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Brand Clarity Online Course

Hi everyone. This is Kady Sandel, the CEO and Brand Strategist of Aventive Studio, and I wanted to introduce you to my new online course for entrepreneurs – Brand Clarity.


Back when I was starting my graphic design business, I didn’t know what exactly I needed to do to have a thriving business. I would comb through Google and ask people on Facebook and other social media platforms what I should do, but it was all just too much. I never knew what strategy to use, how to create a plan, or what I really needed. I felt overwhelmed, and then when I did take action I either wouldn’t do it right and it wouldn’t work, or I didn’t even know where to start – how to bring in more clients, be seen as an authority in my field, and actually grow. Can you relate?


When I created a brand strategy for my business (and actually followed it!), I was finally able to identify my target audience, create content and messaging that attracted them, and scale. Since that time, I have helped many entrepreneurs increase their sales through developing brand strategies – and now I want to share that process with you too.


Brand Clarity is a step-by-step program that will teach you all about branding for your business. You will learn what your brand needs in order to attract more clients and grow, and it all starts with developing a strategic plan for your brand!


The steps in the Brand Clarity course are the exact steps that I use with my private clients, and this process has helped them a lot. Since a brand strategy is like a road map, which I explain in the Brand Clarity course, my clients have been able to simply follow the road and not feel like they are guessing what they need to do in order to create a successful business. My clients have built trust with their potential customers, they know exactly how to differentiate their offering from what their competitors offer, they know how to connect their target to their brand – and they have all scaled!


Once you know how to apply the concepts of branding, they will work. The whole point of branding is to position your business, find your audience, get in front of them, and motivate them to buy from you, and that’s exactly what the Brand Clarity online course is about.


I understand that not everyone can afford to work with a branding agency. And I also know that not everyone needs to hire a branding agency (even though I own one). Yes, you do need branding & marketing, you do need to attract clients — but depending on the size and age of your business, you might not need to execute a whole comprehensive brand strategy like Starbucks, Nike, or other big brands do.


So in the Brand Clarity online course, I included only the important concepts that you really need in order to create a memorable and powerful brand that people will love. No fluff! Only the real stuff that will bring you results.


I also included a workbook so you can work on your brand as you listen the lessons, as well as a brand strategy guide (which is the book BrandFix that I wrote and published). And yes, as part of the course you can call me and talk to me 1-2-1 about your brand for free! 😊 I’ll help you directly implement your brand plan into your business. And that’s not all – you will also get a bonus which outlines some marketing elements that you can use to grow your brand as soon as we hang up.


If you’re ready to finally have a successful and growing business and want to learn more about the Brand Clarity online course, you can CLICK HERE now.

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