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Many entrepreneurs struggle with branding their own businesses. You know the feeling: you want to post something on social media, but you’re not sure what colors, fonts, or tone would work best for your company. Should you sound fun and flexible, serious and professional, or something else entirely?


We waste so much time agonizing over the next right move for our business and trying to stay aligned with the services or products we offer. I never knew what images to use on my website, what my visitors wanted to read or learn, where my potential clients were, and in general the same question kept repeating in my head: how was I supposed to grow my business?!


I had heard about creating a strategy to keep it all organized – like making a plan for where my company would go. I thought that meant creating a business plan, and my first thought was “Hmmm… I don’t need that, at least not now!”


Fast-forward, I learned what brand strategy was, and that has changed my life both professionally and personally. Brand strategy is not a business plan – it’s a branding plan. Your brand strategy is a road map of where your brand is going and what stops you will need to make along the way to get to your destination.


Give Value


Fix a brand = BrandFix!

I published a book on the topic of how to fix your brand because I’ve learned so much over the past years in the branding and design industry, and I wanted to help busy entrepreneurs who are struggling to find the right information.


I know how it feels to sit in front of your phone, scroll through Instagram, look at what other people share, but have no idea what to post and whether your ideas will be valuable for your followers.


And it’s not just about social media – it’s your brand overall, it’s the first impression that potential customers have of your company. They will have an opinion about your business, services, products and even you. And the secret is: You can control that! If you strategically create the best brand you can, your audience will connect with your company, order from you, and help you make money.



By working with a variety of brands over time, I learned the best practices that famous brands implement and how they were able to grow. I explored how small businesses, startups, and even individuals can implement these same strategies in order to develop brand consistency that people will remember, and I shared it all in BrandFix.


The whole reason for writing the book was to create a guide that an entrepreneur can easily follow – instead of Googling for days, weeks or even months to find what might help with scaling a business, and then feeling overwhelmed by tons of random information that takes forever to implement.


BrandFix is an easy to read, step-by-step guide that will help you define your brand fonts and colors (based on the psychology of colors and shapes), figure out where your potential clients are and how you can get in front of them, position your business to stand out from competitors in the same industry, and simply: create a successful brand that people will love!


Steps you can take to improve your brand today.

Every brand can be fixed! That doesn’t mean you need to start from scratch – you can make adjustments to your current brand to focus more on your audience and what they would like to see. The whole point of branding a business is to attract your potential clients and scale in revenue, and it’s never too late to start making changes if your current branding is not working.


I will outline some branding steps below that can help you today — like, literally today 😊 However, BrandFix (the guide) outlines everything you need, and I really recommend using BrandFix as a resource where you can work through each chapter and incrementally develop a brand that grows your business. You can purchase your copy here:


The first step to create a memorable and consistent brand for your business is to define your brand attributes: the characteristics that your audience sees as an inherent part of your brand.


Think of Apple. Everything that Apple releases, whether it’s a product, commercial, slideshow, or social media post, feels innovative and cutting-edge. Apple stays “on brand” by incorporating those two brand attributes into everything they create, and in turn they attract a loyal audience.



Here’s a simple brainstorming exercise to identify the brand attributes for your business:

  1. Company culture. What type of culture are you aiming to create within your company? Make a list of words to describe your culture and any notable characteristics of your business.
  2. Customer description. Are your ideal clients organized, ambitious, successful, fun-loving, fashion-conscious… or something else? Make another list of positive traits that your target customers share.
  3. Desired emotions. What emotions do you want customers to feel after they use your product? Understood? Relaxed? Protected? Make a separate list of these emotions.
  4. Brand voice. How do you want your company to sound when potential customers read your copy? Make a list of any, and you can even look to other famous companies for inspiration on this one.
  5. Put it together. Now that you have four distinct lists of words, choose one key word from each of your lists. These four words are the main brand attributes of your business.


Once you have your brand attributes, you can work backwards to ensure that every aspect of your website, social media, print materials, colors, fonts, and marketing reflects these attributes.


BrandFix dives deeper into this topic and can help you refine these attributes, analyze your competitors, create user profiles of your target audience, and recommend specific imagery, fonts, colors, design elements, and content ideas to express your powerful new brand.


If you have any questions or feedback, you can reach out to me directly at:


Thanks for reading,
Kady Sandel
CEO and Brand Strategist – Aventive Studio
Author of “BrandFix: A Brand Strategy Guide for Busy Entrepreneurs”

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