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Branding for products is very similar to branding for services, and in some cases the strategies are the same. In both cases, you will want to use storytelling, share testimonials and positive reviews, address customer problems and pain points, and focus on the precise solution that your product or service provides.


The main difference is that when you brand your services, you will focus more on telling your story, giving examples, and sharing potential results and testimonials. When you brand a product, you will focus more heavily on the visuals, the presentation, and the feeling you want customers to feel when thinking about (or using!) the product.



Branding Services

When branding your services, your potential customers need to trust you more than if you were selling a product.


Because buyers don’t physically see what they are buying from you, they need to resonate with the story you have for them – so it’s important to make a strong connection with your audience. They need to meet you on a deeper level, to understand what your offering is, how it works, and why it’s perfect for them.


Your audience wants to see what benefits they will receive and stories from your past clients, and because they can’t see the results yet, they need to trust you when you say what the results will be. While working on your brand strategy, keep in mind that people need to connect with you and have a deeper sense of connection and trust.


Branding for services

Branding Products

If your business sells products, your main focus will be on visuals (product photography, fonts, imagery, and visual branding) and how those visuals make people feel. Branding for products can be a little bit easier than branding for services because people can see the results – they physically see what items they will receive.


You can always support your product by talking about your brand, sharing articles, telling stories, and educating customers, but your main focus is on what people see, while branding services is more about creating a trust relationship between you and your target market. If you are branding a product, make sure that your visual design is a top priority.


Whether you sell services or products, your overall process of creating a brand strategy will be similar – in both cases you will want to identify your target market, generate brand attributes, analyze your competitors, and so on (Aventive Studio can also do that for you).


Your strategy will just have a slightly different focus, either on building trust (for services) or on creating beautiful visuals (for products).



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