Connect with your customer.

You can get by with a good product alone… for a while. Think of your favorite purchases, the brands that catch like wildfire. Impeccably branded products practically sell themselves! That’s what happens when a good product is fueled by the strength of a brand.

Without understanding your brand’s voice, you’re not going to convince a stranger walking by. Without consistency through all facets of your visual communication, you won’t create a lasting impression either.

For a company serious about scale, brand strategy comes first. Know who you’re targeting, how to connect with them, and how to do it consistently. Only then can you create a visual identity and design with confidence.

Brand Positioning

What makes your brand different? Brand positioning is the process of setting your business apart from the competition. When your company has strong brand positioning, you influence what people think first when your brand comes to their mind.

Once we hone your position, we will create a plan to ensure your brand and messaging reach your target customers and that they understand why your business is different and why your products are superior to those of your competitors.

Brand Attributes & Voice

How would a customer describe your brand? Does your company sound knowledgeable? Friendly? Vanilla? Brand attributes are the essence and personality of your business. When consumers think of Tesla, they think of innovation. Starbucks evokes feelings of consistency and quality. We will identify the unique brand attributes of your company and incorporate those attributes into your branding to establish consistency and trust with your target market.

Target Profiles

Who is your brand’s target audience? Rather than targeting everyone, your business needs to know which people are most likely to purchase your products in order to target your efforts towards those ideal customers. We will create a custom user profile that includes characteristics about where your customers live, how old they are, how they feel when using your product… and most importantly: where you can find them.

Content Strategy

How does your brand convey its message? Content is crucial when engaging, educating, and providing value to your audience. Our team of copywriters helps brands find their voice and deliver concise and engaging brand stories. We will create content for your company’s website, brochures, and marketing materials that attracts the attention of your target market and helps to grow your business.

Brand Goals

How does your brand strategy advance your business goals? At the end of the day, the primary goal of impeccable branding is to increase visibility, drive revenue, and maximize profits. Our business-savvy creative team has decades of combined entrepreneurial experience, and every aspect of our design work is crafted to align with your goals for business growth.

This is all great, but what do you need?

Aventive Studio

We are an Austin, TX branding agency dedicated to brand development by leveraging modern and strategic design. Our team of designers, creatives, and web developers have teamed up to deliver value for clients worldwide, yet never lose sight of personal and individualized service. No matter the project, you will work directly with a core and accomplished creative director at Aventive Studio.

Brand Strategy

Positioning & Messaging
Brand Attributes & Voice
Target Profiles
Competitor Audits
Goal Alignment
Content Development
Digital Strategy


Visual Branding

Logo Design & Identity
Brand Board (typography, colors, photos)
Website Design & Development
Marketing Collateral
Brand Guidelines
Stationery Design

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