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Is it time to stop DIYing your brand?

BrandFix: Brand Strategy for Busy Entrepreneurs, a new book from acclaimed brand strategist Kady Sandel, will help you instantly cut through the noise so you can create a strategic, creative, and long-lasting brand for your business.

The BrandFix process is designed for hustling entrepreneurs who don’t have time to waste on fluffy thought exercises. The book will show you how to:

Identify the unique traits of your brand (and express them clearly to your growing audience!)

Differentiate your company from your competitors so people choose you every time

Scale your company by aligning your branding with your business goals

Decide whether or not to be “the face” of your company

Translate your brand strategy into consistent visuals that keep customers coming back for more

Hannah Campbell

Hannah Campbell

There is so much value packed into this book. All the major components of branding are covered, from color psychology to content strategy to finding your “voice” as a company, and I just could not be happier to find everything I need for my business in one place.

Ross Francis

Ross Francis

BrandFix is the kind of book that entrepreneurs can refer to over and over again. I know I do! Each chapter covers a topic that COULD be overwhelming, but the author walks readers through how to build a brand in a way that feels achievable and fun.

Erika Braun

Erika Braun

As a business owner, I don’t have time to fall down the rabbit hole and learn about every tiny aspect of branding. This book was concise and helpful, and once I started focusing on my company’s brand attributes (don’t skip that chapter!) I immediately saw an uptick in our social media engagement.

BrandFix is perfect for you if:

YOU KNOW that it’s time to update the look, feel, and consistency of your company’s branding…

YOU WANT to grow past your current level of sales and attract an audience full of paying clients, brand ambassadors, and raving fans…

YOU’RE STRUGGLING to fix your branding on your own, and you know it’s time to learn from an expert…

YOU WANT to understand the basics of branding so you can effectively communicate with your design and marketing team…

YOU BECOME more confident and creative when there’s a strategy guiding your blog posts, logo, color schemes, and marketing strategies…

YOU WANT to stand out from your competition by expressing the unique personality of your business…

YOU WONDER if it’s time to rebrand your company entirely, or if you just need a few strategic tweaks and improvements…

YOU WANT to delight the audience you currently have while also growing your email list and social media numbers…

YOU’RE STUGGLING to define an extremely clear brand message that your target market understands…


YOU WANT to apply your newfound branding knowledge to all aspects of your business, including paid advertising and offline outreach!

“BrandFix completely transformed the way I think about branding. As soon as I started making the changes suggested in the book, I started receiving compliments from my clients on my new content and visuals – how cool is that?!

I love that the author understands my needs as an entrepreneur – the book bypasses the fluff and directly addresses the exact things I need to focus on. 5/5” – Ashley Slyder

It's time to scale your brand.

Start your BrandFix journey today.

Book Content & Extras

Brand Strategy

Your brand strategy is the secret weapon that will pave the way for easy and effortless branding. In BrandFix you will create a personalized brand strategy with expert step-by-step guidance and support.

Brand Positioning

Your business has a unique flair that separates you from any other brands. BrandFix includes easy-to-follow steps to pinpoint your competitive edge and differentiate your company once and for all.

Target Profiles

Tired of asking yourself the “Who is my ideal client?” question? Let’s solve that problem for good. BrandFix includes Kady’s simple signature approach to identifying your exact target customers and persuading them to fall in love with your company.

Brand Voice & Tone

If you’ve ever wondered how big-name brands like Starbucks and Uber maintain a consistent tone across all of their marketing channels– you’re about to find out. Never worry about sounding off-brand again.

Content Strategy

Social media, blogging, and content marketing can actually feel fun! Ditch the cookie-cutter marketing advice and develop your own long-term content strategy using the tips covered in BrandFix.

Brand Goals

Branding can be your gateway to massive business growth. Learn the right way to set precise goals for your branding to ensure your efforts lead to more revenue and customers.

Visual Branding

No brand is complete without its own iconic logo, colors, typography, and imagery. BrandFix includes insider design knowledge about brand guidelines, brand boards, and color psychology to make your visuals shine.

External Branding

In business, first impressions matter. Learn how to ensure your ads, SEO, content, and visuals all work together to express your mission and attract the qualified leads you’ve been searching for.

BONUS - Free Branding Checklist!

Included with your purchase is a simple step-by-step branding checklist so you can implement the BrandFix strategies and jump starlight into action.

“Your branding checklist is SO easy to follow! I feel like I finally understand what I need to do, after all of these years of trying to figure this out myself. Thank you Kady!” – Heather Tyson

The Branding Checklist is included at the end of the book for your convenience.

About the Author

Kady Sandel _ Aventive Studio


Kady Sandel is the CEO, Creative Director, and Brand Strategist of Aventive Studio. Kady moved from her home at age 15 to launch a career in graphic design, and she has designed logos, websites, and visual identities for a wide range of business clients. In her time as a designer, she developed a passion for helping businesses scale through strategic brand development.