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The Best Wellness Products at the 2022 SXSW Wellness Expo

sxsw wellness expo
Photo by Matthew Bradford

As the CEO and brand strategist of a wellness branding agency here in Austin, the SXSW Wellness Expo is my favorite event of the year!


South by Southwest (SXSW, or “South By” to locals) is an annual festival in Austin Texas that features speakers, concerts, film premieres, and tons of innovative business events.


The SXSW Wellness Expo is a free two-day function that brings thousands of health and wellness brands to downtown Austin. There are speakers, stages, discussions, an expo hall, and even live fitness classes.


Here are some of the amazing wellness product brands that I discovered when I attended the 2022 SXSW Wellness Expo, as well as links to their websites so you can learn more and support them.



Relyt Wellness

Photo from

Relyt is an empowering wellness company that sells its own line of herbal products (teas, essential oils, skincare, and more) as well as select products from other brands with shared values.


It’s woman-owned, and I was impressed with their wide selection of product offerings: from herbal formulations to face-rollers to self-care journals.


As someone who creates branding for wellness products, I have to say that Relyt’s brand and designs are exceptional. The visual and packaging designs are modern, clean, and attractive.


The Relyt logo is simple and easy to read, which is massively important when trying to make a first impression. Similar to their logo, their labels and website are minimalistic yet creative. I just love everything about their visuals.


Cuzen Matcha

Cuzen Matcha

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Cuzen Matcha sells wonderful freshly-ground matcha, as well as helpful equipment like a matcha maker starter kit. The co-founders of Cuzen Matcha were born and raised in Japan, and they have a passion for making matcha accessible to more people and supporting the aging tea farming population.


Their matcha tasted incredible when I tried it at the expo. I loved their company’s commitment to sustainable organic tea farming, as well as their focus on blending traditional matcha culture with modern on-the-go lifestyles.


From a branding perspective, I think the brand colors they chose represent a blend of natural and healthy with high-end quality. At Aventive Studio we care about the psychology of colors when working on building brands for our clients, and I can tell they cared about it too!


The Crystal Council

The Crystal Council has so many authentic and ethically-sourced crystals available! You can browse their website by the type of crystal you’re looking for, or by qualities you would like to enhance like relaxation, relationships, psychic abilities, and more.


They also have custom-crafted gift boxes of crystals, as well as a unique monthly crystal subscription box. What I love about their monthly subscription box is they send you a survey every month, and they put crystals in your box that align with the answers you provided. I’m impressed that their customers get such a personalized experience!




Photo from


Ketonia Foods is a mother-son Keto bakery business based in Katy, Texas. Their website has a ton of healthy resources including keto recipes, a workout tracker, grocery list maker, and even a student scholarship fund to give back to the community.


Their baked goods are available online through Walmart and Amazon, and the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. I love seeing fellow Texas businesses make a positive difference in the world like they do!


DaySmith Coffee


DaySmith Coffee offers “modern coffee for modern times.” Their coffee products use oat milk, which make them plant-based, and the flavors are unique and creative.


As a coffee lover, I tried all of their flavors at the SXSW Wellness Expo and loved FOCUS the most. It felt like drinking a vanilla latte in a can, but I knew it was infused with vitamins which made it even more enjoyable.


The DaySmith brand colors are warm and welcoming, and I like how they incorporate arches, plus signs, and other geographic shapes into their designs. These elements make their products seem science-based yet accessible to all, and it catches your eye immediately.



Sauna Space

Photo from Sauna.Space


Have you ever wanted the health benefits of an infrared sauna right in your home? Then you need to check out SaunaSpace. Their at-home saunas and infrared therapy lights have rave reviews from professional athletes and everyday people alike.


Their logo is fantastic and easy to remember – it’s clean and relaxing, with clear typography and a warm earthy orange that works perfectly (considering they sell saunas!). The SaunaSpace website is easy to navigate and uses a lot of white space and striking product photography.


YUNI Beauty

yuni beauty products

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YUNI Beauty is a natural skincare and beauty brand co-founded by two former Aveda executives, Emmanuel Rey and Suzanne Dawson. Emmanuel and Suzanne who are also certified Yoga teachers which has led them to be pioneers in wellness and mindful beauty.


The company focuses on creating mindful and responsible beauty products for people with an active lifestyle. YUNI’s products are plant-based, vegan, cruelty free, made in the USA (in solar power or wind powered factories in Texas and California), and use mindful packaging such as PCR, bio resin tubes, soy ink, and FSC certified materials.


I got their Light Seeker Glow Face Oil, and I can’t stop touching my face because of how soft and smooth it feels. It’s really a great product! The main ingredient is Jojoba oil which has a molecular size close to sebum — which is why it’s very compatible with the skin. Jojoba oil penetrates very quickly but gives you long term hydration.


On top of all that, the Yuni logo design is highly effective: it’s simple, eye-catching, and easy to remember. If you visit their website, you’ll be followed by their ads on social media, and (trust me!) you won’t be annoyed — they look so good!


Earth & Star

Earth and Star

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Earth & Star is a women-owned company that creates all sorts of products with functional mushrooms — from oat milk to coffee to beauty tinctures! I tried their orange chocolate at the Expo and loved it. Who knew that chocolate could help with anti-aging?!


Earth & Star has a clever and simple logo: a circle, a star, and capitalized sans serif font. Their visual branding mixed with their straightforward and clean packaging makes their brand memorable and builds trust with customers.


Lesser Evil

lesser evil products at sxsw wellness expo

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Lesser Evil is a clean snacks brand that has fabulous options for every dietary preference. Vegan? Paleo? Gluten-Free? Keto? Organic? No matter what, they have a delicious snack for you.


I tried their organic popcorn with Himalayan salt, and it was so good. They gave us free samples at the expo, and they also gave out a pink tote bag that I loved and carried around the whole event. You can buy their products on their website and at certain stores like Target and Whole Foods.

At Aventive Studio, we help wellness brands boost their product sales. Our signature branding process include brand strategy, visual identity creation, logo design, website design, packaging design, and more.


Ready to attract more customers? Contact us to speak with our Creative Director about your branding project.

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