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logo design on a white background

About the Brand:

24-7 Health Connect is an online platform providing convenient, high quality, and effective virtual healthcare monitoring for individuals around the world. 24-7 Health Connect believes that healthcare is personal. Each patient deserves to be understood, taken care of, and given personalized and accessible medical assistance that improves their overall health, wherever they are and whenever they need it.

The Challenge:

24-7 Health Connect contacted Aventive Studio when they were looking to rebrand, increase their number of app users, and grow their business financially. They didn’t have a brand strategy and their visuals (logo, colors, website) weren’t attracting their ideal client and didn’t communicate the company’s core values.


Aventive Studio developed a full brand strategy and a long-term plan for business scaling, including an ideal client persona profile, brand attributes’ definition, and messaging. The brand strategy was translated to an effective visual identity (logo design, colors, typography) and packaging (labels and boxes for their healthcare devices). Our team also designed and developed a new website, providing full website copy.

Scope of the Project:

Brand Purpose
Brand Strategy
Mission, Vision, Core Values
Ideal Client Persona
Customer Journey
Brand Positioning
Competitor Analysis
Brand Attributes & Voice
Content Strategy & Messaging
Visual Identity
Logo Redesign
Website Redesign
Website Copy
Social Media Posts


Creative Director - Kady Sandel
Brand Strategist – Ghian Red
Graphic Designer - Ghian Red
Content Creator and Copywriter – Lisa Giesbrecht
Website Designer and Developer – Syed Shah

The Story:

Aventive Studio helped 24-7 Health Connect with a full rebranding, developing their brand purpose, identifying their mission, vision, core values, undertaking a competitor analysis, and producing their new logo design, website copy, website design, and more. The project was completed in ten weeks and resulted in a professionally developed health and wellness brand that stands out, has a contemporary and relevant feel, and attracts new consumers.

Previously Used Logos

Logo design and rebranding a health app showing before and after

New Logo Design

24-7 Health Connect Logo Design

Moodboard based on the brand strategy

mood board - branding presentation
color palette for a health and wellness business

Brand Strategy:

Our Aventive Studio team focused on understanding and defining 24-7 Health Connect’s ideal client in order to create a brand that appeals to the target consumer and stands out from their competitors. We worked to understand the customer journey (why and how their customers purchase their products), as well as the consumer’s pain points. This knowledge informed our creative messaging process for 24-7 Health Connect. After developing a full brand plan and a strategy for execution, we translated these core components into visuals. Finally, we delivered 24-7 Health Connect’s logo design, stationery designs, social media graphics, color palette, typography, styled imagery, and their fully designed and developed professional website.

Mission Statement:

We provide innovative, real-time health provider connections for individuals suffering from chronic medical conditions, in order to optimize monitoring and treatment results.

Vision Statement:

24-7 Health Connect provides a convenient, high-quality, and effective virtual healthcare platform for individuals around the world. We aspire to reduce patient hospitalizations and emergency room visits while improving each user’s quality of life and treatment empowerment.

Core Values:

  • Compassion & Relationships -We create personal relationships to build individual understanding, client trust, and optimal healthcare treatment outcomes.
  • Commitment -We are dedicated to patient well-being and to providing technologically relevant care with superior results.
  • Accessibility -We connect our solutions to users with chronic health conditions through an easy-to-use platform, reasonable price point, and personable professionals.
  • Innovation -We constantly strive to improve our platform, technology, and programs in order to better serve our clients.
Brand Attributes 24-7 Health Connect

Brand Attributes:

The characteristics of a brand are essential. The unique characteristics are how a brand looks and feels to its customers. During the first phase of the project, we discovered 24-7 Health Connect’s voice and determined it needed to sound accurate, helpful, positive, trustful, friendly, simple, inspired, and compassionate.

Based on these specific business characteristics, we were able to graph where 24-7 Health Connect’s brand attributes should be, visually. Here were the results:

Brand Attributes for 24-7 Health Connect


Aventive Studio’s team created the rebranding for every component of the 24-7 Health Connect project. Their outdated and complex logo design needed a new feel that reflected their business characteristics, brand vision, and friendly voice. New colors communicating positivity, hopefulness, and trust were required to replace the cold, dull former palette.  To bring their website in line with the rebranding, Aventive Studio developed stylescapes (moodboards) to define design direction. We selected colors based on their psychological effects, fonts that were easy to read, and styled imagery reflecting 24-7 Health Connect’s ideal client.

After rebranding characteristics were defined, Aventive Studio worked on the new logo. It was important to keep 24-7 Health Connect’s logo design simple and recognizable to customers who were already familiar with the original logo. We improved the design, making it cleaner and more professional using the brand strategy we had developed. The new logo design combined the aesthetic appeal and brand strategy connection from two symbols: a cross and a heart.

Logo ideas and inspiration for 24-7 health connect app
main logo design and branding colors for a health and wellness app
logo variations and alternative logo styles for 24-7 health connect
logo design variations
color palette from a brand book deigned for a health and wellness app
a page form a brand book showing color palette
brand typography
Font hierarchy explanation
brand book showing proper imagery for a health comapany
logo design presentation on a fitness app

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Brand Book:

A brand book is a brand’s user manual. It helps founders, managers, and everyone involved with the company to know exactly what logos, colors, fonts, and image styles to use so everything stays “on brand” and is consistent. The brand book helps with marketing, advertising, and future company growth and is an important go-to document for our clients. The brand book Aventive Studio created for 24-7 Health Connect includes their main logo, logo alternative, app icon, color palette, chosen typography (fonts), and styled imagery. Feel free to scroll through 24-7 Health Connect’s brand book below:

Website Copy, Design & Development:

Once 24-7 Health Connect’s visual identity was designed, we wrote copy for their new website, designed the website layout, and coordinated its development. The main goal for the website redesign was to capture more customers and users, helping the business to grow financially. The new website was built on a WordPress platform, using an e-commerce plugin called WooCommerce. These choices allowed us the flexibility and creative freedom to design and develop a stellar website that will attract and convert visitors into purchasers and app users.

Website Design - Before & After Working with Aventive Studio

Health and wellness app website rebranding

24-7 Health Connect's full website can be seen here:

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