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Poor visual branding will hurt your business. People perceive and create thoughts around your brand based on what they see, think, and feel about it.

If your branding makes your company look like a luxury brand, but the products you’re selling should be affordable – potential customers will think your brand is too expensive, and they won’t want to learn more. When you see Louis Vuitton, you don’t think it’s a cheap brand. Your visuals just need to reflect what your company already is.


Strong Visual Brand


What makes a brand great?

In order to create a visual identity that people love, your brand needs to be:


1. Attractive – Your branding makes people want to interact and learn more (Apple).

People need to be attracted to your brand, and your visuals are the first thing that will attract them. The very first connection that a customer has with your company will be your logo, name, business card, or website.


If your visual identity looks outdated, doesn’t provide enough information, or doesn’t click with the potential client, you are probably going to lose that potential client — in the sense that they won’t be interested enough to contact you for your services or try your product. Your visual identity needs to be something that will wake up the curiosity in them so they want to learn more.


2. Consistent – Your branding makes people trust you and see what you stand for (Starbucks).

Brands who are consistent with their visual identity (and branding in general) resonate more effectively with their audience than those who are not. All your visual elements should have a similar feel, look, and message.


Consistency is a huge part of visual branding because it helps potential users remember and return to your brand. Consistency builds trust by creating the relationship with users and the brand. People can connect to your business because they’ve seen it before, or they already purchased from you and know where to go back — they are already familiar with your company’s look, feel, and message.


Successful branding cover


3. Unique – Your branding makes people choose you over the competition (Nike).

In order to attract potential clients, your visuals need to be different and stand out. You need to look at your competitors, observe what their branding looks like, and try to make your brand look different from them.


Let’s say a person doesn’t know anything about your brand, and they see your visual identity on a brochure next to a bunch of others. If all the brochures look the same, he will likely just contact the first or second one that he opened. What if yours was the third one?


The same is true in the online world. People open a lot of browser tabs when searching for something, and if everything looks similar and nothing stands out, they go the easy route and order from the first or second company they find.


Don’t let them leave you. Don’t let your potential clients pivot away from you or fail to notice you because you blend in with all the other brands in your industry. Try to stand out. Use colors that your competitors don’t, and use different shapes, fonts, images, and messaging that reflect your company’s unique value.


4. Memorable – Your branding makes people remember your visuals and come back for more (Amazon).

People need to remember your brand. There are so many similar or identical businesses, and if you are just like the rest, people will not remember your services or product — even if they already purchased from you!


How many times have you been in a coffee shop, and a few weeks later you don’t remember the name of it? And the logo was so “creative” that it had a coffee cup in it, just like all the others? You might even try to give a recommendation to your friend on which coffee shop had a good latte 4 months ago when you were there, but you simply can’t remember the name, and even when you google it – all the coffee shops look too similar. By having a weak visual brand that no one can remember, that business owner is missing an opportunity to get a new customer, make that customer like them, get future referrals from that customer, and grow and scale their revenue.



Are you ready to rethink your visual identity and attract your target market? Aventive Studio can help you create a memorable brand to stand out from the crowd and grow your business.

Drop us a line to schedule a consultation, and let’s see how we can work together to scale your company through branding.

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