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4 Simple Steps to Brand Your Health and Wellness Business Online

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The internet offers tremendous opportunities to put your health and wellness brand in front of potential customers. You can start your own website, attract clients on social media, email them offers to make a purchase, and grow your income without needing to jump through hoops.


At the same time, it can be overwhelming to maintain a strong brand for your business online. One action that can help is to determine the personality traits of your brand, also known as your brand attributes. I developed this free workbook to help you discover the brand attributes for your business:



Once you are clear on those core pieces of your brand, it can be easy and fun to express your branding through your online presence. Here are four simple steps to brand your health and wellness business online:


1. Focus on Your Niche

People can buy whatever random things they want on Amazon – so why should they buy from you? If you can answer that question, you can have a successful health and wellness business. The key to setting your brand apart online is to establish your niche.


Think about it: if your face lotion is one of thousands of generic face lotions that anyone can use, why would someone stop to learn more? Why would someone click on your advertisements? If your offerings are too generic, they get lost in the online noise.


Your health and wellness business needs to create a brand that takes a stand and makes your ideal customers say “Wow, that sounds like it was made exactly for me!” To do this, I recommend focusing exclusively on one target customer and being clear about who your business serves.


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Are you a general chiropractor, or are you a pediatric chiropractor whose branding is fun and kid-friendly? Are you one of many replaceable yoga studios, or do you focus on hot yoga and express that through your red and orange brand colors?


SmartyPants Vitamins is a successful health brand that focuses exclusively on serving its target audience of parents. From a branding perspective, SmartyPants Vitamins uses curvy and sans serif fonts which gives the brand a relatable, casual, and playful energy. Its bright and cool jewel tone colors represent wisdom and health with a dash of fun.


When you arrive at the SmartyPants website, there is imagery of happy families and their pets along with ample details about their product safety and scientific board. All of the SmartyPants content around safety, science, and results provides peace of mind to its target customers.


After you establish your niche, you will still run into various situations where someone outside of your niche purchases your product – oftentimes based on referrals or word of mouth. But if you don’t have a niche at all, your brand will fade into the background.


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2. Have a Memorable Logo & Visual Brand

Your logo is more than just an icon to put in the corner of your website – it symbolizes your entire brand. Within a few seconds your logo tells ideal clients what your business is about before they have a chance to read anything.


If the logo for your health and wellness business isn’t helping you attract customers, you can look at our free logo design inspiration guide for some fresh visual branding ideas. Grab your free copy here:



In addition to your logo, the visual brand for your business includes everything potential customers can see. When your business is online, your visuals need to make your potential customers trust you enough to make a purchase. Some visual branding elements your business might need are:


Email Signature

Make sure your business emails are attached to your website domain, and avoid using addresses that end in domains like or which don’t give a professional impression. At the bottom of each email you can include a branded footer with your colors, contact information, and a link to your website and/or social media.


Color Palette

Once you have chosen your brand colors (including hex codes), it’s important to use them across the board when promoting your business online. Different colors have different meanings, so if you haven’t yet decided on your brand colors, this article can help you.



Many entrepreneurs don’t realize this, but there is a psychology behind fonts as well. Certain types of fonts pair well with others and are easy to read, while accent and display fonts can help you stand out in certain instances (but are not designed to be used for paragraphs of text).


Social Media Templates

Even if you’re not a designer, you can make simple social media templates on Canva or purchase templates on Creative Market. You can take a look at how we handle visual branding on our own social media on the Aventive Studio Instagram account.


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3. Create Content

Picture walking into a brick and mortar business, being greeted at the door in a friendly way, and finding yourself in a welcome environment to ask any questions and learn about the business.


When branding your health and wellness business online, your content will serve this same purpose of welcoming potential customers and showing they what your brand is all about.


To create content that converts browsers into buyers, think about your specific niche and ideal client. What types of videos, blog posts, podcasts, and informational resources would genuinely help them?


Some customers might enjoy an FAQ on what to expect the first time they use your services. Some brands thrive on using a snarky or funny brand voice to gain attention. Other brands might choose to feature customer success stories, share tutorials, or provide inspiration to their audience.


To find out what type of content will connect best with your target, you can take our brand personality quiz here:


If your target is struggling with anxiety, you could post an article about 10 famous people who also have anxiety so they feel less alone. If your target wants to lose weight, you could share 2 quick mindset tips to help them eat healthier snacks.


When you create these types of resources for free, you build trust with ideal clients and position your brand as an expert. Before long, they will want to learn more about the ways your business can help them.


Remember that you are always writing content for other humans. Use storytelling, use testimonials, and use faces and details in your posts to connect with your readers on a human level. You can speak with a brand strategist to learn what content ideas will help you attract more customers.


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4. Use Social Media

If you’re relying on online methods to brand your health and wellness business, social media is going to play a role in attracting followers, customers, and sales. Here are a few social media branding tips:



To build brand awareness, your business needs to use the same types of colors, shapes, lines, and messaging in every single post. A brand board is the best tool to help your business maintain this level of brand consistency, along with the templates mentioned previously.


For tips on how to maintain consistency and the unique next branding steps for your business, you can take our quiz here to discover your brand score:


Even if your posts are visually appealing and reflect your brand, it will take some time to grow your audience. One way to speed this up is by engaging with other accounts.


Let’s say you want to grow the Instagram account for your home workout app. You could go to the Instagram page of your top competitor, look at who follows that page (these people are your ideal clients), and leave relevant likes and comments on the posts of those followers. Over time, this will help more potential customers see you and become familiar with your brand.


Keep posting, keep engaging, and keep experimenting with what works, and over time you will get to where you want your business to be.


Paid Advertising

Paid advertising on social media platforms can help you get your brand in front of your target. This is where knowing your ideal client comes into play because if you deliver your social media ads to the wrong people, or to too many people, your message won’t be seen by the potential customers who are actually interested.


To be successful with social media ads, you need to have clarity on your goal. Are you trying to get people to sign up for your email list? Are you trying to nudge your existing audience to make a purchase? When you approach advertising in a strategic way, you can quickly identify which of your efforts are working and which ads you should turn off.


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At Aventive Studio, we help health and wellness businesses develop powerful and strategic brands both online and offline. Whether your business needs a memorable website, a completely new visual brand, a content strategy, or any other branding elements, our specialized team can help you grow your business and attract more customers.


You can learn more about our signature brand strategy process here, or contact us to discuss your brand strategy and design needs.

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