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How Wellness Brands Can Connect With Your Digital Audience

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This is a guest post for the Aventive Studio blog written by Erna Clayton.

The most fascinating thing about today’s audiences is that they are more informed than any other group in history. Thanks to modern-day communication channels and hyperactive social media, consumers are now empowered at many levels.


This ability to calculate what’s good for them and awareness about their well-being has created a new market dynamic in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) and wellness industries.


If your business has a digital audience through any online media channels, it brings an excellent opportunity for you and your audience to synchronize and promote interaction.



The Driver of Change

Information regarding personal care, wellness, and nutrition is accessible to people with just a click, and the increasing awareness to make better lifestyle choices is a golden opportunity for relevant brands.


There is a bigger foundational picture that boosts this interest in wellness such as the increasing average age, healthcare costs, lack of health professionals, and rising cases of chronic diseases which have nudged people to take preventive measures.


So how can you, as a wellness brand, capitalize on this market dynamic? The first step is to understand your audience and deliver them tailored content that serves their interests. Not all products can be pitched and sold to every potential customer, which is why you need to use segmentation to stay relevant in the noisy social landscape.


Understanding your audience should be complemented by identifying the purpose of your product. Once you find that balance, your brand can create a funnel of digitized as well as physical products that caters to your potential customers.


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The Roadmap

While there are several methods to optimize branding and marketing, when it comes to the wellness niche, only the most well-carved path should be taken. Brands have a variety of tools and methods to reach their audience – all they need is the correct content strategy to fill the market gap.


By following the contemporary customer journey and factoring for industry-based intricacies, here is a strategic approach that lifestyle and wellness companies can take:


1. Drive Product Awareness by Addressing Needs

This is the first step for every brand in any sector. Especially in the wellness industry, if a product can diagnose or highlight issues before they turn into a condition, then it can target a wider audience.


Think of a fitness tracker that calculates your daily activity requirements based on the data you provide, or the Nurofen Feversmart — a body patch that monitors the body temperature of babies to recommend the next course of action. Your product doesn’t need to be physical: it could be entirely digital or a hybrid of both.


2. Gain Traction by Solving Existing Customer Issues

If your brand is still new in the market, you need to provide upfront value that surpasses what your competitors offer. In the context of wellness products, you can provide an experience that helps your customers develop healthier habits and lifestyles.


You can experiment with hybrid products — for example, a sleep tracking app that works alongside organic supplements to keep a record of your customers’ progress. Highly engaging and end-to-end solutions could become a game-changer. To increase your sales and create brand value, you can maintain an online community and foster word-of-mouth sales from existing customers.



3. Build Loyalty and Relationships

One possible definition of success is when a brand begins to attract customers from its name alone. Once you get to that point, your value proposition isn’t the make-or-break factor – although it remains important. Your wellness business can build ongoing customer loyalty to empower your customers. A product that not only solves health and wellness problems but imparts behavior changes can help you retain customers.


One way of building long-term relationships is to collaborate with experts in other industries. For example, data security in digital products could be a highly beneficial feature for customers. One thing to consider might be collaborating with blockchain companies that could not only help in creating highly secure databases but also pave the way for future health and wellness innovation.


Consumer and wellness brands can sync with your digital audiences by actively approaching their day-to-day lifestyle needs like sleep, nutritional needs, and exercise through products and informational content. You can use compelling storytelling to highlight your brand’s ideology.


The empowerment of shoppers in this field is nothing less than a revolution, and brands can complement this movement for the good of their customers as well as themselves. All you need to do is narrow down the needs of your specific audience and cater to them with the right strategies.


About the Author

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Erna Clayton is a technology enthusiast who loves following and writing about the latest technology trends and innovation. She is fascinated by latest developments in e-Learning apps, Blockchain technology, and automation. In her free time, she loves reading and writing.


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