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Holiday branding

Thermostats are dropping, and the shelves that recently displayed pumpkin-flavored everything are transitioning into visions of eggnog, hot cocoa, and reindeer. Cities are stringing up lights, and families are scrambling to finalize their travel plans for the end of the year.

The time has come: it’s the holiday season.


Is your business ready for the rush of consumers who are shopping for gifts throughout November and December? Here are 3 creative branding and marketing ideas to help your wellness product brand stand out from the competition and make more sales during the holiday shopping season.



1. Branding Idea: Adjust Your Target

The target market for your health and wellness product will largely stay the same over time (we describe why in this blog post).


However, in November and December many people are shopping for gifts for their loved ones, so it makes sense to shift your content and messaging towards the people who will be buying gifts for your target.


For example: Let’s say your company sells yoga mats and accessories, and your target customer persona is a 25-year old woman named Michelle who has a studio apartment in Miami.


Michelle’s partner, parents, coworkers, and friends may have a general idea that she likes yoga, but if they aren’t personally familiar with the yoga industry or what kind of gifts Michelle might like, it’s your company’s job to show them what Michelle wants through your branding and marketing.


You can do this by adding a secondary brand color to your visuals that attracts your new target or by using holiday imagery of sparkling lights, people wearing hats, families, people who look excited to be opening a gift, and so on.


Gaiam is a wellness brand that effectively tailors its branding and messaging during the holiday season. Here is an example of the very first image that users see on the Gaiam homepage:


Gaiam homepage

Image source:


When website visitors click on that image, they are led to a page of Gaiam’s “Gift Guides” where the company’s products are separated into categories like “Gifts for Her,” “Gifts for Him,” “Gifts for Kids,” and so on, each guide with its own set of product recommendations. This makes it incredibly easy for someone to stumble onto the site, even if they don’t fit the traditional target market profile, and use the guides to find a gift that is appealing and within their budget.


Your business can do something similar by sprucing up the home page of your website during the holiday season and adding seasonal content. Consider changing the messaging for your business and using phrases like “Surprise her!” “The perfect gift for the ones you love,” “Holiday Gift Guide,” and “Stocking Stuffers” that grab the attention of potential customers who are looking for gift ideas.


One more way to get your business ready for the holidays is to evaluate the navigation of your current website and ask yourself: How can I make it easier and more appealing for people to buy products in just a few clicks?


Your loyal customers might be okay with creating a login and password on your website in order to make a purchase, but someone who is simply buying a gift might see that process as a barrier and shop with one of your competitors who offers a less complicated buying experience instead. These small changes can make a big difference and affect your sales.


Another action to boost your sales is to discover your brand personality! Take our short quiz to learn your brand archetype and receive personalized ideas on how your health & wellness brand can connect with your audience:


2. Marketing Idea: Stocking Stuffers and Collaborations


One way to motivate purchasing from first-time buyers, gift shoppers, or even your regular customers who are looking for presents for their friends is to promote new product lines specifically designed for the holiday season.


“Stocking stuffers” are a strategic way to introduce new potential customers to your brand in an affordable way. DevaCurl, a haircare brand for women with curly hair, promotes its 4-piece mini gifts as stocking stuffers before Christmas:


DevaCurl Stocking Stuffer

Image source:


If someone with curly hair receives that DevaCurl hair product mini-pack as a gift, has never tried DevaCurl before, and falls in love with the products and brand, she may become a long-term customer once her initial samples run out.


If your business sells luxury candles, you could create a new combination pack of four small votive candles that are beautifully wrapped and ready to be given to a mother-in-law or teacher as a gift. If your business sells hemp-infused body lotions and bath products, think about what product combinations would be perfect for a Secret Santa gift and package, price, and market that new offer accordingly.


Additionally, the holiday season is an excellent time to partner with another brand to release a joint holiday offer. By cross-promoting your products with similar businesses, you can build brand awareness and get your offerings in front of new customers who haven’t heard of you yet.


What if our two examples from above, the luxury candle company and the hemp-infused bodycare company, teamed up to create a gift basket that included four votives, a bath bomb, and a face mask? They could market it as a “bath in a box,” promote it to their respective audiences, and reach a larger pool of potential customers than either brand could have done alone.


Think about companies that serve the same target market as you, either locally or online, and reach out to them to pitch a collaboration. This is more effective if you already have personal relationships with other brands, so I recommend building your network in advance of the holiday season.


Other collaboration ideas include splitting a booth at a pop-up market, including each other’s coupon codes in your product shipments, or sharing each other’s products on social media for an agreed-upon number of times. But before agreeing to a collaboration, make sure the other company has a similar target customer as you do.


We created this free mini-workbook to help health & wellness businesses clarify your brand! Download your workbook here to discover your brand attributes and learn how to use them to attract more customers:


3. Branding and Marketing Idea: Change Your Colors, Scents, and Flavors


Have you ever bought a drink at Starbucks in December? Chances are, your cup didn’t look the same as it does the rest of the year:  Starbucks famously changes its branding before the holidays to include festive colors and patterns on all of its cups, and this has become a cultural event that customers look forward to.


Starbucks Holiday Cups

Image source:


Maybe your business isn’t an international coffee shop chain, but you can work with a designer to add seasonal flair to your product labels, shopping bags, and packaging. This is your business, and the holidays are a perfect moment to be creative and be memorable when communicating with your customers. Even including a receipt that is decorated with candy canes and snowmen can bring a smile to your customers’ faces and leave a positive impression for your brand.


The skincare company philosophy is a great example of a wellness brand that comes up with new seasonal scents and designs for the holidays. Philosophy releases limited-edition products with winter flavors like “Sugar Plum Fairy,” “Candy Cane,” “Snow Angel,” “Spiced Eggnog,” and more that are attractive to both their loyal customers and new shoppers who just need a visually-appealing gift.


Philosophy Instagram

Image source:


Could you make a peppermint-scented version of your product? Or could you create a new limited-edition design or flavor that your customers learn to look forward to every year? There are so many seasonal ideas that can inspire you, from fresh-baked cookies to hot chocolate, to twinkling lights and playing in the snow, to pine trees and skiing, to Christmas and Hanukkah and other holidays.


The options are nearly endless, but it does take planning, strategy, and a bit of experimentation to discover what holiday branding ideas truly click with your ideal customers. Don’t be afraid to try new things and have fun, and in January you can switch your branding and marketing efforts back to your original plan.


pink salt packaging


At Aventive Studio, we can help your business create a brand strategy for the holiday season and beyond. From full-service branding packages to professional website design, to packaging design and more, our branding agency helps health and wellness product companies scale their businesses and reach their ideal customers through branding.

Contact us here to schedule a call with our creative team and learn how Aventive Studio can help your business stand out from the competition.

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