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A Guide for Austin Health and Wellness Entrepreneurs

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Austin, Texas is the “Live Music Capital of the World,” one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the US, and a hub of entrepreneurship and innovation.


One distinctive feature of Austin is that its residents love wellness, fitness, and health. From running on the downtown trails to hiking the greenbelts to stand-up paddle boarding on Lady Bird Lake, Austinites lead active and outdoor-focused lifestyles all year round.


If you’re an entrepreneur in the health and wellness industry, Austin is the perfect place to make a name for your business, attract more customers, and grow your brand. Here is a free mini workbook that will help you express the personality of your health and wellness business:



Below is everything you need to plug into Austin’s health and wellness entrepreneur scene and make the most of what the city has to offer.


What Does the Health and Wellness Industry Include?

The health and wellness industry is a broad multi-trillion dollar industry that continues to grow year after year. Any product or service that helps its customers live a healthier and happier life can fall into this sector.


If you’re wondering whether your business is included in the health and wellness industry, here are some popular examples of health and wellness businesses:


Health and Wellness Products

Tea, coffee, healthy snacks, beauty products, essential oils, supplements, cosmetics, workout wear, pet products, yoga supplies, exercise equipment, healthy beverages, skin care, CBD, herbs, bath and body products, crystals, candles, hair care, subscription boxes, and more.


Health and Wellness Services

Chiropractors, gyms, yoga and fitness studios, nutritionists, coaches, juice bars, coffee and tea shops, hospitals, massage studios, wellness apps, spas, salons, pet care and grooming, specialty grocery stores, healthy restaurants, retreat centers, and more.

The Health and Wellness Industry in Austin

Austin has been repeatedly named one of the top cities for startups and has earned the nickname “Silicon Hills” due to the number of high-tech companies who have made a home in Austin.


Several notable health and wellness businesses got their start in Austin including Whole Foods, EverlyWell, Outdoor Voices, and Sweet Leaf Tea. Whether you’re a startup or an established business, a city like Austin is the perfect place to plug into a thriving network of investors, customers, fellow entrepreneurs, and referral partners.


Although many promotional efforts can now occur online, participating in your local community can give your brand an edge over the competition. Everyone loves supporting their hometown products and services!


In addition to the industry-specific resources below, Austin is home to countless coworking spaces, networking groups, incubators, and conferences that can help you grow your business and your network.


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Health and Wellness Industry Resources in Austin

As an epicenter of health and wellness business innovation, Austin boasts plenty of helpful industry organizations and networking events:


  • Naturally Austin is a prominent local organization that supports natural product brands in Austin. The Naturally Austin community hosts in-person and virtual events for product entrepreneurs, and its offerings include webinars, pitch events, networking opportunities, and more.


  • SKU is a highly-regarded accelerator and mentorship program for CPG brands. If your business is ready to scale, look into applying to SKU! You will be in good company — famous SKU alumni brands include Austin Eastciders, Siete Foods, and Verb.


  • The South By Southwest (SXSW) festival hosts a large annual Wellness Expo in Austin. PALEOfx is another large local conference where health-oriented businesses can network and exhibit.



  • The Healthier Texas Summit connects universities, businesses, and experts who are focused on building healthier communities across Texas.



If your wellness brand’s logo or visual designs feel like they are missing something, grab a copy of our free logo design inspiration ebook here to get inspired again:


How to Stand Out in the Health and Wellness Industry

In a growing and entrepreneurial city like Austin, it’s extremely important for your health and wellness business to stand out from the crowd.


Your ideal clients interact with hundreds of brands every day, and if your colors, messaging, or logo aren’t memorable, they will forget about your offering just as quickly as they learned about it.


Brand positioning is the act of setting your business apart from the competition. When you have a consistent and memorable brand that refuses to blend in with the norm, people will take notice. Fellow entrepreneurs will want to network with you and send referrals your way, and ideal clients will remember your brand and want to be part of what you are creating.


Here are 4 tips to position your health and wellness brand and attract the attention of your target.


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Have a Brand Strategy

A brand is so much more than just a logo or a few matching colors. Your brand encompasses the entire personality and reputation of your business, both to your loyal customers and those who are just hearing about you for the first time.


Your business probably has a business plan that outlines your revenue goals. You can also create a plan for your brand, which is called a brand strategy, that outlines your brand goals, target customer, unique value proposition, visual identity, and so much more.


Without a brand strategy guiding their actions, many entrepreneurs waste money on designs and marketing strategies that they later need to change. By taking the time to develop a brand strategy first, you will already know what colors and messaging to use, how to stand out, and where you should be focusing your marketing.


Here is the best resource for health and wellness entrepreneurs who want to create a brand strategy from beginning to end.


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Know Your Target

When your health and wellness business tries to attract everyone, you end up attracting no one. It’s important to have a clear picture of your ideal client to ensure your branding attracts that one perfect customer to your offerings.


If your kickboxing studio has evening classes, on-site childcare, and kids camps, your target persona is probably a parent. If that’s the case, you should deliberately include photos of parents and families in your marketing rather than trying to appeal to every possible Austinite who enjoys kickboxing.


Another aspect is knowing where your target lives. If you run an in-person business located in South Austin, it wouldn’t make sense to spend your money on a direct mail campaign near The Domain.


Location-based businesses should focus on reaching ideal clients who live nearby through word of mouth, local partnerships, SEO, and location-based targeted advertising campaigns. If you run an online or product-based business that doesn’t require your customers to be local, you have more flexibility to reach them through additional online methods.

Understand Your Competitors

If you have a business, you have competition. This is not a bad thing – it’s just the reality, and the sooner you identify and understand your competitors, the more effectively your business can stand out from them.


Not every business in your sector is your competitor. If you sell hair care products, you are not competing against every other hair care product that’s based in Austin – only the ones that your target customers are most likely to use instead of yours.


Oftentimes, health and wellness entrepreneurs try to compete with big-name brands right away. That is not the best use of your time and energy since those companies already have decades of brand awareness and gigantic marketing budgets behind them.


But if you grow your business step by step and strategically attract target customers along the way, over time you may get big enough to compete against those giant companies in the future.


This book has an entire chapter on how to analyze the visual branding of your competition to make your health and wellness business stand out.


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Stand Out Using Visual Designs

Have you ever bought sunflower seeds at the grocery store? You probably glanced at a few bags that had similar visual designs to each other – brown earthy tones, maybe a picture of a sunflower, maybe a transparent area so you could see the seeds inside. Nothing particularly notable.


Now picture seeing these bags from Austin-based Chinook Seedery in the aisle:


Chinook Seedery product packaging

Image source:


The bright and colorful Chinook Seedery packaging attracts attention because it massively stands out from the competition. Even if you weren’t looking for sunflower seeds, suddenly the idea of flavored sunflower seeds might seem like an interesting and fun snack to put in your shopping cart.


Your health & wellness brand will need to stand out from the competition in order to grow. Once you have taken the time to understand your competitors, you need to purposefully position yourself apart from them using colors, fonts, imagery, packaging (if applicable), and visual designs.


A brand strategist can help your brand determine how to do this in a way that feels authentic, industry-appropriate, and attractive to your target audience.


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Aventive Studio is an Austin-based branding agency that helps health and wellness businesses stand out and reach more customers. From brand strategy and competitive research to stunning logo, website, and packaging design, our team can help you blast through your plateau and attract more customers.


You can see examples of our work here and contact us here to schedule a call with our creative director.


In addition to our brand strategy and visual design services, Aventive Studio has created a variety of resources to help health and wellness businesses attract more customers and grow their businesses:




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