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4 Unique Ways to Choose a Name for Your Brand

Come up with a business name

A great company name can position you as a true leader in your industry, build brand awareness, and help people remember your offerings.   Your potential customers might not know anything about your company yet, and a brilliant brand name can be the sparkplug that creates a bold first impression and instant connection. A strong…

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Brand Execution

Brand execution

You have your brand strategy and visuals in place. What’s next? You know who your target is, you know what your brand stands for, and you have your logo, business cards, and website all set up. You even created all your social media pages. And most importantly: you set your brand goals and know exactly…

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Translate Brand Strategy into Visuals

Translate brand strategy into visuals

You have a business plan and a well-developed brand strategy. So what now? How do you translate those documents into visuals for your business? How is that related to your logo, website? You want your business to look smart, knowledgeable, clean, professional or whatever that might be… but how do you actually do that? Start…

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Psychology of colors, shapes and placements – visual branding

Website design - sketches on paper

Design does not just involve creating inspirational art, but also knowing how people will react to it. Design is a universal communication, which means that everyone in the world who sees the design should understand it. Everyone in the world needs to feel the same way when looking at one design.     Psychology of…

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How to set brand goals

Set brand goals

Brand goals describe what a company expects to accomplish with its branding over a specific period of time. In order to create a successful brand, your branding needs to have a concrete goal and a brand strategy – a long term plan. Brand goals are very similar to business goals, but there are a few…

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Branding Products vs Branding Services

Branding for products is very similar to branding for services, and in some cases the strategies are the same. In both cases, you will want to use storytelling, share testimonials and positive reviews, address customer problems and pain points, and focus on the precise solution that your product or service provides. The main difference is…

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4 important things to consider when developing a website

Business coder

Think of your company’s website as the 24/7portal to your brand. A website that aligns with your company’s branding, content strategy, and voice can expand the quality of your reach and increase your revenue through brand trust and awareness (which pays off in the long-term!). Here are a few important things to consider when you…

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What is Content Strategy and Why Does Your Business Need It?

Content Strategy

Content strategy is a strategy that includes planning, developing and managing all the content your business has or should have. Content can be in writing, photos, videos and other media. Getting the right content in front of the right people at the right time is what will make your business successful. Through strategic planning you…

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Aventive Studio

We are an Austin, TX branding agency dedicated to brand development by leveraging modern and strategic design. Our team of designers, creatives, and web developers have teamed up to deliver value for clients worldwide, yet never lose sight of personal and individualized service. No matter the project, you will work directly with a core and accomplished creative director at Aventive Studio.

Brand Strategy

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Brand Attributes & Voice
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Goal Alignment
Content Development
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Visual Branding

Logo Design & Identity
Brand Board (typography, colors, photos)
Website Design & Development
Marketing Collateral
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Stationery Design

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