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27 Health and Wellness Branding Tools to Grow Your Business

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A strong health and wellness brand will help your business build name recognition, stand out from the competition, and make more sales.


In the wellness industry, branding is crucial because your potential customers need to trust your business in order to make a purchase. You only have a few seconds to make a positive and trustworthy impression on your target audience, and the colors, fonts, imagery, tone, and voice of your brand will all work together to craft that first impression.


Here are 27 of our favorite health and wellness branding and business tools to help you build trust, attract more enthusiastic customers, and develop a recognizable health and wellness brand.


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While we highly recommend that wellness businesses work with a branding agency to create their brand strategy and visual designs, we realize that not every business is ready to hire a professional yet.


To fill in that gap, Canva is an easy-to-use graphic design tool that can help you create basic visual designs like flyers and social media templates for your business in the meantime.


Logo Design Inspiration for Health & Wellness Brands

It’s one thing to talk about branding and design, but it’s another thing to actually see what wellness businesses have done with their visual branding! This free ebook includes over 20 curated visual designs from other health and wellness businesses to inspire your own branding ideas.


Creative Market

Creative Market is a one-stop shop for graphics, fonts, WordPress themes, and social media designs for your business. From business card designs to ebook templates to Instagram icons, you can find one-of-a-kind design elements on Creative Market and purchase them at reasonable prices.


The 10 Best Fonts for Health & Wellness Brands

The fonts you use in your brand can either attract or repel your target customers! We wrote this guide to help you discover which fonts you should use for your health and wellness brand.


The guide includes 10 done-for-you font pairing ideas, instructions on how to access over 1,000 free fonts on Google, and download links and descriptions for the 10 best free fonts to use in your business.


10 best fonts for health and wellness brands


Business Tools


Trello is a task management software to help you and your team prioritize tasks, communicate effectively, and stay on track with deadlines. Here at Aventive Studio, we use Trello for pretty much everything – including tracking client communications, managing internal tasks, and setting up our entire content strategy and calendar.


Google Workspace

Google Workspace (formerly known as G-Suite) includes apps you may already know and love like Gmail, Google Maps, Google Calendar, Google Meet, and Google Forms.


You can also set up a custom email account for your business, as well as collaborate on shared business files using Google Documents, Sheets, and Drive. We find Google Workspace to be an effective way to stay organized without needing to learn a whole new software suite!


Quiz: Discover Your Health & Wellness Business Branding Score

Are you new to the world of branding? Or are you already enthusiastic about how brand strategy can help you grow your wellness business? Our free quiz will help you find your business’s branding score. At the end of the quiz, we provide personalized recommendations on the next steps that will help you attract more clients.

Content Strategy

Answer The Public

Answer The Public is a free search listening tool that helps you see exactly what questions and keywords your ideal clients are looking for online. Simply type in your keywords, and the website will provide a detailed list of phrases and questions that you can use to develop SEO-optimized content.


Ideal Client Blueprint

When you don’t have a clear ideal client in mind, content creation can be frustrating and ineffective. We designed the Ideal Client Blueprint to be the very last “find your ideal client” exercise you’ll ever need, with over 43 pages of actionable step-by-step instructions!


By the end of the guide, you will know exactly how to craft irresistible content that attracts new followers and converts them into enthusiastic customers.


ideal client blueprint


Brand Strategy

What is Brand Strategy?

A lot of people talk about “brand strategy,” but what does that phrase mean for your health and wellness business? What do brand strategy services really include? Read our introduction to the concept of brand strategy here.


Brand Clarity Online Course

This self-guided online course shows health and wellness entrepreneurs how to create an individualized brand strategy for your business. By the end of the course, you will have a brand plan in place and be ready to translate that into visual designs, marketing, and more.


Free Health and Wellness Branding Workbook

Define the core brand attributes of your business and learn the basics of color psychology with our free branding workbook! We created this resource to help health and wellness entrepreneurs take actionable steps towards establishing a unique brand identity for their businesses.





Photos help break up the text in blog posts. This helps your audience stays engaged, but legally-speaking you can’t just use any photos on your blog! Pexels offers an extensive library of free stock photos and videos. The selection of photos is always being updated, and the files are free for commercial use with no attribution required.


