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Brand Clarity Course

Build your brand, grow your business!

Are you satisfied with your branding?


Do your colors, content, and photos consistently attract your ideal customers and prompt them to buy?


Maybe you see that other businesses have well-defined color schemes, catchy messaging, and raving fans… but when it comes to improving your own brand, you feel stuck and don’t know what to do next.

The secret is to develop a plan on how to grow your business through powerful branding - branding that attracts customers. That plan is called Brand Strategy and in this step-by-step course, you will learn how to create a unique strategy for your brand that skyrockets you past the competition – all under the guidance of a professional brand strategist and designer!


  • You’re overwhelmed by the massive amounts of branding advice online
  • You struggle to explain why customers should choose you over the competition, even though you believe in your offerings
  • You have no firm idea of what your business needs to do next to build a memorable brand
  • You aren’t sure what voice, colors, and images to use when posting on social media
  • You still aren’t 100% sure who your target customer is – even though you’ve done every ideal client exercise under the sun
  • You suspect this lack of brand consistency is costing you sales, followers, and subscribers
  • You want to increase your customers and referrals so you can stop chasing marketing trends and focus on growing your business

What's Included

15 Lessons

Each lesson has a video & slides within the video. Through these lessons you will learn everything from how good branding can impact your business, brand positioning, brand attributes, brand voice & messaging, how to determine your unique value proposition, target profiles, brand goals and more. These lessons will help you clarify your brand and set up your brand plan for success!


The video lessons are supported by a workbook where you can take notes, brainstorm, and apply the video concepts directly to your brand. Each lesson has actionable steps which are outlined in the workbook so you can develop your brand as you listen the lessons. This workbook will become a valuable asset for your business.


The book BrandFix: A Brand Strategy Guide for Busy Entrepreneurs includes real-life examples of successful brands, what they did, how they became leaders in their industry, and why people choose them over others (such as Apple, Starbucks, Nike, etc). This book has 153 pages and is normally available for purchase on Amazon, but all Brand Clarity students receive a free electronic or paperback copy.

Video Call

This one-on-one video call with Kady Sandel, a professional brand strategist, is where you will get confirmation that everything you completed is the best for your business. You will be able to ask questions, go over your workbook, and receive direct input on your next steps in order to attract those clients, create a memorable brand, and grow your business!


Marketing Elements

In this bonus resource you will quickly understand how to tailor your next steps to execute your brand strategy and designs while keeping your ideal client in mind. Now that you understand your brand, knowing how to market will really create lift off. Will videos or blogging best reach your target demographic? Which platforms should you use? And why? The Marketing Elements guide will help you put your strategy into motion.

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6 Monthly Payments of $197

$997 One-Time Payment

Brand Clarity is a step-by-step program that will walk you through how to create a brand strategy at your own pace. Each lesson includes a video and slides, and you can pause each lesson and return to the content at any time. 


To make sure you get the support you need, Brand Clarity includes a branding workbook to help you apply the video lessons to your own business as well as a personal 1 hour video call (valued at $250) with brand strategist Kady Sandel.

Here’s what you’ll learn in each of the 15 lessons:


Brand Strategy Process
Get acquainted with brand strategy and how it will help you scale your business and attract your target customers.


How and Why Is Branding Important for Your Business?
Discover the differences between branding, marketing, and advertising and how each will influence customer perception.



Discover Your Brand’s Purpose, Mission and Vision
Identify the bigger picture behind your brand and learn how to express these ideas in a clear way that inspires your target market to pay attention.



Unique Value Proposition: What Makes Your Business Special
Coming up with content doesn't have to be a struggle! Establish why your products or services are uniquely situated to solve your target audience’s problems and create a message that is consistent and on point.



Identify Your Customers
Learn why it’s exceedingly important to know your ideal client, how to setup your target persona, and what branding elements will attract them to your business the most.



Brand Attributes and Voice: The Personality of Your Brand
Establish the core personality of your business by completing this interactive exercise. You’ll identify how to influence your ideal clients so they see your brand in a way that resonates with your offering.



Stand Out from Your Competitors
Learn how to analyze your competitors to find their weak spots and improve your positioning and messaging accordingly.



Create Your Brand Positioning Statement
Learn how to express your brand so it’s clear how your target will benefit from investing in your product or service.



