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Brand Attributes: What They Are and How to Identify Yours

By Kady Sandel | December 3, 2018
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A brand represents the essence of a company, which is built upon the characteristics that a business already has.The simple definition of “attributes” is: a quality or feature regarded as a characteristic or inherent part of someone or something. So brand attributes are characteristics that the audience sees as an inherent part of a brand.For…

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How Branding Helps Your Business

By Kady Sandel | November 20, 2018
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Experience shows that customers expect to pay more for a branded product or services than for an unbranded version. This is because customers recognize, connect, and trust something that has an image, that has a reputation, that looks familiar and real.   Would you expect to pay the same price for random off-brand shoes as…

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What is branding?

By Kady Sandel | November 19, 2018
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We hear the word “branding” thrown around often, but many companies are still unclear on what branding really means.   Some people would say branding is a logo, some would say it’s visuals such as ads, stationery, or flyers, and some people completely mix up branding with marketing and advertising. And that’s fine, because branding…

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