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Educational Articles for Your Health & Wellness Product-Based Business

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5 Essential Content Marketing Strategies for Skincare Brands

By Kady Sandel | October 8, 2022
woman writing down skincare content ideas

Consumers are bombarded by thousands of ads daily. Unfortunately, as a result, they have become numb to brand communication. And this isn’t new. Even before digital numbness took over businesses and marketers, reports of consumers becoming unresponsive to ads date back to the early 2000s. Add to that the shrinking attention span and we can…

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How to Start a Skincare Business

By Kady Sandel | September 22, 2022
skin care branding and packaging design example

The skincare industry in the US generated about $89.5 billion in revenue in 2018, so if you’re passionate about the skin care industry and want to join in, it makes sense to cash in on the opportunity and start a skincare line. A slight problem, though: When everybody seems to be hopping on the bandwagon,…

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How to Boost Your Wellness Product Sales in Q4 and Beyond

By Collaborative Post | September 16, 2022
skincare packaging on a white shelf

This is a guest post for the Aventive Studio blog written by Eleanor Hecks. Are you looking for ways to finish the year strong and bring in new clients? The fourth quarter of the year is a good time to offer specials for events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You’ll gain new clientele more easily than…

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Private Labeling vs. White Labeling: Which Is Better for Your Skincare Line?

By Kady Sandel | September 11, 2022
skincare packaging designs in a store

Before you begin conceiving formulations and marketing strategies for building a successful skincare business, you need to know all your options. That means looking up what type of skincare business suits you best before you search for how to start a skincare business. If you have been oscillating between private and white labeling your skin…

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How to Start a Bath Bomb Business

By Kady Sandel | August 24, 2022
woman holding a bath bomb without it's packaging in a tub

The need for pampering and increased awareness about skin health among young people has led them to want more luxury items that can help improve their appearance and boost their confidence levels. This includes products like bath bombs, which give users a relaxing experience without having to spend much time or money on it. The…

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Branding for Mental Health Products

By Kady Sandel | August 19, 2022

Branding is the secret weapon that will help you distinguish your mental health products from your competitors. To be successful and stand out in this increasingly-crowded industry, your customers need to understand who you are and what makes you different at first glance. But building a mental health brand is not as easy as it…

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Supplement Marketing & Branding: The Ultimate Guide

By Kady Sandel | July 19, 2022
supplement packaging moodboard

At present, the US supplement industry is worth $33.7 billion. You know what that means, right? Your company is competing with thousands of brands; some are well-established with an unwaveringly loyal customer base, while others are still starting out. The only thing you can do to set your nutritional supplement brand apart is master your…

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The 6 Most Common CPG Business Mistakes

By Kady Sandel | July 9, 2022
cpg products and branding

Most CPG businesses fail because they don’t have a clear idea of who their customer is or what makes them tick. This often results in products that don’t fit the needs of their target market. But there are other CPG businesses that absolutely nail their target audience but still fail to make a name for…

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8 Marketing Strategies for the Beauty Industry

By Kady Sandel | June 27, 2022
woman holding cosmetics packaging

Marketing can easily become a guessing game. Everyone has their own opinions, and no single strategy is right for every beauty and cosmetics business! Since branding and marketing can be daunting, here are 8 marketing strategies that you should incorporate into the success of your beauty brand. 1.  Establish a Digital Presence Only 2.5% of…

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