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Skincare Branding - Beauty by Code

About the Brand:

Beauty by Code products blend French elegance and Galenic beauty-industry expertise with the power of American innovation. By combining the best European skincare formulations with a determination to solve real problems for women, BbC developed trusted products focused on ethically-sourced, specialized ingredients.

The Challenge:

Beauty by Code was planning their skincare line’s launch and needed complete branding and design related services in order to capture their ideal client’s attention, secure product sales, and grow their business revenue. Their product delivery goal included selling their unique skincare products on Amazon and their own website, eventually scaling their e-commerce focus.


As Beauty by Code was finalizing the formulation and selecting their manufacturer, Aventive Studio worked on brand strategy, competitor research, positioning, brand attributes, and visual designs. We developed everything that Beauty by Code needed – from logo design to website creation.

Scope of the Project:

Brand Strategy
Core Values
Mission & Vision
Competitor Research
Brand Attributes & Voice
Target Profiles
Logo Design
Visual Identity
Label Concepts
Website Design
E-Commerce Website Development


Brand Strategist and Creative Director - Kady Sandel
Brand Strategist and Graphic Designer – Ghian Red
Website Designer – Biljana Vukovic
Content Creator and Editor – Lisa Giesbrecht
Website Developer – Syed Shah

The Story:

Beauty by Code’s founders needed help to bring their vision to life. In the initial stages, they had a concept for a skincare line formulated in France and produced in the USA. When they reached out to Aventive Studio, Beauty by Code didn’t have a brand plan, visual identity, label designs, packaging designs, nor a website.

logo variations with tagline for skincare products
logo variations for different labels
skincare comapny's personality - brand attributes
color palette for a skincare brand
skincare branding and designs - brand book showing typography
logo type font family for a skincare brand
skincare branding and designs - brand book showing typography font families

Brand Strategy:

Beauty by Code’s goal was to develop attractive skincare products that stand out in the marketplace and capture a consumer’s attention in less than one second. To accomplish this goal, BbC needed brand strategy and a complete brand plan before visuals could be created. During the brand strategy phase, Aventive Studio defined the ideal buyer persona, as well as optimal positioning for the target audience to clearly perceive the difference between BbC skincare products and others. We fleshed out and documented Beauty by Code’s mission, vision, core values, and brand voice.

Our carefully crafted brand plan was the basis for development of their visuals. Establishing how the brand would come across to consumers allowed us to design logos, labels, packaging, and an integrated, e-commerce website. We performed competitor analysis and created visual and website designs that are unique, differentiated, elegant, and boldly noticeable!

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skincare branding and designs - brand book showing fonts and typography choices
logo variations for a skincare brand

Visual Identity:

Based on our brand strategy process, we could move on to logo design, colors, typography, and photos for a look of elegance and a stand-out feel. These elements needed to be attractive to the ideal client we’d identified as the BbC target purchaser. In a heavily saturated market like skincare, we needed to pay close attention to competitors.

We determined it would be most effective to focus on a typography logo (text only) presenting BbC’s upscale, quality ingredients and their reputation for trusted, clean skincare products. The font selected is feminine and elegant. Their logo design is recognizable, easy-to-read, and designed for easy positioning on their product bottles, labels, packaging, and website. The brand focuses on white and black, so we selected pink and orange (apricot) shades as accent colors. BbC’s skincare products have a unique look and stand out when compared to their competition on Amazon or in retail stores. With careful color allocation, Beauty by Code is successfully communicating its unique personality and positioning itself in front of their ideal consumer using Aventive Studio’s visual identity design.

skincare comapny's personality - brand attributes

Brand Book:

A brand book is our client’s brand user manual. It enables everyone involved with the company’s production, marketing, advertising, and front-facing customer interactions know what files, fonts, colors, and images are to be used for a consistent presentation that stays “on brand.” Inside Beauty by Code’s brand book, Aventive Studio included brand attributes, logo variations (vertical, horizontal, symbol, favicon), color palette, typography guidelines, and photography styling.

3D skincare labels and packaging designs
mobile banner showing skincare and beauty labels and packaging designs

Website Design & Development:

Aventive Studio focused on helping Beauty by Code accomplish their goal of selling more products and growing the skincare line through their website. We also wanted to ensure visitors to their website knew the important values BbC focuses on— particularly that the formulation is European in origin and domestic in manufacturing, and a listing of their high-quality ingredients’ benefits for the consumer.

Our website design emphasized consistent fonts and colors, matching the brand and looking distinctively elegant, bold, and dynamic. This e-commerce website is easy to navigate, and customers can find what they are looking for in just a few seconds. BbC’s skincare products are visually displayed in a few different locations on the website, such as the home page, about page, and products page, in order to build strong consumer visual identification. We designed a banner displaying the complete product line with label design, bottle mockups, and 3D visualizations showcasing bundled products. BbC’s website is clean and fashionable, with black, white, and accent colors designed to capture viewer attention.

Skincare Logo with Tagline


Aventive Studio helped us develop our entire beauty and cosmetics brand, from our brand strategy and visual identity (logo design, colors, fonts) to our product labels, packaging design, and website design & development. We were looking for a designer who understood the wellness and self-care industry, and we are very satisfied with our branding results! Aventive Studio really took the time to understand our brand values and our mission. From there, they turned those brand elements into visual designs and a website that will help us make more product sales. – Yirlene Mertenes, Beauty by Code

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