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How to Define Your Health and Wellness Brand Voice

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The most successful health and wellness businesses share one thing in common: they all have memorable and unique brand personalities.


One way to develop and express a memorable brand personality is through visual designs such as your website, logo design, colors, and fonts. Another important factor that influences your audience’s perception is your brand voice.


Whenever you communicate with your audience through writing or speaking, you showcase your brand voice. By using a consistent voice for your brand, your communications will attract your target customers, resonate with what they want to hear, and motivate them to learn more about your wellness business.


To identify the unique personality traits of your business (including your brand voice!), you can download your copy of our free health and wellness branding mini-workbook here:



What is Brand Voice?

Your brand voice is the way your business sounds to others. The brand voice for your health and wellness business will be reflected the most in the written content for your business which includes your website copy, blog posts, product packaging, social media captions, marketing, and advertising.


You can think of brand voice as the communication style your business uses. Have you noticed that you wouldn’t speak to a corporate investor in the same way you would speak to your little sister? With some people in your life you may speak more formally, while you probably use a more casual tone with others.


In the business world, your wellness brand does not have that level of flexibility to change its tone. Whether someone finds your business online, on TV, on a billboard, or through a friend, your communications always need to sound the same. By defining a clear brand voice, you can ensure that potential customers get an accurate first impression of what your business is like.


Is your brand fun, or is it serious? Is your business luxurious or affordable? Should customers feel energized or relaxed when they read your content? If someone saw your social media post but not your logo, could they tell that the two were coming from the same brand?


When you establish a strong brand voice for your wellness business, your audience will instantly know, recognize, and trust the communications they see from your brand.


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Why Brand Voice Matters for Health and Wellness Businesses

To succeed in the health and wellness industry, you need to stand out from similar businesses and build trust with your audience. A unique and consistent brand voice will help you accomplish both objectives.


Your brand voice needs to be memorable enough to stand out from the crowd and attract your ideal clients to your business – while also repelling the wrong customers away. The bold and colorful skincare brand Drunk Elephant is an example of a strong brand voice in action.


On its website, Drunk Elephant compares skincare products to smoothies. The brand encourages its customers to mix-and-match skincare products the same way they mix-and-match smoothie ingredients depending on what their bodies crave on a given day. To align with this quirky and down-to-earth analogy, the Drunk Elephant website even has a “Smoothie Glossary” page with mix-and-match skincare product pairing ideas.


assortment of smoothies sitting on a table


This fun language accomplishes the goal of attracting ideal customers while repelling the wrong ones. An ideal client might see the bright colors and smoothie analogy and feel welcomed to the brand, while a non-ideal customer may leave the website and look for a business that feels more formal and conventional.


A consistent brand voice also helps you build trust with your ideal customers. As a wellness brand, you are selling transformation. Your customers need to immediately believe that you are dependable and capable of solving their problem.


To gain a trustworthy reputation, everything about your brand needs to look, feel, and sound the same when your ideal clients interact with your brand– which includes your brand voice and written content. Our Ideal Client Blueprint can help you find your target and create content that attracts them to your business:


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How to Define Your Brand Voice

Brand voice is part of the brand strategy process that comes before creating your visuals, colors, and designs.


To be effective, the brand voice for your health and wellness business needs to fit with your overarching brand purpose, mission, value proposition, and target audience – all of which is determined when creating a brand strategy. Your brand voice also needs to be different from the voices of your competitors in order to stand out.


To isolate your brand voice, first complete the brand attributes exercise we provide in our free workbook. Then ask yourself “How does my business want to sound to our ideal customers?”


Do you want to sound relaxed? Knowledgeable? Hip? Snarky? Formal? Affordable? Expensive? Make a list of words that come to mind. You can use an online thesaurus to generate even more words once you think of a few ideas.


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Now, look at the websites of your competitors. What words would you use to describe their brand voices? Do you see any gaps where you can stand out? For example, if a competitor sounds stuffy you could aim to sound more approachable.


Lastly, picture your ideal client. At the end of the day, your copy needs to appeal to your ideal clients the most. You could have an amazing brand voice, but if it doesn’t resonate with your target audience, it won’t help you make sales and grow your following.


What does your ideal client want to hear? What type of voice and communications would make them feel understood by your brand? Your answer will be vastly different if you are targeting 15-year-old boys than if you are targeting moms in their 40s.


Once you have considered your brand attributes, competitors, and ideal client, you can narrow your list of brainstormed ideas down to 1-3 words. Congratulations – you found your brand voice! If you need additional help coming up with ideas, you can take our quick brand personality quiz here:

How to Express Your Brand Voice

Once you have identified your brand voice, you can express it through your website, social media, emails, and content marketing.


Think about what sentence structures align with your brand voice. For example, if your brand voice is blunt, you can keep your sentences short and to the point. If your brand voice is relaxed, you don’t need to clutter your webpages with giant paragraphs of text. If your brand voice is passionate, you have the flexibility to be inspiring, use longer sentences, and add exclamation points.


Once you have a framework for how your writing should sound, go through your existing content and read it out loud. Does it sound like the brand voice you identified? If someone discovered your business today for the first time, what would they think? Note any areas where your business’s content isn’t matching up with your desired voice, and you can either rewrite it yourself or hire someone to help you.




A benefit to establishing a brand voice for your health and wellness business is that it keeps your team on the same page. As your business grows, you will not be the only one writing content – you will hire staff or agencies along the way, and everyone on your team needs to be clear on how your brand sounds to customers.


For example, if your brand voice is supposed to be “fun” but one of your leaders won’t approve the marketing content because it’s “too informal,” that is a disconnect that needs to be addressed so you can apply your brand voice consistently.


Larger companies often maintain brand voice style guides to help their writers stay on track. You can see an example of MailChimp’s style guide here to generate ideas on how make your own.



At Aventive Studio, we help health & wellness businesses create powerful brand identities that attract their ideal customers, express their brand voices, and increase their sales.


Our branding agency can help startups and established businesses in the wellness space with everything from brand strategy and planning to website design, packaging design, logo design, and more. You can find our full suite of services here.


We also have a variety of resources to help you build your own brand, including the Brand Clarity online course and the book BrandFix: A Brand Strategy Guide for Busy Entrepreneurs which was written by our CEO Kady Sandel.


Ready to create an unforgettable brand? Contact us here to chat with our creative director about how we can help your health & wellness business.

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