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How to Sell More Self Care Products

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It is no secret that the beauty and wellness industries are booming right now. And while some of this can be attributed to millennials’ overall health and wellness obsession, it has a lot more to do with the fact that people are finally starting to prioritize self care.


So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the self care industry is sitting at $450 billion per year, all thanks to the sudden change in people’s definition of “me time” and “pamper sessions.”


Evidently, there is a market for you. The only problem is that more than 50% of a business’s prospects are not a good fit for what they are selling. So, you must be proactive in not only marketing your products the right way but also to the right people.


Aventive Studio can help your self care product brand reach the right people and boost your sales with a memorable brand strategy, packaging design, visual identity, logo, and more. Learn about our signature wellness branding services here.

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What Are Self Care Products?

Self care products are products that help you take care of yourself. The use of these products is not limited to a specific age group or gender – they are designed for anyone who wants to improve their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.


Self care products can be anything: ranging from dietary supplements like vitamins and minerals to pain relief medication, toiletries like shampoo and soap, sheet masks, candles, oil diffusers, feminine care products like sanitary pads and menstrual cups, anti-aging creams, bath bombs, essential oils, cosmetics for both men and women, or even a self care subscription box.


For examples of successful self care branding projects, view case studies from our past clients here.

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5 Ways to Sell More Self Care Products

IRI Worldwide mined data from 350 million consumers to help marketers and businesses across the world personalize their brand messaging and grow their market share. Based on this study, we have come up with a few ways that are guaranteed to help you sell more self care products to scale your business in any climate. Let’s dive in.


Cater to the Advice Seekers

According to IRI Worldwide’s report, Advice Seekers make up the biggest consumer segment at 18% of the self care market.


This is the group of consumers that are always looking to learn more about a product category and “seeking constant reassurance from health professionals.” If you want to sell more wellness products, this is the segment you need to appeal to.


What does this mean? Quite simply, to sell self care products effectively, you will need to be knowledgeable about the category. You can’t just be a seller of self care products; your brand will need to be able to speak intelligently about various ingredients, benefits, and even potential side effects.


In other words, you need to position yourself as an expert in the industry to ensure that once people are done taking advice from you, they will head over to your store and buy from you.


If you’re ready for your self care company to be seen as an expert, set up a call with our Creative Director here. We would love to speak with you about how Aventive Studio can create a visual brand that grows your business!

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Be Upfront About Your Ingredients

It is important to be clear and truthful with your customers when speaking about the ingredients in your products. You should show that you know what they do, rather than just throwing around too many scientific words and hoping it sounds convincing. Or worse, hide your complete ingredient list and give your consumers only parts of it.


Case in point: An Indian brand, Mamaearth faced a sudden wave of backlash during the pandemic when some of the biggest influencers in India, who had once worked with the brand, started publishing content against them.


After enjoying a couple of years in the limelight through influencer marketing, the brand had to deal with a ton of negative PR when their network of influencers began to tell their followers about how Mamaearth had refused to share their products’ complete ingredient lists with them. 


What followed for the brand was plummeting credibility and they were left building their influencer network from scratch.


The ability to trust a self care brand is a huge part of why people choose to buy from them — and if you keep that trust strong by being truthful about your products’ abilities, it will pay off for years down the line! Customers appreciate the honesty and transparency of this more humble, straightforward approach.


If you are unsure about how to sell your ingredients, consider connecting the ingredients to some of the benefits they provide.


For example, instead of saying “Our product contains aloe vera,” say “Our product contains aloe vera which soothes skin irritation.” Follow the feature by a benefit immediately to make your consumers instantly care about your products.

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Promote Gift Sets for Personal Use

Gift sets contain a number of different products, and promoting them for personal use will allow people to try more products from your brand at once. This will help your consumers decide if they would like to buy more of those products in the future or purchase different versions of them for gifting purposes.


In addition, you could even present your self care products as part of a larger collection, such as a night routine or stress relief set. This will provide you with additional opportunities to promote your products while showing how certain products from your line fit together with others to improve your consumers’ health or well-being.

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Use Video Testimonials to Increase Credibility by up to 90%

Your customers are only human, which means they are going to be looking for reassurance that they can trust you and your products. One way to get this is by taking advantage of the power of social proof.


Social proof is a psychological phenomenon, which states that people tend to do what others do because of the perceived wisdom of crowds. There’s some evidence that testimonials may be ‘social proofing’ at its best: 93% of consumers read reviews before buying a product, and 59% seek advice from family and friends when making a purchase decision!


One way you can use social proof to sell more self care products is through video testimonials. A study by Forbes found that video testimonials are preferred over text-only testimonials, with nearly 64 percent of consumers feeling more comfortable purchasing after watching a video review.


What’s more, you don’t have to spend a fortune on fancy cameras — all you need is an HD smartphone and some decent lighting! Remember that videos don’t have to be perfect; they just have to be genuine. Your audience will still prefer them over text-only testimonials.

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Leverage Numbers to Engage Your Customers

The persuasive power of numbers is something many marketers can relate to. In fact, it is an approach they take to market any product on any platform. A compelling number can drive sales and build brand loyalty because the research is clear: Statistics play a big role in consumer decision-making.


Consumers listen for certain qualities when deciding what product to buy — features, durability, performance, and so on — but they also pay attention to the math behind your claims besides trusting their own personal experiences with your products or brand.


Using statements like “80% of users see a visible difference in 2 weeks” can make a huge impact in your social media marketing for health and wellness brands. That said, ensure that all your numbers are genuine and based on proper research.


Contact Aventive Studio for help on using the right wellness messaging so your business can make more sales.

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Use Interactive Quizzes to Recommend Specific Products

As a retailer of self care products, one of your most pressing goals is to help customers identify and purchase the products that are right for them. The more effectively you can do this, the happier and more loyal your customers will be. In today’s competitive retail landscape, customer engagement is the new currency.


One way to connect with your customers and recommend specific products is by using interactive quizzes. Quizzes are an effective tool for getting attention from potential customers and helping them learn about products from your brand that they might not have known about before.


Because quizzes adapt their recommendations based on how someone answers a series of questions, they can provide targeted, personalized results that address each person’s unique needs — far better than a static product listing could ever do on its own.


Quizzes can also help you strengthen connections with your existing customer base by showing them additional items they might be interested in buying (and encouraging upsells).


Through interactive content like quizzes, you can broaden your audience while simultaneously boosting conversions and engagement among existing shoppers.

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The Most Important Part of Selling More Self Care Products

Branding is the biggest part of selling more self care products because it’s what separates your product from the thousands of others. You can use any number of marketing strategies to sell but if your business doesn’t have a unique identity and isn’t well-branded, it won’t sell – it will just blend in with the crowd.


Your brand includes your packaging design, website, logo, colors, fonts, imagery, and more – as well as brand strategy components such as your competitors, ideal client, etc.


Your self care brand should also be memorable, authentic, and consistent with your products. And creating a position for your business in the market using a solid brand guide is one of the first steps of establishing a memorable brand.


At Aventive Studio, we specialize in building wellness, skincare, and cosmetics brands from scratch. From launch to boosting sales, our team is well-versed in branding to do it all. Get in touch with our experts to get started on your growth journey.

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