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Branding increase price starbucks cups

Experience shows that customers expect to pay more for a branded product or services than for an unbranded version. This is because customers recognize, connect, and trust something that has an image, that has a reputation, that looks familiar and real.


Would you expect to pay the same price for random off-brand shoes as you would for Nike shoes? Probably not.


A coffee at Starbucks likely costs more than a generic brand. But if you woke up in a new city and needed to grab a coffee ASAP, which brand would you trust more: Starbucks, or the generic coffee stand across the street?


The same concept applies to your business. Branding helps your business because when you build a brand your audience recognizes and trusts, your customers are more willing to invest in your services.



Brand recognition.


Let’s talk about your brand recognition. Do people know about your company? Do they feel connected to your messaging? Would they recognize your name or logo?


Your business needs to be different, recognizable, and attractive to your target users. Your brand recognition starts with a great logo and memorable colors, but the message you portray in your content is just as important.


An engaging brand will make it easier for you to win referral business. Once you make a positive impression to your buyers, they will talk about their experience with their friends and family who desire to feel the same way. The next time those friends and family hear about your brand, they will remember the original positive impression they had of your company and they already know they can trust you.



Brand positioning.


To get to that point where people trust your brand, you need to set your business apart from your competitors. You can set your company apart and establish a trustworthy reputation by investing in branding.


Consumers choose products and services using emotional as well as rational judgments. A rational judgment sounds like: I need to buy a good carpet cleaner to remove the coffee stain in the corner of my room. An emotional judgment sounds like: I need to stop feeling frustrated by this lingering stain, I want to be happy and I want to solve this problem easily and fast. A branded product would help this customer decide which carpet cleaner to buy.


Branding body wash

Making a decision.


A helpful exercise when figuring out your branding is to think like a customer.  When you see a body wash with no logo on it, versus a body wash with the Nivea logo – what do you buy? Nivea body wash.


That example uses an established brand, but how would that work if you see two products that are “the same” but look different and have different prices?


Let’s go back to shopping for a carpet cleaner. Carpet Cleaner A has no logo, its name is just a block of text, and the bottle says “The Best Carpet Cleaner.”


Carpet Cleaner B has a simple visual logo with an attractive tagline. The bottle clearly explains how to use it, how long it will take to work, what’s in it, and a testimonial that shows it works on coffee stains.


You would almost certainly buy Carpet Cleaner B, even if you had never heard of the company before, because the branding appealed to your emotional and rational judgments.


It’s the same with what you have to offer. People care how they feel while spending money. Your brand needs to make them feel important, satisfied and smart — like they are investing their money in a quality purchase, rather than just spending it. Help your customers realize they are making an investment that they can feel good about!


Is that something your brand does today? Is it that strong? Do people always trust you?



Aventive Studio specializes in connecting your health & wellness brand with target customers and building trust so that you can increase your business revenue. If you have any questions or are interested in, reach out using our contact form. We would love to help design and grow your brand.

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