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20 Wellness Business Ideas

This is a guest post for the Aventive Studio blog written by Jessica Kemp.

If you’re an entrepreneur who is looking to break into the wellness industry, there are a lot of different ways to start! The following wellness business ideas are examples of what you could do to promote physical and mental health with your clientele:


Self-Improvement Coach

Bring it back to basics. Let’s call this step one on the health and wellness journey. The challenge for many people is that they don’t know where to start when it comes to making healthy life choices. As a self-improvement coach, this is where you would come in and provide them with direction, motivation, and accountability.


Personal Trainer

Working one-on-one with your clients, as a personal trainer you would provide various workout activities, meal plans, and support.



Organizational Coach

To keep up with the ever-changing world, especially for those who live in bigger cities, many people have started their own companies online. Whether you have children or not, most of us reach this point where our to-do lists become too big to handle.


As an organizational coach you could help create schedules, work on time management, sleep habits, journaling, goal setting, etc.



The possibilities here are endless. You can write about personal fitness, mental health, or even a cookbook. You can write stories for children to get them started on healthy living as well. You could also write about your own personal experiences on any subject and motivate others to reach out for help.


Massage Therapist

This is a great career choice that can be done in-person or via the web. You could create activities that couples could do at home, or massage techniques that they could do on their own (e.g.: hands, feet, shoulders or knees).


woman drinking tea


Dance Class/Dance Studio

Another great physical fitness idea — and this one will make it seem like every day is a party! You could add a dance component into the personal trainer business if you wanted to, or this could be its own separate thing. Online or in-person dancing has a positive impact on your physical health and your mental health.


Personal Chef

I’ve recently learned that this is different than having a private chef who caters to one household. A personal chef creates meals for multiple households based on their specific requests.


As a personal chef you could create multiple meals, package them, and then deliver them to your clients. Depending on how big your clientele list is, you could also hire someone to do the deliveries for you.

Selling Products

Many companies hire online sales associates to sell their products, and some people use this as an opportunity to create their own businesses. Companies like Isagenix and It Works! have a wide range of supplements, coffees, and other products to sell.


You often receive your own website link, your customers buy right from the website, and you get paid right into your bank account or via PayPal.


Create a Product

If you have a few creative bones in your body you might consider making your own healthy product. You can make a piece of workout equipment or something that could help people who suffer from various mental health issues.


Fitness App

Just like the example above, if you are a creative person you could create a fitness app or any health and wellness app for that matter. Some people love meditation for falling asleep to soft music. Others enjoy watching workout videos on their phones, so you have a lot to work with.


ideal client blueprint


Online Wellness Brand

Be bold and create a whole online persona around health and wellness. You can combine it with other ideas from this article and create a whole company from it. You can be a health and wellness ambassador and track your own journey on social media.



Mental health often gets overlooked when the topic of health and wellness gets brought up. We seem to put mental health on the back burner, when in fact it is arguably the core of everything concerning health. Journals are amazing therapeutic tools used by many people. You could create your own and sell it in bookstores, through a website, or through Amazon.


Book Collaboration

There’s no “I” in team, so why not grab a bunch of friends or connect with others through social media to jointly write a book. Everyone could write a chapter on a different part of health and wellness, and you all get to share the profits.


brandfix branding book


Fitness Blogger

Keep on writing! Start a blog and write as much or as little as you want. Search Pinterest or Google for “how to start a blog” or “how to monetize your blog”.


Start a Podcast

Do you love to talk? Then this business would be great for you because you can talk to all kinds of people, have special guests, and take on advertisements to generate some income.



This is a great way for people to release their emotions in a safe environment, and we have seen an increase in ways for people to reach out for help. Counselors can now be reached via phone, email, text and video chat.


Yoga Instructor

Yoga is another great way for people to work on both their physical and mental health.


online branding course


Illustrate a Coloring Book

Here’s another one for all those creative souls out there. Design your own coloring book for adults, children, or both!


Digital Course

Technology is easily the best way to distribute information worldwide. You can use this to your advantage and create a wellness course, such as a fitness course, and publish it online. Create you course content, similar to how online school classes would.


Children’s Programming

The majority of the above examples can be modified to fit the needs of children, and their health is just as important as adults.


My one major suggestion for this one would be to do extensive research when doing anything involving children, especially online. You will most likely be marketing to their parents since they are unable to purchase things on their own.


Whatever path you choose to take in the wellness industry, there is no doubt you will help many people.

About the Author

jessica kemp headshot

Jessica Kemp is a 31-year-old up-and-coming children’s author with her first book set to release in the fall of 2020. A graduate of the Child and Youth Care program at Ryerson University, she worked for many years in childcare before pursuing her passion as a writer. Jessica now works freelance as a copywriter & editor while self-publishing her children’s books and branding herself as “The Jessi K Adventures.” Connect with Jessica on Instagram at @iamjessi.k or on Facebook at The Jessi K Adventures.


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