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8 Self Care Business Ideas You Can Start Today

self care products in a bath

Self-care isn’t just about physical health — it is about mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness as well. It involves taking time for yourself in ways that are both fun and practical.

It can be as simple as going on a walk with your dog or spending time in nature. But it can also be something more substantial like reading a book or taking a class on meditation or tai chi.

Since there is such a wide range of activities that can be categorized as self-care, this industry has a lot of room for new self care products, services, apps, and businesses that can cater to the diverse needs of people. Here are some self care business ideas you can start today.

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candle packaging design on a bathtub rack

#1: Candle Business

Candles are one of the oldest forms of self-care and relaxation. It is a relatively easy craft that can be done by anyone with a passion for candles and an interest in creating their own scents.

In terms of TAM (Total Available Market), candles have a massive potential for sale. They are great for home décor and can be used as gifts for family and friends aside from being a part of somebody’s self-care package. For businesses, candles also make great gifts for customers!

The candle business requires very little initial investment. You can make your candles from all sorts of different perfumes and essential oils in varying shapes and sizes.

All you need is molds, the right ingredients, and candle packaging design that stands out from the competition. And the best part is that the candles you make can be sold everywhere: at your local farmers market, craft fairs, or online stores — plus in major retailers.

We have created an in-depth guide for starting your own candle business which will help you get familiar with its operations a tad better.

woman thinking of self care business ideas in the bathtub

#2: Bath Bomb Business

Bath bombs are another great self care product. This one is a bit more involved than making candles, but if you have some time on your hands and quality ingredients, you can make a successful bath bomb business.

A bath bomb business is a little different than a candle business, in that you must keep in mind that customers will expect something different from each bath bomb because the product category has a different purpose.

People use bath bombs as part of their skincare routine. Since it comes in contact with their skin, the category is governed by a separate set of regulations and laws. Here, scent and color aren’t the only deciding factors in the customers’ purchase decisions, so you need to make sure that you use a reputable supplier and manufacturer.

Once you make them, bath bombs are also very easy to sell. You can create a website or you use Etsy to sell them. You can refer to our guide on how to start a bath bomb business to learn more about this.

#3: Fitness Accessories Business

People want to look good while feeling good about themselves. This is why fitness accessories, such as weights, resistance bands, and yoga mats, are so popular among fitness enthusiasts who want to improve their overall health through exercise!

Even though the market is fairly saturated at the moment, you can still enter it if you have products that are innovative enough.

Looking for examples of wellness & self care branding? View our case studies here to see how Aventive Studio’s designs have helped our clients attract more customers and sell more products.

hand holding supplements over a yellow background

#4: Health Supplement Business

If you are concerned about your health, then the chances are that there are countless other people who would also be interested in improving their health.

The health supplement industry is booming, with millions of Americans purchasing supplements every year. You can get into this market by creating your own line of vitamins or starting your own protein powder business that would appeal to your target market.

#5: Beauty Product Business

Much like the health supplement industry, the beauty product industry is booming. There are many opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to sell their own products.

The wonderful part about this self-care industry segment is that you don’t just have to limit yourself to the usual lipsticks and eye shadows. You can also dabble in makeup brushes and other tools if you can identify a gap in the market.

woman applying skincare product to face

#6: Skincare Product Business

You can’t talk about self-care without skincare. Over the last few years, people have become increasingly conscious of their skin’s needs and are willing to invest in products that cater to their specific needs.

You create your own skincare line by offering products like body lotions, serums, sheet masks, body oils, cleansers as well as facial treatments that people need to maintain healthy skin.

As a skincare business, you can either formulate your own products that will appeal to your target audience or source products from a manufacturer. These are called private labeling and white labeling, respectively. You can learn more about them here.

healthy snack brand charcuterie board

#7: Healthy Snack Business

There is a growing demand for healthier food options and many people want to eat better but don’t know where to start. From granola bars and gluten-free cookies to trail mixes, the sky is the limit when it comes to healthy snacks.

Note that there will always be a market for well-made and delicious healthy snacks but the market is quite saturated. Having said that, consumers do have a desire for healthier lifestyles and they are curious about what they can eat without gaining weight or feeling lethargic after eating their munchies.

So, if you can identify a gap in the market and formulate recipes that will tick their boxes, you can make a place for yourself even in this fiercely competitive category.

The best way to stand out in the snack and CPG industry is to work with a professional branding agency who can develop a brand strategy for your business, then translate your brand into visuals like your healthy snack packaging design, website design, logo, colors, and more.

Contact Aventive Studio here to discuss your branding or rebranding project with our Creative Director.

drinks packaging design example

#8: Healthy Beverage Business

Everybody loves healthy drinks. If people can meet their hydration goals while ensuring whatever they are putting in their bodies is only going to make their health better, they will buy it. You can sell drinks like smoothies, juices, or teas specifically formulated for people who wish to make healthier life choices.

Since taste is just as important, you will need to find a way to make your drinks appeal to your consumers’ palettes besides simply being good for their bodies. This could mean opting for natural sweeteners over sugar and artificial sweeteners or even using herbs and spices like ginger or cardamom that have proven health benefits.

So which of these self care business ideas will you choose? Although it’s a big task, starting your business is just the beginning of having a successful brand. There are other aspects like marketing, sales, packaging design, branding, and sustainable growth that require more attention once you decide to launch your company.

Aventive Studio specializes in branding for health and wellness businesses. We will develop an in-depth brand strategy for you self care business, and then express that strategy through your brand colors, logo design, packaging design, website design, and more.

Contact our team here to discuss your wellness branding project!

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