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3 easy branding tips to attract more clients by using brand colors

Within the first few seconds of seeing your visuals and content, your potential customers will make assessments about your brand and decide if they want to keep learning about your offers.


Your business only gets one chance to make this first impression a great one! Even if you haven’t developed a full brand strategy yet, there are several smaller actions your business can take to polish your branding to catch the eye of your ideal clients.


Here are 3 easy branding tricks to help your business attract more customers:


three people at a startup working on branding together on their laptops


1. Position your brand.


Brand positioning is the act of making your business stand out. To separate your brand from the rest, you will need to gain clarity on what makes your offerings unique and irreplaceable and focus on those traits in your visual designs, content, and marketing.


Brand positioning is not about copying your competitors, although it does help to take a look at your competitors and notice any gaps in the industry where your brand could step up as a leader.


For example, if your business sells gluten-free pasta, in order to scale your brand and attract new customers you will need to do more than simply say that your pasta is gluten free. Every grocery store now offers gluten-free versions of food, so the fact that your pasta is gluten-free isn’t enough on its own to differentiate you from the competition.


dry bowtie pasta pieces on top of a background of dry spaghetti


What else makes your products and business different from theirs? Does your branding make the gluten-free lifestyle feel fun again – like something that everyone should try, even if they can eat gluten? Do you make the pasta in a contaminant-free manufacturing facility? Do 90% of your customers swear that they can’t taste the difference?


Once you have identified the specific details of why your offerings are better than anything on the market, you can focus on those traits when promoting your brand.


Not sure what the main attributes of your brand are? I share a simple 5-step process to defining your brand personality in this free branding mini-workbook! Download your copy here:



2. Strengthen your brand impression.


You don’t need to rebuild your entire brand in a day. To use your time effectively, you can start by freshening up the places where customers will discover you and make their first impression.


Here are a few key and immediate areas to focus on if you want to improve your brand:


  • The home page of your website. Make sure all images on the home page are relevant to your brand and evoke the attributes you want people to associate with your business.


  • The sidebar, header, and footer of your website that show up on multiple pages.


  • The 5 pages on your website that have the most traffic. Make sure all of the links work on these pages, and edit the text to make sure it speaks to your target in a relevant way.


  • The link in your Instagram profile. Where does that link lead? Is that still where you want to send potential customers?


  • The “about” and contact information on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, or other social media platforms. Make sure your introductory content and photos, particularly your profile and cover photos, are up to date and reflective of your brand.


  • Any contact information on Google. This tends to be more important for brick and mortar businesses, but if it applies to your business, make sure your contact information, location, and business hours are up to date so new customers can easily find you.


person making a brand strategy on a notebook next to a macbook


3. Create content that establishes you as an expert.


For the most part, the content you create for your business should be directed towards your target market: tips they can use, interesting stories they can relate to, behind-the-scenes peeks at what it’s like to create your products or services, positive testimonials, and so on.


You can also use your content to position yourself or your business as an expert in your field. Here is an example of how I do this: Most of the content I create for Aventive Studio is for business owners. They don’t usually have a graphic design background; rather, they are entrepreneurs who have started businesses and are looking to grow through creating a consistent brand that reflects their business (and attracts customers!).


Most of the articles, courses, and books I create are specifically designed to answer their questions and solve their problems, as you can see from this blog. But I also occasionally sprinkle in some technical content around what goes into a logo design, or I analyze the design choices of famous brands through a brand strategy lens, to show my expertise and demonstrate the level of thoughtfulness and strategy that goes into every design choice that my branding agency makes.


What burning questions from clients and customers could you turn into an ebook, video, or blog post that helps to position you as an expert?


marketing strategy symbol in blue and orange


If you’re overwhelmed by the sea of branding advice online and ready to create a brand with colors, content, and imagery that attracts your ideal customers, I created an incredible new resource to help you grow your business through branding!


The Brand Clarity course is a self-paced online program that teaches entrepreneurs how to create a brand strategy that grows their business. With 15 video lessons, a workbook, a free copy of the book BrandFix: A Brand Strategy Guide for Busy Entrepreneurs, a free marketing bonus, and a personal brand strategy consultation with me, the Brand Clarity course includes everything you need to develop a memorable brand and scale your business.


Get all the details about the Brand Clarity course here.

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