert flyers.

Skincare 3D boxes design
Skincare Label Design on Bottles
Lip balm packaging design
Lip balm 3D boxes design copy
Wellness Packaging Presentation

Website Design:

The last step of the Adventive process was GLSK’s website design and development. Our web designer collected the relevant information concerning the skincare line and brand goals and designed a website that would promote increased sales, thereby growing their wellness and beauty business. The developer custom coded the website, using the WordPress platform and an e-commerce plugin called WooCommerce.

Grateful Life Skincare Website Design
Website design for a skincare company - home page
Mobile responsive website - skin care company

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