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What is Brand Awareness? A Guide for Health and Wellness Businesses

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Brand awareness is an essential element that contributes to the success of any business.

If you are an avid business marketer, you will realize that some people brand themselves as Nike people, Apple people, and many others. This is exactly the power of brand awareness and how much you can achieve in business if you make your existence known to your target audience.

Through brand awareness, you will acquire customers who will always trust your products and services compared to your competitors.

As a health & wellness business owner, you need to find strategies that will enable you to embed your brand into your consumers’ lives. This strategy performs magic since consumers will develop a habit of purchasing products from your brand compared to your competitors in the industry.

Due to the high competition across the health & wellness industry, every business owner is doing everything possible to place their brands in the minds of consumers.

Companies are finding unique ways of getting into consumers’ minds to secure a comprehensive market audience for their products and services. The technical part is that measuring brand awareness is not an easy task since it comes in the form of unstructured data.

This blog post offers more information on how you can measure brand awareness and how to improve it.

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What is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness refers to how familiar your customers are with your business brand.

It is all about your customers recognizing your business and some of the solutions you offer in the form of products and services. Business brands that are popularly known by many people are always trending in the minds of consumers, which increases the number of conversions.

Establishing impeccable brand awareness is essential when marketing your product and services. This is the simplest approach that you can use to promote your business across a specific target market.

The best time to enhance brand awareness is during the early stages of your business to help you create a reliable foundation for future growth. However, at some point, you may realize that brand awareness can be a vague concept.

When you look at this concept keenly, you will realize that this is true. For health & wellness marketers and business owners who like to gauge their success and analyze the strides they have made over the period, brand awareness seems to be a technical aspect to measure.

When doing surveys for brand awareness, it is essential to note that you can measure this concept using the strategies outlined below.

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How to Measure Brand Awareness

Conduct Customer Surveys

Conducting customer surveys is an incredible method that you can put into practice to measure your brand awareness.

The best way to understand how customers perceive the business-branded products you are offering is to go right into the source. You can create and distribute multiple customer services to your ideal customers and across the target market to collect valuable information about your brand.

Even though not all customers have time to fill in the survey questions, you will find it easier to generate some vivid responses that you can use going forward. You can use different methods to supply the survey questions to your customers, such as creating a multi-question survey.

When creating the survey questions, you can include questions about where the customer found your brand at first. When analyzing the survey results responses, you should channel most of your focus where the customer met your brand to enhance popularity.

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Evaluate Website Traffic

Evaluating your website traffic can give you more information about your brand awareness. However, not every segment of your website gives information about this metric.

This means that you need to understand the specific place where information about brand awareness can be accessed. The direct channel in Google will give you more information about the number of people who have typed in your website’s URL.

Monitoring this aspect from time to time will give you a clear picture of the change in brand awareness. This method gives you a clear picture of the number of people who recognize your brand’s URL across your target market.

The information acquired at this point can help you identify the suitable approach to put into practice to determine the best channels to use to enhance your marketing and branding strategies.

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Track the Success of Backlinks

Tracking the number of backlinks that you have been through the organic approach will give you a better picture of your brand awareness. This strategy will also give you access to the information about the backlinks that you have tried to accrue over a given time.

Using these two strategies will give you access to different information about your brand awareness. A drastic increase in the backlinks gained organically showcases an increase in the growth of your brand awareness.

If the results are low without any backlink efforts, it means that there is a drop in brand awareness. This is an indication that your target market has not yet recognized your brand, and there’s something you need to do to enhance your brand recognition.

When you evaluate this information closely, you will realize that you have a problem with your social media marketing strategies or need more SEO efforts.

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Monitor Earned Media Value

The earned media and free media refer to the amount of publicity that your brand gets across different social networks. You can choose to deploy different social tracking tools that will help you to identify the number of times your target audience has mentioned you.

At some point, you can assign different monetary values that will help you to evaluate the number of mentions and engagements that have occurred within a specific duration.

Note that there are multiple tools that can help you with survey analysis by visualizing the data you collect from your dashboard. In addition, you can deploy data visualization to help you translate unstructured data sets in order to make accurate decisions.

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How to Improve Brand Awareness


Regardless of the nature of your target audience, all humans have a lot to benefit from social contacts. There is a lot of value in getting in contact with your target audience and promoting your brand through social media.

The mode in which you connect with your customers tells a lot about the nature of your brand and the products you are offering. If you only connect with your target audience when you’re trying to make sales, your brand will not be known for anything apart from business.

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A brand that exemplifies this idea is the health and wellness company Weight Watchers.

Their business model involves hosting global weekly meetings to provide general health and nutrition coaching, with their social media accounts acting as an extension of these programs by regularly producing and sharing motivational content and success stories told by their own subscribers. This helps to promote natural engagement between the brand and their audience.

To improve your brand awareness, you need to be social with your customers and maintain contact apart from doing business. You can do this by posting content on social media that is not related to the products and services you are offering.

You can interact with your target audience by asking questions, commenting on their posts, and many more. Treat all your social accounts as an individual who wants to maintain contact with friends.

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Offer Additional Value

To build trust with your audience, and help to position your brand as more than just a business, it’s wise to create value beyond the products that you’re selling.

Take Myndstream for example, their revenue stream is generated through the sale of curated wellness playlists for commercial businesses, though they also provide some free health and wellness playlists via their official social media platforms, giving subscribers an attractive reason to follow the brand’s accounts.

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Tell a Narrative

Telling narratives is an incredible tactic to use when you want to enhance your brand awareness. It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to promote your product or doing marketing; all that matters is the nature of your narrative. This is because a narrative gives something real that your target audience can enjoy and connect with.

Creating a narrative that revolves around your business aids in the personalization of your products and services.

A good example of this is the marketing material produced by the sustainable water brand JUST Water. Their USP revolves around limiting the environmental impact of modern business, with this idea supported by the real-world actions of the brand.

By donating time, resources and products to highly publicized and brand-relevant causes such as the Flint, Michigan water crisis, JUST are able to back up their branding with measurable actions to promote a provable narrative that their customer base can support and relate to.

The narrative you create can be about anything, provided that you keep it real. It can be something to do with how you established your brand or the founder of the business. The goal is to help you connect directly with their target market and create a hook that they can rely on.

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Final Word

Brand awareness is a significant aspect that works as the pillar that holds your business development. As a business owner or digital marketer, you need to find a method that will make consumers talk about your brand and stick in their minds.

Once consumers perceive your brand in a positive manner, you stand a better chance to elevate your business to the next level. The process starts with how you interact with their target audience and what connects you with them.

The best time to create reputable brand awareness is during the early stages of your business brand. This will help you create a better environment driven by a particular perception within your consumers. Provided that you find a unique way that will make you stand out from the crowd, consumers will always prefer you over your competitors.

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