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Does it ever feel like you have an amazing product or service, but no matter how much time you spend on marketing and promotion, many potential customers still aren’t aware of your business or what you offer?


Think of brand awareness as name recognition for your business. For example, even if you have never personally bought yoga pants from Lululemon, you probably know they sell yoga pants because of the high amount of brand awareness they have developed over the years.


If you want to increase brand awareness for your business, your branding, advertising, and marketing efforts will focus on getting your name, logo, and visual identity in front of potential customers over and over again until they recognize your brand.


Here are five successful ways to increase brand awareness for your business:


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1. Partner with influencers.


Think about what other people or businesses your target market might follow online, and then reach out to those influencers to see if they would be willing to share about your brand — whether through a paid advertising agreement or in exchange for free product.


While some influencers are famous on a massive scale, the influencers you work with don’t have to be giant household names. Maybe a local spa would be willing to post a photo of your homemade relaxation candles in exchange for a discount code for their customers – you never know until you ask! Influencer marketing is a great opportunity to exercise your creativity and determine who might be a good ambassador for your product.


The easiest way to find out what partnerships would work best for your brand is to know your brand characteristics. In this FREE mini branding workbook below, you can complete a quick brand attributes exercise that will help you communicate your brand and attract more clients:


2. Be consistent with your social media posting.


Social media can sometimes feel frustrating to entrepreneurs, particularly if it doesn’t seem to lead to sales. It’s important to remember that customers need to see your company an average of 7 times before they make a purchase.


Think about the way a typical person shops: a friend mentions a product or service, we forget about it, then we hear about it a few more times through advertising or word of mouth, then we eventually research the brand but don’t buy yet… then finally we make a purchase. There is a gap between when we hear about a brand and when we buy, and you can keep potential clients interested during that gap through engaging with them on social media.


Even if you haven’t seen success yet, continue to post on social media while keeping your target in mind. If you make a few posts then decide social media simply doesn’t work for you, you are missing an opportunity to build long-term brand awareness and gain referrals.


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3. Create content.


Rather than telling your potential customers that your business can help them, you can show them that your business understands their pain points and can solve their problems by creating content like blog posts, videos, and e-books.


It’s so much easier to motivate someone to make a purchase after they have heard about your brand a few times. Even if people don’t buy from your business immediately after reading your blogs and watching your videos, the more helpful content you create, the more your potential customers will start to recognize your brand as an industry expert.


Keep creating content that genuinely adds value to your target, keep sharing it on platforms where your target hangs out, and over time more and more people will become familiar with your business and what you stand for.


If you feel like you never have enough ideas for creating content, then I suggest you watch this free webinar I created on how to create content for your business. It’s super easy! Here’s where you can get instant access to the content creation webinar – CLICK HERE.


4. Give away free stuff.


While online marketing is important, there is still a huge opportunity to get your logo and business name in front of your potential customers using printed materials and swag.


You can print your business’s logo and branding on nearly any consumer products, from magnets, pens, sticky notes, water bottles, bottle openers, and keychains… to thermometers, glassware, mints, lip balm, and more. The options are truly endless.


Before ordering any printed promotional materials, it’s important to consider what types of products your target customers would appreciate and actively use the most. The more they use these branded products, the more their friends and family will gain awareness of your brand and logo, and you can create a ripple effect of interest and brand awareness from there – so it’s important to give them free things they will actually use.


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5. Collaborate with brands that have a similar target.


If you come across a business that offers different products or services than you but caters to the same target audience, you can build brand awareness by creating a relationship with that company and cross-promoting each other’s offerings.


Cross promotion ideas between two businesses can include offering exclusive discount codes, developing a joint product or gift bundle, or co-sponsoring an in-person event together.


When thinking about how to increase brand awareness and what brands to contact for potential partnerships, it works best if your businesses are around the same size and offer complementary product or services. The synergy between the two brands should feel natural to your customers and like the two offerings clearly go together — such as essential oil businesses collaborating with massage therapists, pillow and mattress brands collaborating with sleep tracking apps, meditation cushion manufacturers partnering with retreat centers, etc.



Brand awareness doesn’t happen immediately – it’s built over time as more people see your content, interact with your business, buy from you, have a great experience, and refer their friends. By following the steps above, you can position your brand for future revenue, name recognition, and success.


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