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3 Essential Branding Strategies for Health and Wellness Brands

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In the health and wellness industry, businesses need strong and recognizable brands to stand out and set themselves apart from the competition. Without a cohesive logo, website, color palette, brand voice, and designs, customers will find it difficult to remember your business.


Maybe they saw an ad for your yoga studio once and were thinking about signing up, but when they tried to Google you, they couldn’t remember anything about your business. Those are the situations you want to avoid because without a memorable brand, that customer will move on to work with one of your competitors instead.


Branding can help your audience make the jump into becoming your paying customers – especially if you focus on their results and give them something to believe in. The first step to developing your brand is to identify your brand attributes – the personality traits of your business!


Our free workbook will show you how to identify your 4 top brand attributes and express them through your visual designs:



Here are three essential branding strategies to help your health and wellness brand attract more customers.


1. A Strong Visual Brand

Your colors, logo, and visual brand identity will be the first thing potential customers notice about your health and wellness business– whether they realize it or not.


Even if your ideal customer is reading the text on your website home page or the ingredient list on your packaging, behind the scenes their brains are processing your visuals and associating certain emotions with your brand. By developing a memorable visual brand, you get to influence what those emotions are. Your visual brand truly has the power to determine their first impression.


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– Colors

The colors of your health and wellness business are extremely important because every color has a psychological meaning. A neon pink and bright orange Pilates studio would give off an entirely different feel than a studio that used muted purples, greens, and neutrals.


– Fonts

Your fonts may not seem that important in the grand scheme of things, but they have a psychological impact on your target. Think of the Tesla logo and how the letters are sleek and angular. Would that typography make sense for a pillow brand? Possibly, but only if it were an extremely high-tech or scientific brand – otherwise it would look too harsh.


To find out the exact font pairings that will help your business grow, download our guide to the best fonts for health and wellness brands here.


white backgroundwith words that say 10 best fonts for health and wellness brands


– Mood Board

A mood board is not exactly part of your final visual brand, but it’s a tool that will help you pick out images for your website, social media, and marketing materials. You can learn how to make a mood board in our blog post here.


– Website

Your website needs to reflect the colors, fonts, imagery, and logo of your brand in order to build trust with your ideal clients.


– Packaging

If you sell a product, your packaging is an area where you can be creative and express your brand attributes! Working with a branding agency can ensure your packaging is attractive and stands out – while also communicating the information you need.


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2. Storytelling

Storytelling helps you humanize your brand. Especially in the health and wellness industry, your product or service is promising a certain transformation or result – that’s why they want it!


If your content hasn’t been resonating with your audience, look at your website and posts to see if you have been focusing on the features or the results of your offer. You want to always focus on results over features.


If you run a healthy prepared meal business, the features of your offer could be:

  • You get 5 meals a week.
  • Meals are delivered to your doorstep on Sunday evenings after 7 PM.
  • You need to live within 10 miles of this zip code.
  • You can go online to see your menu for the week.
  • We have gluten-free and vegetarian options.


These are all great features, and you need to include them somewhere on your website. You can even sprinkle them in your marketing here and there. But do any of these features really grab attention or get anyone’s blood racing? Your features won’t get your audience excited to buy, which is why your features don’t belong in giant text on your home page.



On the other hand, your results are the transformation your customers will receive. It’s the answer to their question “What will I get from this?” For the healthy meal business example, your audience’s results could be:

  • You save precious time in the evenings when you would normally be cooking.
  • You can use that time to play with your kids, build your business, or enjoy your life.
  • You’ll receive delicious home-cooked meals without needing to know how to cook.
  • Relax and let us do the work!
  • No one will complain about dinner because the meals are delicious.
  • Eat nutritiously and lose weight without having to do it alone.


You can also use visuals to enhance your brand storytelling. In this case, you would use website and social media imagery that shows healthy foods and happy people spending time doing what they actually want to do – not cooking and cleaning every night!


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3.  Charitable Cause

The more competitive your industry gets, the more important it is to find ways to set your brand apart. One way to stand out is by partnering with a charitable cause that your audience will relate to. This also signals to customers that you share the same beliefs which will make them more likely to purchase from you.


Let’s say you choose to donate 1% of your profits to an organization that protects the rainforest. Will that action alone get you a huge influx of new eco-savvy buyers? Not exactly.


First you have to tell them about your initiative via a dedicated website page, print it on your label, and so on. Your charitable initiatives won’t magically result in new sales; however, they can tip an ideal client towards supporting your brand over a competitor, especially if they were already considering buying from you.


Wondering about what type of initiative your ideal client would want? Our ideal client blueprint will help you get in their heads and make that decision!


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The cause you choose should be aligned with your brand’s mission and purpose, or there should be a clear connection that resonates with your customers. If you have a local brick-and-mortar business, or your hometown is a big component of your brand, you can fulfill this branding strategy by sponsoring a local youth sports team or having staff volunteer days at a local charity (with photos for social media, of course!).


The skin care brand philosophy gives its products positive names like “renewed hope” “clear days ahead” and “amazing grace.” To align with their brand, the company has a charity initiative called “hope & grace” that supports mental health programs for women and families. The initiative seamlessly fits in with its brand mission, and that level of consistency builds trust.


If you choose to support a charitable cause with your health and wellness business, make sure to tell your audience about it! Sprinkle your efforts throughout your social media posts and create a dedicated page on your website. This will outline your commitment to making the world a better place and help you build an emotional connection with your customers.


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At Aventive Studio, we help health & wellness businesses create powerful brand identities that attract their ideal customers and increase their sales.


Our branding agency can help both startups and established businesses with everything from brand strategy and planning to website design, logo design, packaging design, advertising, marketing, SEO, and more. You can find our full suite of services here.


We also have a variety of resources to help you build your own brand, including the Brand Clarity online course which was specifically designed to help health & wellness entrepreneurs build your own brands. Our CEO Kady Sandel also wrote the book BrandFix: A Brand Strategy Guide for Busy Entrepreneurs to help you use brand strategy principles to attract more customers.


Ready to create an unforgettable brand? Contact us here to chat with our creative director about how we can help your health & wellness business grow.

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