Brand Goals and Objectives
Identify the practical goals for your brand so you can focus forward, adjust your efforts, and grow your business and audience more quickly.



Brand Alignment
Understand how to rollout your brand based on your business type and brand goals.



Turning Your Brand Strategy into Visuals: Mind Mapping and Brainstorming
Follow the exercises to generate ideas on how to express your brand voice and brand attributes, as well as how to communicate these concepts with your designer.



Visual Branding & Brand Boards: Making A First Impression
Learn how to align your visuals with your brand strategy to establish visual consistency and trust with your target.



Design Psychology: The Meanings of Colors, Shapes, and Placements
Discover how visual elements evoke specific emotions in customers and how a professional designer might express your brand attributes through colors, shapes, and design. 



Logos, Websites, and More: The Must-Have Designs for Your Business
Identify which visual branding elements are “must-haves” to grow your business based on your industry, target market, and brand attributes.



Pulling it All Together
Learn how to move forward and take your brand to the next level using the concepts you learned in the course!


Marketing Elements
Keep this list at your fingertips to generate future ideas and lead you to the next branding steps for your business.

Brand Clarity is for you if you’re an entrepreneur who is trying to improve your business, you don’t know how to separate yourself from the competition, and you are struggling to communicate the value of your business to your potential clients. All that it takes to succeed in this course is the willingness to learn, grow, accept feedback, and take action to improve your branding and grow your brand.


If you’re a business professional who is just launching your company or a startup that seeks clarity and focus, this course will help you set up the right plan for your brand.


Also, if you are a branding agency, marketing company, or freelancer looking for a branding guide for your clients, you can use the framework taught in this course – it’s proven that it works!


After completing this course, you will:

Build trust with potential clients through powerful branding

Know exactly who your target is and what they want to hear & see from you in order to buy

Define why your business is different than all other businesses in the same industry

Know how to apply the concepts of branding that actually bring in more clients

Be able to improve and grow your business!

Gain clarity in messaging for your brand

Know what kind of content to create for your website, social media, and marketing materials

Communicate the value of your brand to your target in an effective way that they understand

Have a well-defined and strategic brand in place so you can focus on scaling your business!

The whole point of Brand Clarity is to show you how to position your business, find your audience, get in front of them, and motivate them to buy from you. That’s how you scale!


Lauren Fischer

Even though I have been an entrepreneur for 3 years, when I started thinking about rebranding my business I didn’t know where to start. Kady is so talented at explaining the brand strategy process in a way that is simple, makes sense, but also produces results. Having the videos, workbook, BrandFix book, and call with Kady all wrapped into one program made me feel like I truly had everything I needed to create a brand. Highly recommend this course.

Petar CV fotka

Mitchell Brady

This course helped me & my team regroup and focus on some core attributes of our business that we hadn’t thought about for awhile because we were just so busy running the day-to-day operations. We got a lot of clarity around who our ideal customer REALLY is, and we were surprised to discover we had been targeting a lot of our marketing to the wrong demographic. Having Kady’s full attention during our one-on-one video call was beyond valuable, and we have already seen an uptick in inquiries since implementing her ideas.

Kady Sandel 2020

Kady Sandel is the CEO & Brand Strategist of Aventive Studio in Austin, Texas and the author of BrandFix: A Brand Strategy Guide for Busy Entrepreneurs.

Kady regularly speaks to business audiences about effective branding and networking strategies, she has been featured in various designer interviews, and she teaches young designers and entrepreneurs about the brand strategy process that she uses with her clients.

Notable engagements:

  • Her book “BrandFix” was the #1 New Release in the Branding & Logo Design category
  • Presenter at Small Business Festival 2019
  • Speaker for The Freelance Conference 2018 at Austin’s Microsoft Headquarters
  • Speaker at Austin Startup Meetup
  • Named 2018 Entrepreneur of the Year by the Austin Business Owners Networking Group
  • Featured in acclaimed Designer Interviews

Kady runs an educational blog at that helps entrepreneurs, startups, and freelancers scale their businesses and companies. On the Aventive Studio blog, readers can find up-to-date informational resources on brand strategy, visual design, content strategy, commonly asked branding questions, and more.

An entrepreneur at heart, Kady is also the founder of MELD Coworking in Austin, Texas.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Your chance for an awesome experience

Grow Your Business Today!

6 Monthly Payments of $197

$997 One-Time Payment