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This is a guest post for the Aventive Studio blog written by Erna Clayton.

With technology, it has become easy to stay in touch with your loved ones no matter how far away they are. Indeed, telemedicine is now one of the most common ways of taking care of your health, even when you’re far away from a medical center.


With remote health and wellness management tools, you can maximize the benefits of telemedicine. For example, you can provide better health management and reduce traveling costs even when your telehealth services are available only as a virtual office.


In today’s world, more and more people are turning to online healthcare tools to keep track of their health and wellness. As a marketer, you need to know how to market these tools in a way that will convert leads and customers for your business. This blog will delve into some of the best marketing ideas for online healthcare and wellness management tools.



Keep In Touch with Clients Through Email

It’s not easy to come up with enough content for email and social media marketing! It’s difficult enough to keep up with a monthly newsletter, but add blogging, reviews, and social media, and it can feel impossible to keep up. Hiring a third-party content creator may help, but it won’t completely solve your issue. You’ll still need to create email templates, manage a database, and schedule frequent mailings.


Email is the most efficient way to remain in touch with clients, but it’s time-consuming. Clean data, personalized content, and automated software are all advantages of email automation. If you create a continuous and properly-produced email presence, you can remain on top of the mind of your past clients and prospects.


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Evaluate Your Audience

In your healthcare digital marketing strategy, it’s critical to understand who you’re aiming to target. Specific populations choose different forms of health care, and you should understand these subtleties to understand the requirements of your customers.


You can even make smarter design choices when it comes to this information. The older the group, for example, the more conservative visuals they would like to see. Similarly, audiences with a majority of one gender will indicate a preference for certain visuals and color palettes.


Create a Press Kit

A press kit is the most comprehensive and well-organized source of information about your product that journalists and the press can access. Make sure no essentials are missing from this kit before working on your press kit. Among them are:

  • Your stories
  • Facts about the company
  • Large photos of your logo, branding, and product with excellent resolution
  • Your team members
  • Press releases
  • Data on your social media and other audiences
  • Quotes

Your press kit is a helpful source of information about your wellness product that you can make accessible to anybody who asks for it—an essential component of your medical marketing and media efforts.



Gather the Necessary Resources

People will start asking usability questions throughout their onboarding process as soon as your product enters the market. The user may miss certain details because they are confusing, under explained, or just missed.


You must be prepared to answer another item on our healthcare marketing checklist by promptly and thoroughly responding to these inquiries. When your website is flooded with traffic during the first month, make sure you have all of the necessary support capacity.



The healthcare industry’s tendencies make this quite clear. When customers are provided with the chance to test mobile applications, novelty is critical to their decision-making process.


This is why incorporating a cutting-edge piece of technology in your application is beneficial which could include voice assistants, support for the Internet of Things, or even helpful geolocation features. By including these qualities into your one-of-a-kind product, you may significantly increase your adoption rate.


woman using a wellness app


Keep an Eye Out for Online Reviews

How do you locate a new acupuncturist or massage therapist? You inquire with a colleague. If you aren’t able to contact someone, you may consult Google. And where is a Google search going to take you? To reviews found online.


If you aren’t monitoring your TripAdvisor, Yelp, or Google reviews, than you’re losing out on significant chances to develop connections with your customers, understand what they’re excited about, and identify areas for improvement in your services.


Reviews on the internet don’t have to be frightening. Rather than ignoring review sites, take control of your online reputation by claiming your profiles, being attentive, and soliciting positive reviews from delighted customers.


Maintain A Simple Website

While your app may be entirely mobile, your website is critical for promoting new apps. Make sure that consumers get exactly what they need to learn about your product when they arrive with the most simplicity possible. Clarify and answer frequently asked questions directly on your website, and analyze user behavior to determine common navigation errors and make improvements.


ideal client blueprint


Create a Video Intro

A video tutorial on how to use your app will be much more successful than written instructions. There is little doubt that video outreach is far more successful than simple text!


Similar to how multimedia advertising is more successful than text advertisements, as part of your healthcare content marketing strategy, your website intro video will likely generate more leads than anything else. Describe your platform and demonstrate how simple it is to use. This simple feature can significantly increase your lead generation.


Use PPC Campaigns

People don’t just trust Google with simple purchases – they also use Google to search for health-related items and concerns. As a result, sponsored advertising is used in some of the most successful healthcare marketing initiatives. Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a great way to increase your search engine visibility.


Google provides you with various healthcare advertising options, including paid search re1sults above organic search results. Furthermore, as part of your healthcare marketing initiatives, PPC gives you access to precise targeting tools that help you reach the exact audience you’re searching for.


You can utilize geographic-based targeting and even pay for sponsored spots on Google Maps for medical practice marketing if you manage a medical institution.



Health and wellness marketing ideas should include maintaining contact with customers to promote repeat business and recommendations. Mobile, email, and social media marketing are all important components of a well-balanced strategy.


About the Author

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Erna Clayton is a technology enthusiast who loves following and writing about the latest technology trends and innovation. She is fascinated by latest developments in e-Learning apps, Blockchain technology, and automation. In her free time, she loves reading and writing.

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