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Oiya Logo Design - Skincare Line

About the Skincare Line:

Oiya is an Austin, Texas based skincare company that launched with a line of products focused on wellness, self-care, and mental health improvements. Oiya features consumer products made with proprietary ingredients and manufacturing processes. Oiya products retail through their dedicated online platform and include: hand cream, facial cleanser, eye cream, face serum, hand wash, hair mask, anti-perspirant, deodorant, face mask, and day moisturizer.

The Challenge:

Oiya needed a brand plan and visual designs to help them stand out from their competitors while presenting the wellness values associated with the brand and its products: clean skincare, quality ingredients, and safe to use.


Aventive Studio helped Oiya develop brand strategy, a typography-based logo design, and customized colors and labels for each skincare product. During the brand strategy phase, we completed an analysis of their competitors, built an ideal client persona, and created a plan to promote Oiya’s skincare products in large retail stores such as Macy’s, Sephora, and Nordstrom.

Scope of the Project:

Brand Strategy
Brand Naming
Ideal Client
Competitor Analysis
Visual Identity
Logo Design
Brand Colors
Label Designs
Social Media Designs


Strategist and Creative Director - Kady Sandel
Brand Naming Specialist – Brian Lankes
Branding Designer – Ashley Lerma
Graphic Designer – Rachel Jacobson

Skincare Products - Graphic Design

The Story:

Oiya contacted Aventive Studio as they undertook the process of formulating their product line and coordinating the manufacturer involved in product distribution. At the same time, they recognized the need to develop a plan for the future growth of their brand, making a list of potential products (and ingredients), establishing the ideal name for the new business, and creating visuals for each wellness product through logo design, colors, fonts, and unique labels. The timeframe for product branding was three months, during which Aventive Studio established the full brand strategy, visual identity, and label designs.

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skincare logo design
Woman and skincare products.jpg

Brand Colors & Logo Design:

At Aventive Studio, the process isn’t just about picking colors that look nice or stand out. We use our industry expertise to evaluate our clients’ product ingredients or other unique characteristics, to connect these integral factors with color psychology. We determine what specific colors and shades cause the delicate interaction needed to secure consumer attraction and a sense of connection. Health and wellness product branding is a sensitive matter where psychology can be maximized to attract people’s attention and prompt them to make an affinity-based purchase. For Oiya, we created ten unique brand colors, as the goal was for each wellness product to have a distinct and appropriate color, while the logo was designed to keep consistency across the products. Oiya’s logo was designed with the ideal health and wellness product consumer in mind, and it is easy to read, remember, and recognize. The font selected has a high-end, luxury look, with a boldness that retains a touch of elegance in its thin lines.

selected colors for skincare product packaging
Skin Care - Packaging Design
Label Designs on Cosmetic Products

Label Design:

As Oiya has such a wide variety of individual skincare products, we approached the label design process with a minimalist perspective. We selected a white base contrasted with a black logo and a trace of color for each different product’s label. The distinctive and artistic lines on the labels are different across the products, providing a creative, notable connection for the company’s entire skincare line. When formulating the labels, we translated Oiya’s brand strategy to visuals that fully represent the company’s values: clean, quality, and safe.

Night Cream Label Design
Skincare Products - Label Designs
Cosmetic and Skincare Products - Graphic Design

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