Google Analytics & Google Search Console

These Google tools work together to show you how many people are visiting your website, what pages they prefer, where your audience is coming from, and what search terms they are using to find you. Once you know what is already working, you can optimize your website attract even more members of your target market.


For example, if you noticed a few visitors found your site while searching for the term “relaxation tea” in Google, you could create a detailed blog post on the benefits of relaxation tea to expand on that success.



WordPress is our favorite website platform for health and wellness businesses. You can install numerous plugins, themes, and tools to help you customize your site. We recommend you use to have full control of your site, and since your website is the 24/7 online portal to your brand, working with a web designer will bring you the best results.


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Social Media

5 Ways to Brand Your Health & Wellness Business on Instagram

Instagram can be a powerful digital tool to grow your wellness business, but are you using it effectively? Check out our blog post for 5 tips to help your health & wellness business stand out and attract your target customers on Instagram.



We highly suggest that all businesses use a content scheduling tool like Buffer for their social media posts. This allows you to write a batch of social media posts at once and automatically schedule them on social media on the dates and times of your choosing.


Buffer has a free plan to start with, and by creating multiple posts at once you can save massive amounts of time in your business.


Quiz: Discover Your Health & Wellness Brand Personality

Does your band want to be perceived as smart or adventurous? Wise or whimsical? The answer to these questions will directly influence what type of social media content you should create! Take our free brand personality quiz to discover what content and visuals will attract your ideal clients to your brand.

Email Marketing


ConvertKit is our favorite email marketing platform and the one we use here at Aventive Studio. It has so many useful automation features, as well as tags and segmenting to help you understand where your audience is coming from. ConvertKit also allows you to maintain multiple sign-up forms and opt-ins so you can attract audience members who have distinct interests.



If your business has never tried email marketing before or doesn’t have a lot of time to spend on it right now, Mailchimp is another great email marketing platform. We recommend Mailchimp to beginners due to its simple interface and generous pricing model – you can use the service for free until you hit a certain number of subscribers.


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The BrandBuilder podcast interviews successful CPG industry leaders and gives them a platform to share their business stories. Learn how to reach your target audience and stand out by listening to the brands who have already paved the way!


JUST Branding

Brand strategists Jacob Cass & Matt Davies host this fun and interesting podcast that covers brand strategy, entrepreneurship, neuroscience, and more. The podcast includes frequent guest experts and thoughtful conversations to help you grow your business and improve your brand.


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Wellpreneur: The Ultimate Guide for Wellness Entrepreneurs to Nail Your Niche and Find Clients Online by Amanda Cook

The title says it all! Learn how to find your niche and attract clients to your wellness business online using a proven step-by-step system. This book introduces marketing concepts and provides straightforward examples of how other wellness professionals have grown their successful businesses.


Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action by Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek has one of the most popular TED talks of all time, and in this classic book he writes about brand purpose. When you connect your customers and team to the “why” behind your business, you can see incredible results – as evidenced by the examples he showcases throughout the book.


BrandFix: A Brand Strategy Guide for Busy Entrepreneurs by Kady Sandel

Learn how to identify the unique traits of your brand, stand out from the competition, and create your own brand strategy with this popular book written by our founder Kady Sandel. If you’re struggling to define a clear brand message and know your business isn’t getting the results it is capable of, BrandFix can help you.


brandfix book by kady sandel


Groups and Events

Natural Products Expo

Natural Products Expo puts on well-known industry conferences such as Expo East, Expo West, and more. These events provide an opportunity to learn from wellness industry thought leaders, network with industry professionals, and exhibit your brand to a large audience.


Naturally Austin

Naturally Austin is the premier networking and educational resource for natural and organic product entrepreneurs in Austin, Texas (which is where Aventive Studio is located!).


This organization is part of the Naturally Network which includes branches in Chicago, San Diego, Boulder, and the Bay Area. If you are based in any of those locations, you can widen your network and grow your business by joining your local group.


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To attract more customers and create a brand that stands out from the crowd, the best option is to work with a professional branding agency. At Aventive Studio, we help health and wellness product companies grow their companies through powerful branding and design.


From full branding packages to stunning website design to brand strategy consulting, we can help your business attract your target customers and position your products apart from the competition. Contact us to learn more about how the Aventive Studio team can help you scale your business through a powerful brand identity.

Aventive Studio

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