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Branding for health and wellness products

At every networking event or social gathering, someone asks the age-old question: “So, what do you do?”


My old answer was: “Brand strategy and design for businesses and brands. So, brand positioning, messaging, brand tone & voice, target profiles, brand goals, and then I translate that into visuals such as logo design, stationery, websites, social media…”


My new answer, now that my branding studio decided to narrow our focus, is: “Branding for health and wellness products.”


In this blog post I will cover why my branding studio decided to specialize, why we chose the health and wellness industry, why we chose to specifically work with product companies, how we became experts, and how we can help you and your wellness product stand out.


Company needs to stand out


Why I decided to specialize?

Being in the graphic and design industry since 2005, I’ve worked with so many different brands and businesses. From making brochures for a lounge & tea resort in Las Vegas (whatever that was!), a logo design for a jewelry designer in LA, to websites for large hospitals in Orlando, and even box designs for knives in Austin.


My branding and design company was all over the place, and we were not growing in the sense that our skills were not improving. We were always good, but just that: good. Aventive Studio was doing everything and anything for anyone who wanted a design, and by taking that approach, we couldn’t be experts!


We weren’t giving ourselves the opportunity to focus on one type of client, study the industry, explore design options, work on perfecting brand strategies inside that single client sector, learn more about the specific industry challenges, create long-term solutions, and so on.


Long story short: We wanted to be able to help our clients grow their businesses over the long-term. We wanted to be reliable experts within their niche rather than a jack of all trades. It’s not always easy to build a business, and we get that, but when you find the right business strategist, the right branding studio, the right marketing agency, and the right employees – you can get there.



Why the health and wellness industry?

When I was thinking about specializing in something and becoming an industry expert, the first thing our team did was go through a list of all our previous and current clients to check what brands we brought the most value to. We wanted to pinpoint which businesses grew the most, what industry we had the most experience with, and which clients genuinely found the most value from our services.


Even though we had some ideas of our own, I hired a marketing strategist to help me decide what the right choice for Aventive Studio might be. An outside professional perspective can bring fresh insights and point out blind spots that those of us within the company were unable to see on our own.


I spoke to the CEO of the marketing company, and she made a list of different industries that exist in the health and wellness market. Under each industry, she provided a long list of examples of products and services that Aventive Studio could potentially work with. I never realized that the health and wellness industry had so many amazing sectors and products – it’s almost unbelievable what’s all out there!


Yoga in Austin, Texas


Once we started reading the options (partial list below), we couldn’t be more excited:

Food and Beverages: Energy drinks, protein bars, low-sugar food options, specialty bakeries & retail stores…

Vitamins and Supplements: Pain relief, vitamins, weight loss, salves & ointments…

Household Products: Air fresheners, candles, essential oils, cleaners, décor, furniture, towels & bedding…

Clothing: Performance fashion, eco-friendly clothing, footwear, baby & children’s clothing…

Sleep: Mattresses, blankets, noise machines, sleep masks, ear plugs…

Mental Health: Yoga supplies, meditation aids…

Beauty and Personal Care: Skincare, deodorants, shaving products, makeup, haircare, anti-aging products, sunscreen, beauty products…

Cannabis: CBD oils, edible CBD products…

Pets: Pet food, pet toys, pet medicine…



We loved every single idea. As I read through the list, I found myself thinking “I can’t wait to work with a skincare company and help them with their brand positioning… and their logo can look like this… and on their website they should say that… and their packaging can have gift cards wrapped like this…” or “Essential oils? That would be so fun – their labels could say this, we can do that with their brand colors…”


Sleeping masks, protein bars, yoga supplies, pet products… no matter what the category, my ideas were not stopping! I knew that we had found our niche. I was so passionate about every single item on the list and excited by the idea of helping these types of brands grow, get their companies off the ground, or scale to the next level.


Wellness Products


However, we didn’t choose the health and wellness industry just based on what seemed interesting for us. We investigated the list of our previous clients and start making notes with the marketing team to answer the question: Do we really have enough experience and knowledge to be branding experts for health and wellness products?


Funny enough, most of our clients were in this industry already: we were working with companies who sold hospital devices, body lotions, Himalayan salt products, healthy food, vitamins, and so on. It turns out we were already branding experts for the health and wellness product industry – we just hadn’t put our finger on that yet. We were ready to specialize!


If you’re looking to improve your health & wellness brand and attract more customers with your visual designs, our free mini-workbook is the best place to start! Download yours here:


Why products?

Companies that have products need exceptionally good designs and a solid brand strategy in order to attract their new clients. Being in a retail industry is completely different than offering services. A product cannot grow just based on networking events, while a service business has the potential to operate solely on word-of-mouth and referrals.


These days, we all buy online and there is so much noise. It’s hard for customers to decide which brand to select if a product looks and feels like all its competitors. A product needs to stand out with strong brand positioning, its messaging needs to quickly describe to a potential buyer why this brand is the right one, and its packaging needs to look attractive since people buy based on what they see and how those visuals make them feel.


At Aventive Studio, we’re passionate about helping our clients get more customers, make more money, and expand their businesses. Based on those objectives, we simply saw that product-based businesses have a bigger need for brand strategy and design, so we decided to help to business owners that are struggling with targeting the right audience and sales for their products.


Additionally, we love making powerful and memorable designs that lead to more purchases, such as timeless logo designs, creative labels, box and shopping bag designs, and amazing websites. Focusing solely on health & wellness products is just the right fit for us, and we’re excited to exclusively serve clients in this industry!




If your health or wellness product is not attracting the right audience, and you’re ready for your business to scale to new heights, feel free to email me directly at or contact Aventive Studio using this contact form. Let’s discuss how we can help you reach your target audience and increase your product sales through our brand strategy and design services.

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