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3 Brand Messaging Strategies for a Skincare Business

Skincare Products

Skincare products are rising in popularity — and you need to seize this opportunity to make your skin care brand stand out. Though consumers were already prioritizing skincare over cosmetics more than a year before the pandemic, L’Oréal’s Marc Toulemonde states that the global event further accelerated the process. In fact, cosmetics sales declined by 12% at the start of the pandemic, while revenues for skincare products rose.


Toulemonde also points out that social media was a huge factor in boosting sales, as these digital platforms helped spread the brands’ messaging. So given the rise of skincare products and interactive social media platforms, this is the prime time to spread your brand message across the world. To capture your audience’s attention, here are some brand messaging strategies that you can try.


Appeal to Your Skincare Market

Your target market won’t notice you if you don’t know what their needs and preferences are. So before creating a brand message, it’s important to get to know your ideal customer first.


As a skincare brand, you need to start by researching your target market’s skin concerns. Then, go deeper and study their preferences when it comes to products, ingredients, and even formulations. To make your brand messaging strategy even more effective, you’ll need to look into the messaging and visual styles that resonate with your customers the most. Your target market’s preferences and common traits will guide you as you tailor your brand messaging to suit their tastes. So, try to imagine what they want to see when interacting with your brand. After all, knowledge is power, and this research will ensure that your brand message hits its mark.

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Highlight Your Unique Selling Proposition

There are a lot of skincare products out there, which is why you need to emphasize that you have something special to offer. This is where your Unique Selling Position (USP) comes in. Your USP consists of factors or features that set you apart from your competition.


To illustrate, brands that are selling skincare for sensitive skin need to highlight ingredients that will benefit consumers with this particular skin type. Products that are formulated with Peptide technology are great for this skin type, since this ingredient can reduce visible redness and make your skin more resilient. On the other hand, your brand’s inclusivity can also be your USP, since there are brands that specifically create skincare for melanated skin. Serums with vitamin C are specifically formulated, so that they can address the high levels of sebum and low levels of moisture that melanated skin tends to have. Overall, by highlighting your USP in your brand messaging strategy, consumers can recognize your brand and pick your product over the others.


Develop a Brand Story

Everyone loves a good story. And when a story is engaging and distinct, the tendency is you’ll remember it for a long time. You might even spread the story among your friends and family.


Similarly, a good brand story can encourage your target audience to remember and even promote your products. Case in point: there are natural and non-toxic beauty brands that were founded by individuals that had close encounters with health problems. For instance, Tata Harper started a farm-to-face skincare line after realizing that toxic and harmful ingredients are found in everyday products. On the other hand, LUSH Cosmetics was created after the founders visited a London delicatessen. This visit prompted them to find cruelty-free solutions when testing cosmetics, which is very important to a lot of customers. In essence, developing and promoting a brand story can help your business make a strong and lasting impression on your consumers.


To make your skincare products stand out, you’ll need to make an impact on your consumers. Start by learning more about their skincare and marketing preferences, then use this information as your guide in promoting your USP and your brand story. Putting these all together makes for a stellar brand messaging strategy that hooks customers and makes sure they stay.

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