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Educational Articles for Your Health & Wellness Product-Based Business

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How to Start a Protein Powder Company

By Kady Sandel | December 16, 2022
man holding a protein powder shake

If you are like most fitness and wellness entrepreneurs, you might think that the key to starting a protein powder business is finding the right formula for your customers. But that’s barely ten percent of the whole process!Besides understanding how people use protein powders, what motivates them, and what they want from their protein powder,…

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Pre-Seed Funding for Wellness Businesses: What You Need to Know

By Kady Sandel | December 9, 2022
wellness entrepreneur pitching to investors at a white board

As your wellness business expands, you will most likely need additional funding to take it to the next level. Seeking investors and offering them a stake in your company in exchange for funding is a great option. Startups and new firms have immediate equipment, office space, and personnel needs. To accomplish these goals, they will…

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The Best Marketing Strategies For Your Health & Wellness Business

By Kady Sandel | November 29, 2022
candle holder on white background with wellness products

The health and fitness market is clearly flourishing at the moment. Recently, the worldwide health and wellness market was worth $3.31 billion. This figure is projected to increase to $4.24 billion  as a result of increased health consciousness. So if you run a health and wellness business, how can you use marketing to your advantage?…

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10 Healthy Snack Branding Strategies To Make More Sales

By Kady Sandel | November 28, 2022
healthy granola snack in three clear jars on a table

Snacking has evolved from being mindless to being attentive and healthy. A market research report predicts that the healthy snack industry will grow from USD 78.12 billion in value to USD 108.11 billion. Another snacking trend study by Mondelez International found that 59% of US consumers, and 70% of millennials, prefer snacking throughout the day…

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How to Make a Website for Your Wellness Center

By Collaborative Post | November 17, 2022
woman standing at the front desk of a wellness center

This is a guest post for the Aventive Studio blog written by Eleanor Hecks. A gorgeous website is one of the best ways to reach new clients and advertise your wellness center online. When people first start looking for the services you offer, they’re most likely to turn to search engines. They’ll type in a local search such…

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8 Best Cosmetic Packaging Design Examples

By Kady Sandel | November 15, 2022
fenty cosmetic packaging

The cosmetic industry is thriving more than ever before. The beauty business is one such cultural domain that radiates outward. Researchers predict that the worldwide cosmetic packaging market will soon be worth $31.8 billion. Although cosmetics have always been considered a staple of women, modern times have shown that anyone can benefit from them. We…

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How to Increase Brand Awareness for Your Skincare Business

By Kady Sandel | October 28, 2022
woman wearing a clay skin care mask

Brand awareness represents how target audiences engage with your skincare brand. High-awareness brands are often ‘trending’ and are invariably the ‘talk of the town’. There is no obvious metric to determine brand awareness or value. Nonetheless, brand awareness is incredibly crucial for commercial viability. The higher the brand awareness, the higher the familiarity with your…

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10 Effective Ways to Promote Your Health and Wellness Website

By Kady Sandel | October 21, 2022
health wellness website marketing on a laptop

To succeed in the skincare, cosmetics, or wellness industries, a social media channel alone is not enough. Even a mediocre website is not enough! You need an incredible wellness industry website that makes it easy for your customers to fall in love with your brand, and even easier for them to purchase your products and…

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How to Get Your Beauty Brand into Retail Stores

By Kady Sandel | October 13, 2022
beauty branding example

The beauty industry is an incredibly crowded space. With so many brands and products to choose from, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. That’s why it is important to have a clear vision of what you want your cosmetics & beauty brand to represent and do. As beauty products become more…

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