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health and wellness branding workbook

You wouldn’t pitch investors without outlining your speech beforehand. You wouldn’t embark on a road trip without a GPS to guide your route.


But when it comes to branding and design, many health & wellness businesses operate without an overarching plan. Let’s change that.


When your business has a strong brand strategy, you can clearly express how your offerings are different from anything else on the market. The moment potential customers see your website, those customers intuitively understand what your company stands for and whether your content and visual designs resonate.


We created this free branding workbook to help health and wellness businesses pinpoint their strengths, scale their customer base, and grow their revenue by developing a brand strategy.

Download your copy here to get started:


You don’t have to squeeze the unique culture, stories, value propositions, and quirks of your business into a cookie-cutter mold for the sake of branding. Branding is all about capturing the essence and story behind your business and communicating those unique elements to your target audience in ways that attract them.


We created this branding workbook to give your company a jump-start on the competition and a peek into how a brand strategy can help your business.

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What does the branding workbook include?

The workbook includes resources and exercises to help you gain clarity on your brand, including:

  • A 5-step process to identify your brand attributes — the key characteristics of your business that your audience sees as an inherent part of your brand.
  • A comprehensive branding checklist that covers everything from target market research to printed promotional materials. Use this checklist to track the exact steps your business needs to take next.
  • A primer on color psychology to help you evaluate whether your current brand colors are attracting or repelling your target audience (and what colors would be more effective!)


Who is the branding workbook for?

Maybe you understand in theory that branding is important for your business, but you don’t know what action steps to take in order to develop a memorable brand. Or maybe you’re thinking about rebranding.


Maybe you have worked with several designers who have helped you with specific elements such as your logo, but you want to move to a more overarching and strategic approach. Maybe you desire a hands-on guide that will help you take action and finally bring your branding to life.


If any of these situations apply, then this workbook is for you.


From pet food to skin care products, from CBD to yoga mats, from vitamins to tea hospitals, from energy drinks to workout wear — if you’re looking to improve your health and wellness company’s branding, then this workbook is for you.


Consider this workbook a step-by-step guide that will help you gain clarity on the core attributes of your business while taking your brand to the next level.


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At Aventive Studio, we help our clients attract more customers and scale their businesses through brand strategy and memorable design. The free workbook is your opportunity to get a taste of our brand strategy process so you can implement these elements into your business today.


Finished the workbook and want to learn more? You can see examples of our past visual design work here or contact us to see how Aventive Studio’s strategy and design team can help you grow your business.


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