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Internal vs External Branding

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There are two main elements of branding — internal branding and external branding:


Internal Branding

Internal branding is all about brand strategy — it’s the thoughtfulness and planning that goes into everything associated with your brand. Think of internal branding as the “behind the scenes” work that goes into making your brand… a brand!


Internal branding will help your business define what attributes your brand has, what emotions it evokes, what your customer needs are, how to help them solve their problems, and how to position your brand. Companies that take internal branding seriously will have an easier time describing their product/service in a persuasive way, as well as differentiating themselves from competitors.


I created this free branding mini-workbook that shows health & wellness entrepreneurs a simple 5-step process to identify their brand attributes, stand out from the crowd, and make a memorable first impression. Download your copy here:



Since every business is different, sometimes it can be a thin line between what counts as internal and external branding. But overall, internal branding is the strategy and external branding is the content and design.


Here are some common examples of internal branding:

Internal brand elements


External Branding

External branding includes all the elements that people can see such as your logo, social media, brand colors, blog, and print and web design.


Your external branding is like your billboard: it’s what connects your potential customers to your brand, makes them interested, influences their opinion of your brand, and ultimately makes them invest in your products or services. It’s the visual branding and design that makes your customers engaged with, and eventually loyal to, your brand.


If you want to improve your external branding today, your fonts are the perfect place to start! You can click here to learn the 10 best fonts and font pairings for health and wellness brands:


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Your company’s external branding will communicate your internal branding to the public. For example, the colors and typography used in your external branding will be drawn from the emotions and target profiles you indicated during the internal branding process.


Here are some common examples of external branding:

External brand elements

At Aventive Studio, we help health and wellness businesses attract more customers through powerful and strategic branding. Depending on your needs and project scope, our work together may address internal branding, external branding, or a combination of both.


Ready to grow your business and strengthen your brand? Drop us a line here to set up a consultation with our creative director.

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