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What is Content Strategy and Why Does Your Business Need It?

Content Strategy

Content strategy is a strategy that includes planning, developing and managing all the content your business has or should have. Content can be in writing, photos, videos and other media. Getting the right content in front of the right people at the right time is what will make your business successful.


Through strategic planning you can have the right headlines, website copy, and social media posts so that people are engaged and attracted so they feel like you communicate exactly to them, and they feel connected, trustful and they buy your services or product.


When it comes to content strategy for your business, the overarching goal of your content is always to lead to a purchase.  (Unless, you have a hobby and not a business and you don’t need nor want money).


However, you need content for your website so that people can purchase what you offer, you need content for your social media so you can build brand awareness and eventually make people invest in your brand or business.


But, to make it easier, yes, you can cut that goal into pieces such as: I need to generate more leads (and then I will have more purchases), I need to attract past customers (so they will purchase something new), I need better SEO (so people can purchase from me).  You need to develop a plan on how your content will lead to people making an investment in your business.



Choosing the Format of Your Content

Once you have your goal, you can think about what types of content are going to be the most attractive to your target customers. When we talk about content strategy in business, there are many different types of content you can choose from — including:


  • Blog posts and written articles
  • Social media posts (You have a variety of social media platforms to choose from!)
  • Pre-recorded videos
  • Live videos
  • Podcasts
  • Infographics


Get into your ideal client’s head and lifestyle for a minute. What formats of content do you think they prefer? Would they rather read a blog or watch a video? Do they like to listen to podcasts on their commute? Or do they prefer information presented visually, like in a graph or infographic? That will be a part of your content strategy so you can create content for the right platform.




Your content is basically included in all sphere of your business. At the very beginning stages of your company, your content starts with a business plan, mission, and vision statement, then it goes through the brand strategy, and all the way to taglines, headers, texts to even your website structure itself.


Your content and brand voice can dictate the website design as well. Your website, flyers, and print or digital marketing materials will visually depend on how much content you have and what kind of content you have.


Your website could have two or five pages based on how much content you have, based on how much your target needs to know about your company, and based on the nature of your business. The size and design of your flyers will depend on how much text you have and how many images you want to use. It’s that simple.


To know what type of content your target customers will love, you can take this short quiz! Your results will include your unique brand personality as well as how you can express that personality to ideal clients using content and visual designs:



Tying Content to Your Marketing

Content strategy is also part of your marketing strategy. If your target is using social media platforms, you will want to make sure your content is showing up on those same platforms where they can see it.


Isn’t it easier to know every time what and when to post or how to promote, on which platform then trying to figure that out over and over again once you are already having a blank post field in front of you? On those pages you need to be quick, direct and offer a value they immediately resonate with your target.


People do not have time to think about your posts, nor to read every word of them while scrolling on their phone, so your message needs to be short, clear, powerful, and consistent.  Without the strategy you cannot have all the inspiration for it every time. Also, without the strategy you might not use the right words – the words that resonate with your target audience.


The most important thing is to keep your content relevant to your target market and make it consistent. That way people resonate and remember you. Use your product or services and come back. Feel satisfied and want their friends and family to feel that way – they recommend you and help you scale your business.




Are you ready to give your content a boost and deliver value straight to the heart of your potential customers?

Contact us and let’s chat about how Aventive Studio can help scale your business through a powerful and methodical content strategy.

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