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How to Stand Out in the Health and Wellness Industry

By Kady Sandel | June 4, 2020
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When you pour so much time, energy, and investment into your health or wellness business, it can be disheartening to feel like your brand is blending in with the rest. After all, the purpose of a brand is to stand out and attract more customers!   If you hit a plateau, there are several strategic…

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How to Use Blogging to Sell More Wellness Products

By Kady Sandel | May 29, 2020
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There are so many ways to sell health and wellness products; from in-person markets, to Instagram, to targeted search advertising, to partnering with other brands… the list is nearly endless.   One tactic that can be highly effective for selling more products is to create a blog for your wellness business. When your business has…

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How to Make Your Bath and Body Products Stand Out

By Kady Sandel | May 26, 2020
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You have poured so much money, energy, and time into creating a body product business. Your soaps are amazing. Customers rave about your body and lip balms. But as an entrepreneur, you’re wearing so many hats that it’s hard to know what actions will lead to your next level of growth.   When your business…

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5 Ways to Brand Your Health & Wellness Business on Instagram

By Kady Sandel | May 6, 2020
smart phone with instagram icons

Instagram can be a powerful digital tool for health and wellness brands, with over a billion monthly users and numerous advertising capabilities. Many health & wellness businesses have leveraged Instagram to grow their audiences, build brand awareness, and make more sales.    Before your business goes all-in on Instagram, take a moment to think about…

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How to Never Run Out of Content Ideas for Your Business

By Kady Sandel | April 23, 2020

Many businesses create written content to connect with their potential customers – everything from email blasts and social media posts to blogs, videos, and podcasts.    But as an entrepreneur, what happens when your content ideas start to run stale? When your writing feels repetitive and uninspired, how can you generate new ideas and make…

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What is Necessary to Include in Your Brand?

By Kady Sandel | April 3, 2020
man writing in a notebook on a white desk with a laptop

Branding for businesses can include quite a few different elements – from strategic brand planning, to visual designs, to content strategy, and more.   There are lots of elements that could be included in your brand, so it can be confusing for entrepreneurs to sift through what core branding elements are actually required.    While every business…

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What Is a Branding Agency and When Should You Hire One?

By Kady Sandel | March 23, 2020
branding design on different colored paper

If you’re an entrepreneur who is looking to improve the branding for your business, you have likely come across the term “branding agency.” Maybe you are already familiar with graphic designers and marketing agencies, but you’re wondering if working with a branding agency could be the next right step for your business.   Here is…

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Branding for the Beauty Industry

By Kady Sandel | March 5, 2020
makeup brushes and powder

The beauty industry is large and continues to grow at a rapid rate, with both local and international brand competing for precious space in our makeup bags.   Despite the competition, there are still plenty of opportunities for beauty product businesses to thrive – but in order to stand out, your company will need a…

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The 5 Worst Branding Mistakes That Wellness Companies Make

By Kady Sandel | February 10, 2020

Not all branding and marketing practices are necessary for a successful wellness business. You don’t need to focus on networking events, social media posts, Google ads, retail stores, in-person promotions, event booths, Instagram stories, and blog posts all at once – and you can’t!   As a brand in the ever-growing health and wellness industry,…

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