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How to Start Your Wellness Business and What to Focus On at the Beginning

Starting any company is a big step in a person’s life. Financial issues aside, governing a business, expanding it, and keeping it on a good trajectory will require you to be diligent, committed, and able to think on your feet.


The wellness industry, fortunately, offers dozens of opportunities, whether it be teaching yoga, running a nutrition blog, or manufacturing personal care products. To start and run a successful wellness business, you’ll need to find a niche that suits you, brand your products and services, and put your business on the map.


Today we’ll help you learn more about each of these elements, so let’s start!

Choosing the Right Branch of the Wellness Industry

In essence, you should pick a branch that you have some experience with. You don’t necessarily need to have any job experience in yoga or nutrition, to begin with. It would be enough if you’re at least acquainted with the basics.


Even if you’ve set your mind on a particular field, research other opportunities. For instance, the learning curve that follows manufacturing personal care products is much steeper than running a nutrition blog.


You should also consider the assets you currently have. If you have a vacant building at your disposal, your expenses as a yoga instructor will be minimal. Consider the connections you have in the industry (or tied industries), and use whatever favors you can – ask a friend to build you a website, scan the content, or do basic search engine optimization.

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Focus on Elementary-Level Branding

Branding is a long-term process that can’t be rushed. However, the way you should go about creating your brand largely depends on the type of company/service you’ve decided to run. Blog-oriented wellness firms rely on website traffic (quantity) while services and firms creating unique products should focus on loyal, returning customers (quality).


As a new wellness company on the block, your primary focus should be establishing a small circle of trusted customers that will eventually spread the word. One of the more popular trends that are currently dominating all markets is for new firms to have websites even before officially launching their companies and products.

You should focus on getting a website online for several reasons:

  1. Your future marketing strategies can be implemented on a shorter notice
  2. Your website will enter Google’s search engine faster
  3. People may ‘stumble’ on your website and return later


That being said, you don’t need to overly invest in branding from the very beginning. Set up the basics and gradually work on them when your time and budget permit. After launching your wellness business, you will eventually shift your focus on marketing and invest more effort into branding when you’ve finalized and refined your products and services.


Branding becomes much easier when your company has a team. Fresh companies typically have limited personnel that will probably be needed elsewhere (content/product quality improvement, searching for leads, marketing).

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Spread the Word

Again, your new wellness company is probably understaffed and running on a tight budget, so you will have to determine how much money you will want to spend on your first marketing ventures and campaigns.


With limited resources, you should opt for basic marketing solutions, such as social media advertising, leaflets, and an occasional feature on a reputable website. It’s even more important to provide people with access to the information they need regarding your company, services, and products.


You can engage low-tier PR companies to create and distribute press papers about your company without spending too much money, host ‘open door’ events with basic catering, or simply invite some friends, who will hopefully bring more friends over and tell them about your firm.


Social media marketing and management will suffice for the very start. After augmenting your marketing team, you should begin with web scraping, giveaways, free lessons, and focus more on interactive content (YouTube commercials, targeted ads, and such).

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Product/Service Quality

Given the fact that the wellness industry has much stricter regulations than most, you may want to get a certificate stamped on your products (or on your website). Yoga instructors and nutritionists typically attend Health and Wellness Coaching courses and later receive certificates; official certifications cost more and will require days of your time, so you can settle for the former for the time being.


Ultimately, the best marketing is a high-quality service/product, so investing in this field is always beneficial. Take classes to improve your knowledge, attend seminars and webinars, and try to set some money aside for better equipment, especially if you’re into manufacturing.


Fitness and yoga coaches generally need spacious halls for training sessions, so consider the following factors when searching for appropriate places:

  1. Rent – the closer you are to the densely populated districts, the higher it will be, but you will also have a better chance of attracting more customers
  2. Location – being near campuses, universities, and schools is optimal while industrial districts should be avoided
  3. Maintenance costs – damp basements are much harder and costlier to maintain, but they usually have lower rent

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Build a team

The more people you have in your organization, the better your odds will be in all aspects. Since your wellness company is new, you shouldn’t rush with team building; staff your product/service quality department first, then focus on marketing and finally branding.


Fortunately, this is one of the best times to start a wellness company as far as staff augmentation is of concern, as nearshore onboarding is both easier and more affordable than ever. Until recently, most companies were almost ‘forced’ to employ local experts since the world didn’t have such advanced communication technology. Now, you can find eager professionals in almost any country at more sustainable prices.


As your team grows, so will your expenses, but you will also receive the benefit of higher potential income. Nutritionists and yoga instructors don’t need dozens of employees manning the equipment as wellness manufacturers do, but they still need marketing and branding experts.


We hope that this brief guide was useful to you and that you have learned something new today on how to start your wellness business and what to focus on at the beginning. Make sure you are staying safe in these times we are all going through and have a good one, guys!

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